The most unusual medical syndromes

Among the numerous diseases and syndromes of humanity I would like to highlight the most unusual and rare.

Fatal familial insomnia


This disease is hereditary. In the world there are about 40 families suffering from them. Such people develops and progresses bessonica in the formation in the brain a particular area, slow down the sleep center. The patient is sleeping less and less, more tired, suffering hallucinations and headaches, and a few years die from overwork.


Insensitivity to pain


There are some people who have a small genetic mutation disables the mechanism of transfer of pain signals through the nervous system. At first glance this may seem like a positive bonus, but really, such people are very susceptible to opasnoi due to the fact that they might get hurt and not notice it in time. Pain is an indicator of danger, and without it, human life becomes a threat.


The syndrome of Alice in Wonderland



People suffering from this neurological disorder with difficulty distinguish objects by size, perceiving them to be either tiny (micropsia) or huge (macropsia) with respect to real dimensions. Mainly, this syndrome occurs due to ingestion of hallucinogenic drugs or the presence of tumor in the brain.


Syndrome Of Moebius


This syndrome manifests itself from birth. Patients can not control the muscles of your face. These people do not know how to smile, laugh, cry, and even moving eyes. In addition, it is difficult to swallow.




This is the only list syndrome, which can be attributed to the advantages. People suffering from synesthesia, confuse the senses, they can “hear” or “feel” of the image, or, for example, “see” sounds. About 5% of the total population of the planet in one way or another have such syndromes. This disease is hereditary, is often seen in people who have lost eyesight or hearing, as well as artists and musicians and other creative people.

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