Mental disorders

Mental disorders, the existence of which is hard to believe

Psychological misconceptions and illusions come in different shapes and sizes - from single episodes to severe mental illness. However, they all have one thing in common - the gap between reality and distorted perception of the environment.

The man in the power of illusion does not trust the facts and does not listen to the voice of reason.

Here you can find the 12 most strange and unusual psychiatric syndromes and disorders in which a person can suffer.

1. The syndrome of Alice in Wonderland
The syndrome, named after the novel by Lewis Carroll, the actual impact on human perception of space and time.

The patient can see the surrounding objects smaller or larger than they really are.

Sometimes people may experience a similar condition in childhood or at bedtime, because nightfall brain lacks the signals about the size of objects.

In some cases, the syndrome is caused by migraines suffered by Lewis Carroll himself. The writer probably used his experience in writing the book of the same name.

2. Cotard delusion
Also known as "walking corpse syndrome" is a mental disorder is often seen in patients with schizophrenia.

Man believes that he is dead for a long time, it just does not exist or that it has no internal organs. As a rule, the big loses touch with reality and withdraws into himself.

3. Capgras delusion
The patient suffering from this disorder, there is a persistent belief that someone from his entourage (eg, husband, parents, etc.) has been replaced by double like him in appearance. The syndrome got its name after the French psychiatrist Joseph Capgras, who called it "double illusion».

Capgras syndrome is often associated with schizophrenia, but may also occur due to brain injury or dementia.

4. Folie à deux
Literally it means the disease is "insanity at two", in which two or more people living in the vicinity have the same delusional experiences.

5. Broadcast thoughts
The syndrome manifests itself in the form of sensation in the patient that his own thoughts are transferred to different distances, and immediately become known to someone else. Sometimes he thinks that someone is interfering in his thoughts.

This false illusion is often a symptom of schizophrenia.

6. The Paris syndrome
This disorder is manifested by tourists (mostly Japanese), who believe that Paris did not live up to their expectations. Most of them believe that the cause of their mental suffering is the aggressive behavior of the local people with whom they had to face in this romantic city.

Some believe that the Paris Syndrome is caused by culture shock, because Japanese strongly idealize this city. Victims may even experience hallucinations, delusions of persecution, anxiety and other physical symptoms.

Paris syndrome may seem to someone invented a disease, but about 12 Japanese tourists a year seek help from a psychiatrist.

7. Jerusalem syndrome
Paris is not the only city, which reduces people crazy in the literal sense of the word. Jerusalem syndrome - a form of megalomania, in which the tourist or pilgrim imagines that he has divine power and is the epitome of the biblical hero, entrusted with a prophetic mission to save the world. Sometimes patients are beginning to wear a toga, sing hymns, shouting lines from the Bible and preach in public places.

This phenomenon is considered to be psychotic and leads to hospitalization.

8. Othello Syndrome
Othello Syndrome or delusions of jealousy manifests itself when a person truly believes that his partner is cheating on him, despite the fact that he does not have any evidence.

The patient was plagued by obsessive thoughts, and this is not just an ordinary jealousy: it can continuously check their partner, to watch him, to arrange the endless questioning about where he was, and in severe cases - even beating.

9. Syndrome Ekboma
This is a particularly nasty form of hypochondria, in which the patient believes that his body live parasites.

The disorder was named after the Swedish neurologist Karl A. Ekboma. People with this disease prefer to seek help from dermatologists and infectious disease than to psychologists and psychotherapists.

10. Clinical lycanthropy
This psychosis, in which the patient seems to be that it becomes or has become a beast, like a wolf, frog, cat, horse, bird, hyena and even a bee.

Lycanthropy - a rare disorder.

11. Reduplikativnaya paramnesia
This disorder is caused by damage to the brain when a person begins to believe that a certain place or area is duplicated, or moved to another location.

For example, men with head injuries, believed that the hospital where they were treated, located in their hometown, but in fact it was not.

12. Syndrome own double
People with this syndrome believe that they have a twin who looks like them, but living separate from their life and has excellent character traits.

Sometimes the double can be a stranger or a family member. In some cases the patient may go into a rage and even cause physical harm from the fact that someone has stolen his appearance.



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