Retractable sockets for countertops: how to install them yourself

Household appliances, providing the comfort of home and office need a connection to the electrical network. The big number of overhead outlets will not become a highlight in interior design, regardless of the purpose of the room. A great solution in such cases will be extendable outlets for countertops. They help to save space in the room and a great fit into the interior.


Types and characteristics of retractable sockets

Recessed power connectors is the invention of the original manufacturers of the outlets. It is convenient to use and is able to harmoniously fit into any room. Manufacturers of outlets world offer customers increasingly sophisticated models and variations of such structures.

The types of built-in countertop units

A stylish solution for a kitchen-Studio, office space will be built-in sockets in the cupboard, table or countertop. They are an alternative to the extension cord at the same time being more perfect of its kind. It is not always appropriate to use a normal extension cord, especially if we are talking about the conference room or room for cooking.

Depending on the appearance of the embedded block, the sockets are:

  • horizontal type;
  • vertically positioned.
Horizontal blocks can have one power connector, and also 2, 3, 4 and more. It all depends on the models considered. Also, in addition to the standard plugs, they can be provided by the USB connection, HDMI, Internet.

Vertical models differ from each other in the height and functionality. Among this type of rosette blocks meet the low variation, all the connectors which are located along the circumference of the device.

Often you can find models with 2, 3, 5 or more connectors, which are located one behind the other in height. These female units can be connected not only kitchen appliances, but the laptop, charger for any type mobile phone, the non-standard plug devices.

According to its structural features embedded in the surface of the furniture outlets are divided into:

  • retractable;
  • rotary.
Sliding blocks, depending on the specific model, can be rotated around its axis by 180, 360 degrees. Some manufacturers offer sockets with lighting that can set a special atmosphere to the room.

Swivel recessed sockets are more reliable in operation. The main drawback is the difficulty in using devices with side plug type.

Embedded blocks sockets can be placed in the following locations:

  • in outboard Cabinet;
  • in the countertop/table;
  • in the groove between the countertop and the wall.
Embedded design rosette blocks can be called universal, because the same model can be installed as a wall Cabinet, and countertop. The fundamental differences in place for such models there.

One of the most important characteristics of any type of sockets is the degree of its protection. Pull-out model for the kitchen should be taken with a value of IP44. After all, this area is a high level of humidity, the threat of getting small particles of grease and dust.


How retractable design

Retractable outlet according to your convenience and need you can compare with built-in furniture for the kitchen. They not just save space but also make life easier. After all, there is no need to lay a separate line to set the missing number of stationary points of connection to the mains.

Sockets, recessed into the countertop, Cabinet or other surface, represent a block of connectors, positioned in a certain way. Their size and appearance is dictated by the idea of the designer designing a specific model for the manufacturer. Often connectors have a ground. The unit is equipped with a cable length of 1 to 3 m and plug for connection to the network.

Plug-in unit can be stationary or portable. If the stationary option, everything is clear – plugged in and the device is ready for use, the collapsible plug will come in handy when you want to increase the length of the cable.

The working principle of vertical telescopic unit is pretty simple. This design is not in working condition completely hidden in a secluded place – under the sink/in-wall closet. If you want to mount the grinder or other appliance, then clicking on the top protective cover of the extendable outlet. It will slightly open a couple of inches. Next, just pull the whole unit up until it locks.

Fixing takes place using a special button installed by the manufacturer at the bottom of the unit. You can include household appliances that is focused on finding a power strip or a free outlet on a work apron.

When the need for an additional power connector is no longer enough to overcome the mechanism for fixing the sliding block, and by pressing slightly on the top cover, to hide the entire structure on its permanent place.

The vertical model can be equipped with led lighting, auxiliary inputs for audio/video equipment and other types of connectors. Also, depending on individual characteristics, there are blocks which can be hidden in the countertop with included plugs of appliances.

Swivel pull-out the power outlets in working condition are hidden in the countertop. When you need to use one of its connectors to enable the network appliance, simply click on the special button at the top. Some models have a mechanism triggered when clicking on the cover. With this actuation of the countertops leaves the unit, turning the power connectors in working condition.

The rotation angle depends on the characteristics of the model around 180 degrees. A specific value must be indicated in the manufacturer's instructions.

Hides swivel socket block by clicking the appropriate mechanism from the top. Its electrical connection is via cable, located in the lower part. Some models cannot accommodate the presence of cable in the kit. Have to buy any wire independently, taking into account the technical characteristics of the unit.


Features of selection and installation of retractable sockets

The sudden need for additional outlets for connection of electrical appliances is able to satisfy the retractable socket. Its installation is not very complicated. It is important to choose a model that will be able to fulfill all the requirements for it. Then, the process operation will bring only positive emotions.


Rules for the selection of blocks and retractable sockets

The market outlet is replete with tempting options from the most famous manufacturers. Below among the mass of offers to select the appropriate model corresponding to their perception of quality ratio and price, it is necessary to articulate requirements.

First, you have to decide how much you will need power connectors and auxiliary inputs for audio/video equipment, USB cables and other things. In accordance with these requirements, you can choose the right option. You may have to buy 2 or 3 embedded designs.

Secondly, we should not forget about power. Each model is designed for the maximum allowable load that it can withstand. Therefore, the total capacity of the appliances that you plan to connect must not exceed this value.

To find out what kind of load can withstand vending model female unit, sufficiently acquainted with the technical characteristics given by the manufacturer in the instructions.

Thirdly, the value manufacturer. To market products companies: Evoline German, Italian Simon Connect, EKOPLAST Russian, French Schneider Electric, the Swiss Kondator, Polish GTV. Retractable sockets are made of high quality materials.

Manufacturers supplying their products to the market than one year, are entirely responsible for its quality. But there are cheaper alternatives produced by Chinese firms – Desc Socket and Displace. These female units visually resemble their original prototypes, but the similarity ends there.

Retractable outlet Chinese companies are made of cheaper materials, so after 4-6 months they start to fall apart. First, the unit begins to live his life, not responding to the needs of the user. It spontaneously opens and closes, and after a while stops working.

Fourth, you need to choose the option that matches the color scheme of the room. Manufacturers this issue pay special attention, offering a different color of the same model, metal, gold, bronze, black, white and others.

Fifthly, to choose the optimal model, it should carefully inspect for external damage and defects. Also, you need to check the equipment and the performance of the purchased device.

Sixthly, it is necessary to pay attention to the degree of protection specified by the manufacturer in the instructions. Well, when this value is IP44, if you have installation in the kitchen. For room or office sufficient indicator IP20.


Recessed sockets: where to position

At the stage of counting the required number of inputs for connection to the mains it is necessary to decide where it will be placed rosette blocks. It is important that the location was convenient and easily accessible.

If recessed sockets will be installed in office Desk in the room for negotiations/meetings, then you need to consider and anticipate the needs of business partners and employees. Indeed, in the collaborative process there is a need for additional power for laptops, tablets and other mobile devices.

The number of connectors must be commensurate with the number of employees taking part in the discussion of business processes.

Accommodation in the house of rosette blocks, embedded in the countertop/Cabinet, also applies the rule of convenience and availability. At the same time, we must not forget about safety. If retractable socket will be installed in the kitchen, it is necessary to choose the right location.

Absolutely can not install pull-out units in these areas:

  • over/under plate;
  • over/under sink;
  • near the stove/sink.
These requirements are dictated by safety regulations. Because water intrusion can cause a short circuit. You should maintain a distance of 60 cm from water and fire.

If built into a countertop outlet is located very close to the sink, she could at any time come into disrepair. In the process of washing dishes is not excluded spillage of water on the nearby countertop. A protective cover extendable socket is not watertight and will not be able to protect against the penetration of water into the mechanism.

The optimal location for the placement of built-in units and work area countertops, actively used by the hostess for cooking, and the eating area and the rest of the members of the family.

If in the working area it is more expedient to place a block of 3-5 power connectors, the area most needed is a unit of combined connectors. Then all family members will be able, if necessary, to connect their mobile devices.


Self-installation of embedded designs

Retractable sockets can be set independently. This will require a minimal set of tools – because the hollow walls and installing a separate power line is not necessary.

The main difficulty in the installation is to cut a hole in the countertop. Depending on its material, this operation may require the use of additional tools or specialized expertise. So, if the coating is made of artificial stone, glass or other complex material, without special skills can not do.

If the question is about how to install an outlet in a glass top stood in front of ordering kitchen units, holes are better to order from the manufacturer of the furniture. Having no experience with such material, you can ruin an expensive surface.

In the case where the drill will not be difficult, you can safely proceed to the installation of a sliding block. To do this, mark the installation place, guided by the actual dimensions listed in the instructions. Every model they own.

After graduating from the markup you have to carefully cut out the hole. Then, using special hardware supplied, firmly fix the socket. In the case of installing a retractable unit with cable and plug, will include it in a regular outlet. Cable length allows you to get even to very remote elektrotochki behind a locker.

If no such socket, the embedded design can be connected directly to the supply wire, serially connecting corresponding wire. It is important to disconnect the line from which to work. Otherwise you may get a shock.

In the case when the model has no cable with a plug, to connect seats, using segments of wire length of 15-20 cm and Then connect the power cable, and having it in the hole of the box body. The ends of the wires need to be cleaned, freed from isolation and join the movement of the socket accordingly marked.

After finishing work with the wires you can power lines and to test the operation of the loaded retractable outlet.


Video of the sockets, recessed in countertop

Video about horizontal socket block Polish manufacturer, embedded in the counter:

Review of the use of vertical sockets, built-in countertop/Cabinet:

Illustrative video of the retractable vertical outlet integrated in the worktop:

Preferring blocks of electrical connectors recessed into the countertop, it is important to select the optimal model. Its installation can be made on their own, following the installation instructions. This design will lend flair to modern interior and will significantly save space in the room. published

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