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Over the last 4-5 years the topic tables for sitting, standing out of the ordinary has become outlandish, one of habrovchan even published an article about the search and selection of the table, but in the article, unfortunately, were offered a choice of only two options. But his article was the occasion to "poborozdit" expanses of the Internet and make a more extensive review, which are generally variations of tables for sitting, standing, how they differ and, if possible, how much money are.

In the search had the idea to somehow organize the results that came out of it:

At the end of the article, after a review of the major "global trends", shows the options as available for sale in Russia.

1) "extensions" that just put a regular table. H5> Most of this kind of "box-bench", which is simply placed on a normal table, and used as an additional surface:

Model th> Photos th> Description th> Price th>
Homeconcept Speedy Stand Up Portable Desk

$ 89.99
Staandup Desk Keyboard riser + monitor riser

of the keyboard and monitor:
$ 95.00 + $ 90.00
Standee Classic- Standup Desk

shelf under
$ 179.95
Stand Steady Mega

laptop with multiple monitors:
$ 299.99

 In view of the simplicity of design options such extensions much to list them all does not make sense, some users are on the simple and the way the budget and used for these purposes, empty boxes or a combination of a couple of boxes + board.

However, among these, at times, not the budget, monotony extensions released a couple of structures that display adapter to the next evolutionary level:

Model th> Photos th> Description th> Price th>

The construction rises about 30 cm ... leaning on the edge is unlikely to succeed, but the keyboard and monitor can be raised jauntily to the desired level, although a dozen see would not hurt.
$ 350
Ergotron WorkFit-T, Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation

The manufacturer claims the rise already at 38 cm, which is much closer to the desired result.
$ 399

If you believe the description, the work surface with a keyboard and mouse can be raised has to "record" of 42 cm. In this case, the set includes also the holder for the monitor.
$ 599
Humanscale QuickStand

In this model, there is also the holder for the monitor.
According to a lifting height of construction and beats the previous record comes out on top, taking the bar height adjustment - 46 cm above the level of the table.
In terms of value, this model also has a previous record.
$ 829

2) Tables, which are equipped with mechanisms for changing the height of countertops to alternate sitting position - standing. H5>
 As it turned out, there are many decent height adjustment mechanism. I managed to find the following types:

The most hyped and consequently popular line - it is so electric.

Model th> Photos th> Description th> Price th>
GeekDesk® v3

table Geekdesk models are generally known in the US market. Adjusting the height - 65 cm, more than enough to satisfy any request. Each column has its own engine, their movement is synchronized via the control unit.
Management no frills - socket with two buttons.
Table load - up to 120 kg.

$ 749
Geekdesk Max

the same parameters as the previous model Geekdesk, but the control system is already an indicator of the current situation, and 4 "hot keys" for recording in the memory 4 of the provisions of any height. Well, the price of the delights at USD 200 more.
$ 949
Conset 501-15

ConSet known European manufacturer of tables. This model - a budget option in the style of "do it yourself", complete 2 + wire rack and buttons, to be ordered in addition countertop and bar, which connects the rack together. Management is simple - Up and Down buttons.
$ 400
Conset 501-17

This model comes in the form of a frame on which you only need to set the table top, the bottom frame is the rear casters, making it mobile, if desired. Management of the same primitive - button up button down.
$ 660
Swedstyle QuadroFlex

Buffet, unlike ConSet have a similar height adjustment GeekDesk Max - with display and memory.
Height adjustment: 675 - 1175 mm
$ 1090
Bekannt Ikea

Even IKEA announced the sale of tables with electric drive, so far only on request and abroad, but it is not excluded that they will appear in the Russian Federation.
The claimed range of heights from 560 to 1220 mm. Unlike most tables are offered with a rectangular tabletop, Bekannt countertop has a "projection." Height adjustment - Easy - 2 buttons.
$ 599

 Another group of tables - with pneumatic height adjustment (by gas lift). Different from the lack of demand for electric power is constant, regulated by a lockable gas spring (gas lift), unpretentious enough to use, but like any moving mechanism have their own nuances.

Model th> Photos th> Description th> Price th>
2G-C36-24 ESI Ergonomic Solutions

Judging by the description, use two gas lift and cunning synchronization mechanism
Height adjustment: 66 - 117 cm.
Table load - up to 45 kg.
Price makes you wonder about the meaning of life and their chosen profession ...
$ 1792 + $ 344 = $ 2136
DECART v3.3 Mensa

The company in the Crimea, given recent events, it can be regarded as justified, it is now the Russian company. Make your tables with adjustable height for gas lift.
The range in height from 75 to 112 cm.
The maximum recommended weight on the table - 25 kg.
$ 410 (20500 rubles)

 We should also highlight tables tricky counterweight mechanism, to fully understand the principle of work and did not work, but it seems there are also "hidden away some spring».

Model th> Photos th> Description th> Price th>
Float Huminscale

Judging from the video site table works very smoothly. For convenient operation, you must configure the table to the weight that the table will be located
Height adjustment: 70 - 121 cm.
Table load - up to 58 kg.
Raise questions tabletop size - the width of not more than 600 mm in length and somehow a bit short.

$ 1899
WorkFit-D, Sit-Stand Desk Ergotron

Height adjustment: 78 - 129 cm.
Table load - up to 30 kg.
Again, the restriction on the countertop depth - a maximum of 600 mm.
$ 721

 Judging from the video - a very interesting design goes smoothly, without much effort, but the width of the table top 60 cm somehow not enough, the monitor turns completely butt and hanging shelves for the keyboard does not allow her to lean on during standing or arrange it hands at work sitting.

Another exotic type - adjustment with the handle through the gears, well, soul balm for all lovers of vintage cars at the time of nostalgia, you can twist 'pen generator "without leaving the workplace.

Model th> Photos th> Description th> Price th>
ATS 630.00.261 Hafele

Height adjustment: 61 - 90 cm.
Not enough for standing, but as an illustration of the mechanism is suitable.
$ 638
Crank Table 2C-C36-24 ESI Ergonomic Solutions
< br />

Height adjustment: 69 - 114 cm.
Table load - up to 112 kg.
Decent load large worktop.
Lifting speed - 24 mm in 6 turns of the handle.
$ 1315

 Another unusual design table with manual adjustment - two-piece top with one lifting section:

Model th> Photos th> Description th> Price th>

Height adjustment: 62 - 96 cm.
Again, not enough to complete the work standing up, but full worktop - up to 168 cm in length and 83 cm in depth.
$ 638

 How are things going with tables directly in Russia.
In Russia, the most hyped Internet version of this table and electric Conset Swedstyle. They offer a variety of signs:

Model th> Photos th> Description th> Price th>
DUO Ergostol (Conset 501-15)

Height adjustment: 62 - 96 cm.
Again, not enough to complete the work standing up, but full worktop - up to 168 cm in length and 83 cm in depth.
38400 p.
Conset 501-15 «VPDOM»

Set Foot ConSet 501-15 without countertops and jumpers
19500 p. (EUR 341)
ConSet 501-15 7S180 Cronshtein

Set Foot ConSet 501-15 without countertops and jumpers
21230 p
C-Desk A100 Colordesk (ConSet 501-15)

Set Foot ConSet 501-15 standard rectangular top and a jumper.
29716 p.

Model-based frame Swedstyle QuadroFlex.
69600 p. 3900 + p at the controls

Model-based frame Swedstyle QuadroFlex.
59900 p.

 Also trending Conset and SWEDSTYLE also hit other less vivid representatives.

Model th> Photos th> Description th> Price th>
TESLA Mensah

Again Crimeans, judging by the photos using the same mechanisms as in Geekdesk. Adjusting the height - from 600 to 1260 mm, and has a system of control with display of the current position and 4 "hot keys" for recording in memory of 4 height positions.
Table load - 100 kg declared.
Included worktop with cut. Price pleased.
42000 p.
The company specializes in the sale of automation components, including the present line of electric components for the production of tables with adjustable height.
Manufacturer of components LINAK. Prices for the purchase of retail components for the assembly of a table is obtained significantly more expensive than taking analogues assembled from others. The price is for a set of legs with the memory unit 3 position, but without the countertop.
$ 1500

Reported use of components of LINAK, the height of 70-120 cm, frame without bridges. Unfortunately, the prices on the site could not be found.
Alas, not found.

Judging by the description on the website using the details Linak, but there is a suspicion that the prices on the site has not been updated since 2014.
45000 p.
Ergotron WorkFit-D Cronshtein

As it turned out, "tricky" Ergotron model with an unidentified mechanism is available for sale in the Russian Federation. The model has already been described above.
68820 p.

In order not to duplicate the model is described in the text above articles give them another modification - with a cutout in the middle. The rest did not notice any difference.
$ 420 (21000 rubles)

 A little explanation - many companies offer several models of tables, respectively, for selectively article were taken only 1-2 models.

Of course I admit that Russian companies list may not be complete and there are other companies that manufacture or sell such tables in Russia.

I should be grateful to all users who are willing to share in the comments of information about other companies in Russia, which offer tables for sitting, standing.

Source: geektimes.ru/post/250226/


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