How to choose and install shutters to give

More recently, we did not think about such a rare decoration of the country house, as the shutters. But today, upon return of the old and even classic fashion, the shutters for the garden are becoming more popular.:

The shutters on the Windows of each of us remembers at the old village houses, where we were visiting my grandparents, well, city people must remember about the shutters from fairy tales and children's films, which not long ago was often broadcast on television. Agree, very attractive decor, which not only decorates the house and gives a special flavor, but is also a useful element of design. In General, whatever it was, today we look at the shutters on the Windows of the country house, study their purpose, types, materials and installation of blinds on the Windows.

How useful shutters for the Windows of the country house?Here you can talk for a long time, touching on many interesting points, but we will focus on the main points.

The protective function of the shutter

Any of us understand that window shutters is the protection of the most vulnerable places from burglary and unlawful entry. Installing wooden or metal shutters, you can greatly complicate the task of irresponsible and thieving who strive to get inside of the country house and "eat" the stuff. Now the Windows serious obstacle, which, incidentally, closes not only outside of the castle, which can be quickly cut or chipped by a special internal constipation. Always really need to close the shutters from the inside by installing special pins or other locking elements. When he left to give, you just close the shutters and open them only on the inside.

The shutters on the cottage as protection from holidaytale country home may include the installation of shutters. Of course, if the Windows are good – multi-chamber double-glazed Windows, limiting the access of low temperatures and wind from the street, the shutters will play a small role, but the result will be, especially in conjunction with the other benefits.

Installing shutters on Windows, you will limit access to cold drafts inside, the Windows won't knock cold rain and snow to adhere, especially if our decorative element to be sealed tightly against the Windows.

Aesthetics shutters on deconate, the protective function and the time of cutting off cold is a huge plus, but in addition, the shutters – the real beauty in the country. Such an element of decor appreciated since ancient times, and because the shutters are so popular today. Just imagine a carved wooden shutters and standard shutters are made of wood with elements of forged metal, just metal with a pattern. It's all very beautiful, and moreover, helps to maintain cottage style on a high level.

What are window shutters for cottages to choose?Today, you can find a variety of decorative and protective elements for mounting on the window of the country house.

Single shutters on oknaproma shutters on the small Windows that are located one, the most convenient side of the window. They are closed standard, circular motion, attached to a special locking element and locked.

Double leaf shutters in the country

More interesting in terms of design, as in the open as there will always be symmetry. Similar decorative elements can be made of any convenient material, having a closing element, fastening the shutters in the middle or even inside the house if you have provided special through fastening.


Teams folding or stanesti and more interesting, we can say that the original version, which is more practical than some other. Initially, such shutters are an element of several parts that are installed from either side of the window opening. When necessary, you can cover, say, a third, half or 3/4 of the window, and if necessary, and to close it completely.

Shutters-shutters in the country

Combined version, which also performs protective and decorative function, but it looks more interesting. Represent shutters, blinds window protective element, which covers the window completely, but can be raised by a special mechanism. That is, in certain cases, a solid closing the window, and when you want to let light into the house – partial. The shutters remain and protect from penetration and planetski inside them rise and work like standard blinds on the home Windows.

What material to choose shutters?Today, you can choose a very original, metal, plastic and wood, and possibly a combination of these materials, but here you need to decide on their own, as they seriously differ in price, design and practicality of use.

Wooden shutters for datevariant-standard or option-classic, call it as you see fit. Yes, beautiful and very original, but also the most expensive, since, often, designer, carved, burned, with elements of forging and so on. In terms of functionality can perform all the previously described tasks.

The metal shutters for the garden

Everything is clear in terms of protection, but questions may arise in appearance. On this account need not worry, as by a notched cut or include forged items, protection and decoration in harmony.

Plastic shutters on acestes should have to think a little bit, because, speaking of plastic, we mean more the aesthetics and the deflection under the present, but you can always pay a little more and strengthen the shutters on the Windows, so they qualitatively fulfilled a protective function.

How to install shutters to give your hands?

Of course, I'd love to do them on your own, but if it's not able to do due to lack of materials, equipment and experience, you can try to install the shutters with his hands.

This is done very simply, if you bought a pre-thought out product, size and options that you want.

Of course, size is very important, which can be removed from window openings and pick up the shutters under them. But it is always possible to order a product in a shop where the shutters will be performed strictly under you.

Next, you need to focus on whether a special set for installation – anchors, bolts and nuts, protective elements for the fasteners and some decor for the ends and locking elements.

If all we need is missing from the set, the shutters can simply be placed on the anchors, which shanaytsa into the wall on the sides of the window opening or in its end portion. It is very easy, the important thing is to understand the thickness of walls, requirements for the mounting hardware to have on hand drill or a drill and the necessary drill bits.

A hole in the right quantity and under a certain size setting, you need to fix the frame, the frame or the overall design of the shutters with the help of anchors. Further, if you do not plan to remove the protection from the Windows the next ten years, the head bolts can be slightly abraded with a grinder, so they cannot be unscrewed (if you need to dismantle, they can always be a little podkovyrnut and cut that time, attackers will not be exact). After, it is only necessary to install the shutters on the Windows, that is, on the frame, produce adapter installation, install locks and decorative items.

In principle, the installation of the shutters on the Windows of the country house is completed and you can safely use them to their destination, enjoying the beauty and safety of the main buildings of the Villa.Shutters for holiday homes (video)the Protection and decoration of the house not less important than planting and growing a variety of crops, and therefore treat the subject carefully and don't forget to watch for new publications, where you will definitely find much more interesting. published

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