Legendary director Tim Burton

Enfant terrible from the world of Hollywood, unchanging melancholic, enduring for everyone to see their darkest thoughts and emotions. These words can not describe the best one of the most talented artists in the genre of black humor, macabre style follower of Tim Burton. His films, both sentimental and frightening, it is difficult to confuse with the works of other directors - they have something that makes them stand out from the crowd.

In the blue, bloody and black flowing harmony century. Everything he does - absurd to mortal man. Do not bow showcases one who pretended to the world, draws pictures Darkly blue, black and bloody.

Tim Burton began his career at Disney Studio. It sounds at least strange, because kinopristrastiya Burton very far from the studio of the famous caramel stories multiplier. Nevertheless, the fact remains - the talent of one of the best directors of our time opened there. Work Burton was in the design of the characters, he later switched to animation. Tim studio shot several short films that have not brought him his due success.

I did not manage drawings from nature. I could not draw cute foxes, my chanterelles looked as if they had moved the car. I drew the characters without eyes, and Disney needed a large and whiny eyes. Disney liked the soft and smooth lines, and my lines were rude and abrupt.

One of the first full-length work of Burton became the motion picture "Pee-wee's Big Adventure" (1985), which was also far from today's style director. However, Burton comedy brought success grossed 40 million. Dollars (a good amount considering the budget of 6 million.). In addition, during the shooting of Tim met with composer Danny Elfman, who in the future will write the music for the most successful film director. Photo: 27-year-old Tim Burton starred Paul Rubens.

88, the screens out "Beetlejuice." It was then, Burton carousing to the fullest and made merry with elements filmets afterlife theme. The original painting was conceived as a very serious moralistic drama, but Tim did all in their own way and has not lost.

Tim starred Geena Davis.

Slim and beautiful Alec Baldwin and Winona Ryder on the set of "Beetlejuice." The latter, by the way, at first refused to shoot the film, seeing the script notes Satanism.

After the success of "Beetlejuice" fame came to Burton directed big-budget projects. Such does not have to wait long. "Batman" and the following part of the "Batman Returns" forever in the list of cult films of our time, Burton defining the place of one of the most successful directors of those years.

Tim and Jack Nicholson in the image of the Joker.

Burton and singer Michael Keaton as Batman (who played and Beetlejuice). By the way, Batman costume then weighed at least 30 kg.

In 1990 saw the release of the cult movie Burton's "Edward Scissorhands." The prototype of the city, where the unfolding of the film, according to the director himself, became his hometown of Burbank.

It is from the movie "Edward Scissorhands" began a creative collaboration of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, which continues to this day. Moreover, the actor and director - friends, not only on the set, but also in life.

What else to say about it? He's my brother, my friend, my godson's father. Unique, brave soul, someone for whom I will go to the ends of the world, and I know one hundred percent that he will do the same for me. These are the words written by John about his friend in the introduction to the book, dedicated to the works of Tim Burton.

The female lead in the movie again performed Winona Ryder.

Tim with actor Vincent Price, who was the idol of the director. It Price said Tim portrayed in the guise of Edward himself - rogue states, living in the suburbs. Although he thought Burton Edward "something of a favorite dog».

Johnny, Tim and Kathy Baker

According to many critics, Edward became not only a cult character of world cinema, but also the best creation of Burton for his entire career.

"Ed Wood" - another collaboration Burton and Johnny Depp. Despite the fact that this film was far from the concept of "blockbuster", which in recent years has often been compared Tim's name, he received praise from critics and cut off 2 "Oscar". Photo: Tim, Johnny and Sarah Jessica Parker.

"Sleepy Hollow" (1999): Johnny again shines in the title, and Tim enjoys plenty mysteriously and chilling storyline. Another megatvorenie in the filmography of the director and cult movie in the history of world cinema.

All the scenery of the village where the action takes place and the film was built in full size in just 3 months and became the largest scenery in the UK.

Christopher Walken, who played the role in the film demonic Headless Horseman has requested for his work a penny - he just wanted to take part in the project Burton.

"Planet of the Apes" (2001) - another picture, for which Burton was forced to move away from his beloved Gothic themes. But the sacrifices were not in vain - that during the shooting of this film he met his future wife, Helena Bonham Carter.

In order to ease the budget picture, Burton offered to make the monkeys computer, but the director has flatly refused - all characters in the film were transformed into monkeys using doroguschego makeup. Photo: Tim and Paul Giamatti.

According to Burton, the worst kind of apes - chimpanzees, so he made the main villain of the film is a chimpanzee, gorilla and not albino, as previously conceived.

Speaking of the main villain. Its role is performed by Tim Roth (right), for he had to give up the role of Severus Snape in the "potteriane." And the one on the left, actor Michael Clarke Duncan - during filming, he got a dislocated ankle and was sent to the hospital like this, in a gorilla suit.

Tim and Charlton Heston

However, for the "Planet of the Apes" was followed by another film out of the Gothic style - it's an amazing tale "Big Fish».

At this time the main role went not Johnny Depp and Yuenu McGregor.

Secondary role was beloved wife Helena Bonham Carter. Since Tim and Helena met on the set of "Planet of the Apes," she starred in everyone, without exception, the film of her husband. It is worth noting that Helena was the muse Burton, along with Depp.

Contrary to dislike Tim good story, "Big Fish" was just that. It was filmed in the best tradition of Disney, in which reality is closely intertwined with the magical world of fantasy. For those who have not seen this movie, I highly recommend to watch it. He is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent!

Tim and Danny De Vito

Tim's next project was the film adaptation of the fairy tale Roald Dahl's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." On the role of the main character Willy Wonka tried many famous actors, even Marilyn Manson showed great interest in the role, but the choice was clear Burton - Johnny Depp's favorite. It was the fifth joint work of director and actor.

Deep Roy played all the characters one Oompa Loompa (these babes, models which pictured directs Burton). Actor by hundreds of times had to repeat the same motion. For such a performance fee for its role has been increased to 1 million. Dollars.

All candies, chocolates and other sweets, decorating chocolate factory were real, and the film became the main sponsor of the corporation Nestle - it produced about 2,000 tiles of the chocolate. That's really, really, a massive project!

In 2005, the screens out one of my favorite cartoons "Corpse Bride." The main role for him, of course, voiced by John and Helena.

At first glance it seems that the "Corpse Bride" - is entirely computer graphics, in fact, it is a puppet. The project involved 22 animators in total was made about 40 dolls of the main characters, with a maximum height of 30 cm, and the design of dolls personally developed himself Tim Burton.

2007 and a new project - a stunning "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street." My favorite part of Johnny Depp.

According to rumors, the role of Sweeney also auditioned and was very willing to get it Russel Crowe. By the greatest Fortunately, this did not happen. Can you imagine Crowe in this image? I do not have!

The female lead, as usual, went Hlene Bonham Carter.

See how carefully Helena listens to her husband.

During the filming of Helena was pregnant with her second child, who was born in December, after the shooting. However, Burton's daughter saw only 4 months after birth, because participated in advertising the film. All this time the poor girl was nameless - the fact that it was Tim had to choose a name for the baby, after hold her for a while.

According to Depp, he has never looked this film from beginning to end: "It's so terrible that during some of the scenes I had to turn a blind eye." The fact that Johnny terribly afraid of the sight of blood, and Burton had to order specially sham blood orange to Depp not inadvertently fell into a swoon.

"Alice in Wonderland" has become, in the words of Burton, his main creation. The scale of the film was really incredible - unlimited funding (200 million. Dollars), the creators of the best from the world of Hollywood, a cult product, on the grounds of which was filmed - all this was the key to the success of a new interpretation of "Alice».

For the filming was done in all three sets, everything else recreate on the screen using the latest computer technology.

I would be surprised if the new "Alice in Wonderland" done without Johnny Depp. In an interview, he joked that "could play the role of each character in this tale." I do not doubt.

Johnny transforms into the Mad Hatter.

Tim and Mia Wasikowska - who plays Alice.

Now the whole world held its breath in anticipation of the new film by Burton with a classic for this director called "Dark Shadows." In the title role - rejuvenated Johnny Depp.

In 2012, we also waiting for another project director called "Frankenweenie." Back in the 84th Burton has directed a short film with the same name, but the story of the dog, the resurrection of the dead, did not cause rapid enthusiasm from the audience, moreover, after Burton was fired from Disney for "waste of labor and money." This time it will be a cartoon ... and he was doomed to success.


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