Bloopers and strangeness in Hollywood movies

Ever wonder how much frankly stupid things going on in the typical comedies and blockbusters? And it's not even those mistakes that we used to ignore, and turns the script and template attacks. Those that effect and style.

Let's go.

Why do I need this phone?

A bunch of moments in the film demonstrates how not to living in a big way Americans mobile gadgets. One call from objectionable - and the phone with a flourish fired in the near pool or fountain. That's right, a blocked number or a new SIM card is not heard. And why - it's so boring! Much easier to pull down the drain of $ 700-800.

Shot from the movie "The Devil Wears Prada." Andrea is going to throw the phone into the fountain

Burning car bombings and

You have an accident? Urgently run away and deliver all living within a kilometer. Your machine will certainly explode. Then on these myths are brought generations. To the car exploded, it must fill TNT, or at least specifically to ignite the gas tank. But if the car just rolled over, with a fright, it will explode? But no, all around the fire, all the smoke, the war in the Crimea, escape, who can ...


Any romantic situation, any significant time and ... voila! Suddenly appears friendly crowd admired and shouting "Oh-oh-oh!" Incrementally all applaud and wash sweetly unsolicited tear. Who are these people? Where have you seen such a reaction in real life? And Topla begins to actively dance smoothly, fun, dynamic, if they are pre-rehearsed this a flash mob. Direct aid room.

It was thick (terrible groomed), and became a princess

Movies about turning an ugly duckling into a star. Their mass, and all the same. "Fatty" as a rule, has a maximum size of 42 clothes, but everyone calls her fat. Where they found her body fat, it is not clear completely.

Here take a typical visitor McDonald, is a different matter. This was a full of people exposed almost trampled the world, humiliated and offended, and protect all of them, and believe in need of support and protection.

Stills from "Shallow Hal»

But the film would show how a very large lady became Thumbelina. Moreover, it, too, and efforts would be revealed. It would be hard! And true. But hardly spectacular ...

Ugly - if it is not painted, and has straight hair, if not - oh, horror! - tail. It is absolutely lovely lady or girl. It is easy to make out pretty very pretty, if you think about it.

"Ugly Betty" as Lindsay Cady of "Mean Girls»

A youth in principle always beautiful regardless of feature parameters. Remember the movie Harry Potter and Emma at the ball. All gasped, and Emma just put the dress and hairstyle invented.

The hero of the day

Without exception, all the main characters of the cult of Hollywood movies - moral, stable, kind, educated, knowledgeable and generally endowed with all the mental and personal qualities. Against the background of all the others - some faceless gray mass, which pay attention to something not worth it. Against the background of such a basis is very easy to do even nondescript boy desirable man of the year. And then the actor, but if you dig deeper, the halo of glory falls sometimes for those for whom life no one would pay attention, too many of the same people around.

A typical "hero of our time" - Sherlock Holmes (but not fly in my pineapples, Amen). Benedict did not play the role of his epic, and would have lived in relative obscurity. Meanwhile, his friend on the script, Watson, an interesting actor, handsome, very attractive, and pulls on the hero is not a novel. But about it - not a word, so mired in the shadow of a great partner in the plot.

Any other examples? Yes, plenty, every second film is built on such a scenario, where the cult of the personality of one man literally overshadows the talents of other heroes.

Cumberbatch in the TV series "Sherlock Holmes»

Burgers and fast food

We do not pay attention to how people eat in American movies? Endless cheeseburgers, fast food, take-away coffee and fries in huge containers. Coca-Cola, chewing gum, cakes pasta, pizza, lasagna, fat mayonnaise and ketchup, sweets in boxes, candy and other pleasures. At the same time the main characters all the time model appearance. Oh well! With such a diet! In fact, these heroes eat in the best case one green and millet to keep these lean figure. And do not get out of the gym.

First romantic moment

Always successfully. According to the statistics of any physician or psychologist who works with people and their relationships, this is unrealistic in 50% of cases. People are different, the needs are different. Woman to reach the peak, you have to fully trust a partner - it at least. And in order to understand each other and know how to make happy, little 10 minutes. And then, just like in a fairy tale: love works wonders. I would like it to be so, of course.

Romantic moment from the film "Titanic»

Instant insight and a new level of consciousness

Protagonists striking to think quickly. Instantly assimilate new knowledge. Cyborgs some, but not people. In reality, people are working on the situation over the years, to understand what goes wrong in their lives. And here as if by magic. Time - and you're king. And you know something, and he can carry on training. And after all, are in the movies: one, two, and already the master of kung fu, and "My Kung Fu is better than your"! From the series "from rags to riches».

Okay, Neo, then the plot conceived. But in Hollywood, it seems, all elected

Always beautiful and without injury

What movie take, the protagonists go unscathed in the fire does not burn, do not sink in the sea, from the wreckage emerge, jump on rocks as good mountain argali. From explosions escape at the last moment, in an avalanche escape, survive in the wake of the tsunami ... After the terrible battle wounds on his face is small ssadinka. Terminators! Neubivaemaya UFO!

Shot from the movie "300". Warrior little tired and a little dusty, but a minute before fighting the monstrous elephants about ten feet


Polls holy men. Girlfriends gently and mildly joke behind a third, even the most hated of the company. And if they do it allegedly insulting, it still somehow infrequently and without rancor. The men speak about women only noble. No one is discussing. Quarreling spouses speak reasonably and argue convincingly and to the point. Wonderful, wonderful world.

Yes, only in the life of all gossip about all at every turn. The odds are not seldom hear insults and recriminations in the heat of emotion. Mums treat their babies is not as consciously as says Dr. Spock. Girlfriends sarcastically gossip each other behind his back, competing in an elegant style. Men can swear, behave rude and did not differ nobility. Alas, this is simply a fact, and probably in his films reflect no sense, although there are those who seek to do so, honor and praise them. But we are all just people, not the glossy pictures.

Still from the film "Bride Wars," a very noble female friendship, in general

And so the illusion born.


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