Syndromes, heroes and people

The syndrome of Alice in Wonderland

For people with the syndrome of Alice in Wonderland, the world can, and is full of wonders, but only at first. It's hard to live when you think that the apple on the desk of gigantic proportions, but these people are the size of a matchbox. They can not evaluate the actual dimensions of the object, all seem too large or conversely too small.

Stendhal Syndrome

It manifests itself in dizziness, fainting, palpitations and sometimes hallucinations, surrounded by works of art or an incredibly beautiful nature.

The name of the syndrome was due to one of the books by Stendhal, in which he described his feelings during a visit to Florence: "When I left the Church of the Holy Cross, my heart beat, I thought that dried up the source of life, I went, fearing collapse on the ground ... I saw masterpieces generated by the energy of passion, and then everything was meaningless, a small, limited, so when the wind ceases to inflate the sails passions that push forward the human soul, then it becomes devoid of passion, and therefore, vices and virtues " .

Van Gogh syndrome

This syndrome is reflected in the fact that the patient is very insists on operations or even - horror of horrors - operates itself.

Peter Pan syndrome

Imagine a guy who has about 25, and he still shirk work, lives with his parents and spends all his time with friends who just turned eighteen - before you eternal boy. Any liability, only everlasting joy. Because of difficult to explain the causes of this syndrome girls are substantially independent.

Diogenes syndrome

Diogenes was famous for having gone to live in a barrel and showed himself as an inveterate sociopath and a misanthrope. Syndrome in honor of his name (it is sometimes called senile squalor syndrome) is shown plus or minus as well. Extremely dismissive attitude toward themselves, self-isolation from society, apathy, hoarding and the absence of any shame.

Dorian Gray syndrome

This syndrome, it can be said to suffer all actively molodyaschiesya, all his strength to throw on the preservation of foreign youth. Those who erected it in the preservation of the cult. Compensated by using unjustified youth attributes, choice of clothes in the youth style, leads to the abuse of plastic surgery and cosmetic products. Sometimes it ends disorder depression and even suicide attempts.

Syndrome watchman

He syndrome little superior. At this point everyone can nodded in agreement, because there is no one in the world more important than the puny guards, cleaners, vahtershi, aunties in a glass in the subway, and even in the theater cloakroom. Curious paradox "I was given the power, I'll show you all the" works not only for this kind of services, but also on the petty officials.

Adele syndrome

So called all-consuming obsession with love and long, painful passion that remains unanswered. Syndrome its name derives from the true story that took place with the daughter of Victor Hugo. Adele met with an English officer Albert Pinson and immediately decided that he - a man of her life. We can not say for sure whether he was a heartless scoundrel, deceived innocent creature, or a victim of erotomania. However, Pinson not reciprocated - did not help either rare beauty of the girl, nor the glory of her father. Adele chased him around the world, lying to everyone that they are already married, and eventually completely lost her mind.

Munchausen syndrome

A kind of hypochondria. When all the hurt and nothing helps, but it only seems so. It is a disorder in which a person feigns, exaggerates or artificially causes symptoms of the disease itself, to undergo a medical examination, treatment, hospitalization, surgery and so on. The conventional explanation for Munchausen syndrome says that the simulation of the disease allows people with this syndrome get attention, care, sympathy and psychological support. But that's nothing. Where serious "delegated Munchausen syndrome" when mothers think their children terribly sick. And even deliberately create conditions for them manifestations of those or other serious symptoms.

Tourette's syndrome

So often referred to as "Coprolalia" - painful irresistible attraction to the shouting obscene words, although it is only one component of Tourette's syndrome. Often used in the movie. Interestingly, the word Coprolalia Greek can be translated as "verbal diarrhea".

Syndrome of Young Werther

Goethe once head over heels in love with the same girl, but she gave him a failure. Then sensitive writer became so worry that wanted to commit suicide. But hesitated and instead began to write the novel "The Sorrows of Young Werther", the hero who is desperate to find happiness with a woman he idolized Lotto, puts a bullet in the head. After finishing the book, the writer got rid of the idea of ​​suicide. But it so happened that, choose from "quagmire" himself, he pulled it many of his readers. Immediately after the publication of the book provoked a wave of suicides among young people. Things went so far that in some countries a dangerous affair was banned. And now psychologists such imitative behavior called syndrome of Young Werther.

Pollyanna Syndrome

In a difficult situation someone from friends you will probably advised to find a bright side and be glad that did not happen something worse. In moderate doses - is a good thing, but here are shots that are abusing such exercises and seriously affected by it. Syndrome appeared thanks to the game that is played by 12-year-old Pollyanna, the heroine of the book writer Eleanor Porter. The game is in any event to find a reason for joy. And the worse misfortune, the harder it is more interesting to find in it a positive. This habit makes it impossible for any human manifestation of negative feelings - disagreement, anger, anger that piling up somewhere deep inside. Man is totally dependent on the opinions of others and in my heart feels "bad" to "good" world.

Marilyn Monroe syndrome

"What am I? What I can do? I - nothing. Empty space and nothing else. I have a void in my heart! "- Marilyn said. She was beautiful, sexy and successful. But looking at myself in the mirror, saw only an ugly loser, do not deserve happiness. People with this syndrome tend to permanently "stuck" in a long-term relationship with a partner who made them unhappy, assume that plenty of opportunities to swim straight into the arms, and they are baffled and passed them by, and so on. In general, decay and hopelessness.

Xanthippe syndrome

Xanthippe went down in history not only as a companion of Socrates. She has earned notoriety most contentious and quarrelsome wife of all time. Syndrome of her name appears in the constant grumbling, Puritanism, emergency pedantry, morbid desire for order and sterile cleanliness. Often passion for order in all respect for moral principles becomes the only absorbing other attraction.

Leaping Frenchman am Main

This syndrome is not named in honor of someone famous, but it is a very strange and unusual. This disease is caused by a genetic mutation that interferes with the nervous system to adequately respond to external stimuli. Therefore, instead of surprising people can start to jump, scream, twitch, waving his arms and legs. An interesting feature of these people is that they unwittingly subject to unexpected orders, even if it would cause someone pain.



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