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Over the last 4-5 years the topic tables for sitting, standing out of the ordinary has become outlandish, one of habrovchan even published an article about the search and selection of the table, but in the article, unfortunately, were offered a choice of only two options. But his article was the occasion to "poborozdit" expanses of the Internet and make a more extensive review, which are generally variations of tables for sitting, standing, how they differ and, if possible, how much money are.

In the search had the idea to somehow organize the results that came out of it:

At the end of the article, after a review of the major "global trends", shows the options as available for sale in Russia.

1) "extensions" that just put a regular table. H5> Most of this kind of "box-bench", which is simply placed on a normal table, and used as an additional surface:

Model th> Photos th> Description th> Price th>
Homeconcept Speedy Stand Up Portable Desk

$ 89.99
Staandup Desk Keyboard riser + monitor riser

of the keyboard and monitor:
$ 95.00 + $ 90.00
Standee Classic- Standup Desk

shelf under
$ 179.95
Stand Steady Mega

laptop with multiple monitors:
$ 299.99

 In view of the simplicity of design options such extensions much to list them all does not make sense, some users are on the simple and the way the budget and used for these purposes, empty boxes or a combination of a couple of boxes + board.

However, among these, at times, not the budget, monotony extensions released a couple of structures that display adapter to the next evolutionary level:

Model th> Photos th> Description th> Price th>

The construction rises about 30 cm ... leaning on the edge is unlikely to succeed, but the keyboard and monitor can be raised jauntily to the desired level, although a dozen see would not hurt.
$ 350
Ergotron WorkFit-T, Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation


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