How to make a wooden countertop for the kitchen with their hands: step by step instructions

Why make a table with your hands, because it can be purchased in the store? This question is a very good answer: this table will exist in a single instance and may become a decoration of the house, giving the interior a touch of originality. For the holiday table with your own hands is a way to save money and to create a space that is livable – it is no secret that the design of many country houses is that you choose a table for them can be difficult. Typically, these tables are made of wood material available and versatile.




Wood rough treatment is a great material for creating countertops with their hands

Countertops can have a different design. They are made of solid wood, can be prefabricated, laminated, or constitute a shield of wooden plates.

The whole array is used for making expensive furniture premium countertops such roads. Therefore, to create a table with their hands using two options — prefabricated structures or shields.

Important: laminated countertops are made of boards (blades). You can take the slats of different wood species – then the countertop will look very decorative.

Laminated countertops are practically not deformed, as there is no deformation of the wood fibres.

For tops you can take materials such as:

  • tree;
  • MDF boards;
  • particleboard;
  • veneer.
Are the countertops made of chipboard beautiful, but they have their own great disadvantage – they are extremely short-lived and rapidly deformed. The top veneer looks very decorative. But it will be good only the coffee table. For the kitchen or table to give the veneer is not suitable because it easily deforms and peels away, do not tolerate frequent washing.

Wood is considered the best option from a practical point of view and from the point of view of durability and beauty.

 The CHOICE of the TREEBasic requirements to the top of the tree – it should be durable. Accordingly, it is required to choose the right type of wood which is able to provide strength and durability.

At first glance it seems that in this case, ideal solid wood. But the solid rocks there are flaws under the influence of moisture and temperature fluctuations, the surface starts to crack or swell. More important to choose a flexible wood, which, along with the hardness has the ability to return to its original state. Then the table boards such species will not be deformed.

The most suitable types are:

  • cherry;
  • oak;
  • nut.
Important: today, you can even select exotic woods. Only we must remember that they will cost much more. Purchase boards from exotic wood in DIY stores.


So, advantages:

  • wood tabletop easy to work with and aesthetically pleasing;
  • the tree is resistant to sunlight; temperature, water;
  • scratches and chips on it are formed less frequently than on plastic and even stone, as the tree absorbs well;
  • a wooden countertop is easily restaurerede.
Cons of wood countertops is very little. And when you consider that table, hand made, eco-friendly and safe for human health, the number of pros considerably prevails.


The size of the table made with your own hands, depends on the area of the premises and the destination of the product. But usually, the standard height is 70 cm.

For a family of 4 persons will be more than enough tops size 1m by 1m. the Ideal size of table is 120 cm 80-90 cm, this table will accommodate not only the hosts but also the guests.


Selection of quality material is the key to specuicola table from wood will require a number of tools. To make the table, you will need:

  • jointer;
  • saw;
  • the surface gauge;
  • clamp;
  • mill.

  • wooden boards;
  • impregnation is antiseptic;
  • sandpaper;
  • joiner's glue;
  • varnish, paint.
The production of the TABLE OF SHIELDMost will just make a table with their hands out of furniture Board. Collect the shield at home from boards not so difficult – there is no need for special tools and complicated technology.

Important: handle the boards need a jointer. If there are skills of work with this tool, it is better to buy ready-made boards treated the same desired length and thickness. Then the tops of your hands will cause severe difficulties.

Before Assembly, the wood must be dried. It is then necessary to impregnate the wood with preservative and let it dry.

Tops involves preparing the boards for Assembly. This Board carefully handled, and at their ends using cutters or jigsaws are made grooves. Depth grooves for tables, hand made, must be 10-12 mm. If the table is made of thin boards, the width is reduced to 6-8 mm. the Boards for the table top is divided into two parts. In one part in the slots glued with joiner's glue.

This is followed by Assembly of the shield their hands — the Board with the glued rail to dock with a Board with groove. Boards glued together and the result is furniture Board tabletop. The finished countertop smooth.

Important: to speed up the work, you can use ready-made boards with grooves and ridges, which are sold in the store. You can purchase clapboard.Once the surface becomes perfectly flat and smooth, you can cover the countertop with paint or varnish.

Thus it is possible to make tabletops of all shapes and forms. This creates a great scope for creativity.

Simple tables for the garden and workshop you can collect as only fasten the Board to the bottom rail screws. These tables look stressed rough, which allows you to create a beautiful stylized furniture.

OTHER WAYS of working WOODcountertop If to make from a sheet of MDF or particle Board, it will be necessary to protect the edges of the countertop from moisture. Otherwise it will quickly warp.

In this case, for processing the edges of the countertop have to use edge. You can buy an edge that is easy to stick with your hands with a hot iron. If you want to make the table more durable and aesthetic, it is best to purchase furniture edge with comb. Around the perimeter of the countertop by using the cutter to cut the groove and then insert it to the edge. This table top, hand made, will last much longer and will look factory. published




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