Carpal tunnel syndrome— prevention and treatment

Carpal tunnel syndrome has other names, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and carpal syndrome. It's a neurological disease, it manifests itself prolonged numbness and pain of fingers. The reason tunnel syndrome is compression of the median nerve between the wrist bones and ligament.

It belongs to the category of tunnel neuropathies, in a nutshell one can say that they arise because of nerve compression in the bone-fibro, and fibro-muscular channels.

Very often carpal tunnel syndrome occurs in older women. Why? This syndrome is considered an occupational disease of those workers who brush perform monotonous repetitive flexion-extension movement occurs or prolonged forced flexion of the hand. So what professions are at risk? This pianists, cellists, drummers, bowlers, artists with experience, motorcycle racer, sign language interpreters, those who work a jackhammer, hairdresser, engaged in embroidery, typescript. Lately, when the computer is no longer rare and more and more professions are associated with it, people suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome has become much more.

It is believed that for a long time the computer has become a risk factor that triggers the development of this disease. According to one study, each 6th working at the computer revealed the carpal tunnel syndrome. Users who brush against the forearm is flexed to 20° or more high-risk.

Other studies contradict this and say the absence of significant differences in the occurrence of this disease of people working at the computer and not running after him.

Causes of syndrome of the wristIn carpal canal is the nerve, and when it is pinched, there is pain in the wrist. Natural causes pinching of this nerve is the swelling located next to the nerve tendons and swelling of the carpal tunnel.

The cause of the pinching of this nerve lies in the prolonged static load on the same muscles. The load causes a large number of repetitive motions and often awkward position of the hands. For example, working on the same computer keyboard, the hand of man is in constant tension.

The symptoms of carpal tunnel syndromeis Characterized by pain, numbness and showing off (paresthesia) in the area of innervation of the median nerve.

At the initial stage of the syndrome of the wrist a person feels in the fingers trembling, itching, tingling. And at first he does not associate it with the activity on the how these symptoms manifest themselves after several hours after, for example, typing.

Further, the later stages begins to show numbness, pain and heaviness in the hands, tingling in the hands, fingers, wrist, carpal area of disturbed sensitivity can lead to tissue irritation and swelling. In the morning in the fingers may feel stiffness. In people with carpal tunnel syndrome may occur and indirect effects: insomnia due to pain and hand cramps.

Advanced stage syndrome of the wrist is not rarely leads to atrophy of the muscles of the thumb. Lost the ability sturdy hand grip into a fist, the thumb does not bend. Hand and fingers of a palm can become unruly.

In attempt of the person with carpal tunnel syndrome to lift a very heavy object, it can cause pain or disable a hand object just fall from his hands. People with this syndrome loses the ability to talk long on the phone, reading a book, holding it in front of him, hold more than 10 minutes the wheel of a car.

Diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndromesometimes the Neurologist seeing the patient determines the degree of damage of the muscles of the wrist caused by computer work or other professional activities.

However, the man is independently able to determine the disease. To diagnose carpal tunnel syndrome test used Tines and test Falena.

When the first test goes percussion (tapping) in the wrist area above the location where the median nerve. If the test is positive – is accompanied by paresthesia in the palm and fingers.

The second test is the maximum flexion for three minutes, i.e. the United back of your hands lowered down, and the elbows should be directed to the side. Get something like the letter "T". If during this time this test causes the paresthesia and pain on the Palmar surface partially 1,2,3 and 4 fingers.


Because man always fails to withdraw or substantially cut work time with the computer, then you should think about preventive measures. Prevention tunnel syndrome is a convenient and proper organization of the workplace. With this approach, you can avoid almost any problems arise with your hands, working with the computer.

One of the main measures of prevention should be the ergonomics and the proper fit at the computer. It is advisable to have to work a chair position backrest and the height is adjustable (very nice to have a height adjustable Desk). A correctly adjusted Desk and chair allow you to receive position, when the back is at an angle of 90 degrees relative to the hips. Shoulder with the forearm should form a right angle, and the brush lying on the keyboard. Basically, the keyboard is at the height of 65-75 cm.

Important prevention measures are:

  • Chair and computer chair must be equipped with armrests.
  • An ergonomic keyboard. It should be positioned so that bending of the arm at the elbow, they form a straight angle. Properly placed keyboard gives the hands to rest when they lie on it.
  • Working with mouse elbow needs on the table lie, and a straight brush to place as far away from the edge of the table.
  • It is fundamentally important and work on the computer. It only takes a few minutes to relax tendons and restoration of the required volume of synovial fluid. But human patient with diabetes, you need to increase the duration of rest. The best option is hourly rest for 10-15 minutes. The rest should not be carried out passively. Since man does not rest because of fatigue from movements and what works for keyboard. In this case, the ideal option will the exercises for the hands.
Treatment of carpal tunnel syndromeyou Need in the early stages to start the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome caused by prolonged work at the computer keyboard. The first thing you need to eliminate the root cause, for example, diabetes or arthritis. If the disease is not treated, as a rule, is its progression.

In the early stages of the syndrome, a sufficient measure will be conservative therapy, which expressed in the limit load on the affected wrist (to minimize work at the computer), or to immobilize it fixed the tire. When symptoms subside, you begin the exercise is designed to stretch and strengthen the wrist muscles. It is advisable to carry out physiotherapy under the supervision of a physician.

In severe flow tunnel syndrome accompanied by acute pain and severe inflammation, treatment is required with medicines.

With proper nutrition, is able to fully saturate the body with important bioactive substances, treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome can be very effective and the healing process will be significantly more likely to decrease recovery time and work capacity will return quickly. Specialist in the short term will return to its work.

Among the alternative treatment methods one of the most effective ways was yoga. It helps to reduce pain, and also makes a better grip strength.

Complex exercisesComplex 1

Hands slowly clench into fists, so very slowly unclench them. Repeat 5 times. Palms down on the table and push down with your palms on its surface. Then turn atribuite fingers. Raise and lower several times hands. Describe as many circles first with hands, then each finger. Do the brushes rotational motion, then wiggle your toes. Clenched fists hands rotate around the axis. Shake hands. Hands squeeze together and push the fingers of one hand into fingers of the other hand. Complex 2

You need some time to raise hands and lower them, shake the brushes. For a few seconds kreep make a fist, then unclench them and relax. Exercise 5-7 times again. Tassels make a rotational motion (10-12 times) in each direction. In front of him arms out and actively move your fingers for one minute. The palm attach to each other and the fingers expand to his, i.e. wrists from myself. Try slowly to put pressure on the palm side of the fingers of one hand the fingers of the other. Complex 3

Before feeling the warmth spread inside and outside surfaces of the palms. On the right hand atribuite each finger with the thumb on the right. On each finger make four clicks. For the right hand to repeat the same thing. Turn palms to each other, inner sides and connect them between the soda, the palm slightly deployed. Fingers pressed into each other, and then shake the brush, relaxing them. Slowly squeeze the fist. Shake the brush in order to relax them. Slowly squeeze the fist, then quickly and sharply do this with your throwing fingers. Hands down, and shake the brushes. When working at the computer, if you still do not always get a full to produce a set of exercises, still take breaks, raise up your hands and rotate hands. If you have noticed the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome of the wrist, producing such rotation should be very careful and slow. Periodically relax the muscles by shaking hands. published



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