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According to rumors, it was Amber Heard upset 14-year relationship Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp. 49-year-old actor fell in love without looking beauty Heard on the set of their joint film "The Rum Diary" and left because of her common-law wife. But after Depp left his family, Amber decided to temporarily discontinue their relationship "to be alone and to understand yourself." Friends Depp told that the actor is very upset by the separation from his beloved and tried to get her attention beautiful courtship - every day, for a month, he sent her a huge bouquet of red roses and a poem of his own composition. Finally Amber heart melted, and 26-year-old actress returned to cuddle Depp. Happiness did not last long, and after a few months of Ember again decided to take a timeout. from the environment Hurd said that the girl really like the company of Johnny, but she sees it more as an older brother, not as a lover. The actress makes no comment on the situation, but she did not just say that with men have always been a difficulty for her, which is why it is easier to build a relationship with the girls.

Meanwhile, Johnny Depp desperately attempting to return and Amber (oh!) To make her his lawful wife. It is unfortunate that the actor, who sighs for a good half of the female population of the planet, can not properly adjust your privacy.

Stills from the film "The Rum Diary»


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