Facts about medical syndromes

In medicine made use of to describe the symptoms of the syndrome term.
Some syndromes have become general use and well-known concepts, but there are others - with the most exotic names, unusual manifestations and extraordinary history. I hope that after reading them you will not find in themselves or their friends.

1. syndrome "exploding head»

This syndrome is increasingly common in modern man. Primarily it is the manifestation of stress and different loads. It is manifested in the process of falling asleep, though one feels something like an explosion inside the head, he heard a loud sound during sleep or early sleep. "Explosion" may be accompanied by visual effects, horror, and even respiratory failure. Fortunately, treatment is very simple - it is a normal good rest, shifting attention, a change of scenery.

2. The foreign accent syndrome

This speech disorder occurs after various head injuries, strokes, and manifests itself most immediately, but with a lag of 1-2 years. Symptoms are expressed in a speech disorder in which the pace of change and the pronunciation, the person appears as though the accent, it sounds like a foreigner learning a new language. Over the past 70 years, described fifty cases, some managed to regain speech after long workouts, most of the help nothing was impossible. The most famous case of the Astrid L. from Norway. The woman was wounded in the head by shrapnel during the bombing. And after a while the ladies Dedicated unusual German accent, which greatly embarrassed by others, given that 1941 was ..

3. Syndrome fatal familial insomnia

This disease is registered in representatives of 40 families. It is a genetic lesion of the thalamus, which is responsible for the relationship between the cerebral cortex and the body. In this case, the operation of this "device" is violated, a person has trouble falling asleep, he is resting less, exhibit all the symptoms described in the article What is something interesting about the dream. As a result, after 7-36 months, people die of the disease, and the age of onset is usually 30-60 years.

4. Analgesia


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