The most common myths about hypnosis

The concept of hypnosis does not remain without attention of both scientists and citizens. However, the first have at least some idea about it, but others have to believe all sorts of fables about hypnosis and what can be done by a hypnotist. In this article we will reveal all the major misconceptions about it.

1. Hypnosis is invoked by the hypnotist.


This is not so. In terms of professional hypnotists there is a saying "Every hypnosis is self hypnosis". The patient hypnotizes himself under the influence of the hypnotherapist. So if a hypnotist anything happens, he will not remain in hypnosis forever, and will come out of it.


2. Hypnosis can make people do what they want.


This opinion is quite popular and is even partially true. The fact that a person can be forced to perform actions uncharacteristic, but to a certain point. For example, you can make a person has a bow, suggesting that it's Apple, but to force someone to kill or to jump out the window — no. Interestingly, even the eyes of a hypnotized person will not tear, if he will eat onions.


3. Hypnosis is sleep.

Actually, it's not a dream, but to explain in another way, it is very hard. Another term that is similar to the condition of a hypnotized person is TRANS. An example of a TRANS may be the phenomenon when the drivers, tired, unable to leave the environment, staying active about everything related to driving.


4. Hypnosis is a healing therapy.

It can be used only as auxiliary means. Usually for hypnotist use the term "hypnotherapist". Hypnosis should be practiced only by professionals.


5. A hypnotist can cause a person to remember everything.

This is probably the most harmful myth. The fact that a hypnotized person can dream, taking all this for truth. For this reason, the data that get hypnotist from criminals who have no value in court. To date, interrogations with the use of hypnosis is forbidden in most countries.

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