15 myths about animals, which are believed since high school, and it's time to stop

Ostriches bury their heads in the sand? What do you think? 1. Myth: The female mantis eats the male after making potomstva

Fact: No. While this does happen in very rare cases, anyway, this is by no means something that is not typical behavior for mantis.

2. Myth: dogs black and white zrenie

Fact: No, although dogs do not see all of the colors that are available to our view, they certainly distinguish more colors than just black and white. In fact, the spectrum available their vision extends from dark blue to blue, from blue to gray, from gray to pale yellow, from light yellow to dark yellow.

3. Myth: one year, lived a dog is seven years of human zhizni

Fact: The truth is, at the year-old dog has more in common with a 17 year old. We can not simply compare the years lived a dog and a year, lived a man. There's no linear relationship, and much also depends on the breed.

4. Myth: Bats slepye

Fact: In fact, all bats can see, even if not always perfect, and some do differ damn good eyesight.

5. Myth: Ostrich hides its head in pesok

Fact: Although ostriches really eating sand, which helps them digest food, they certainly do not hide it in their heads.

6. Myth: A healthy dog ​​wet nos

Fact: The wet nose - it is rather an indicator of the activity of the dog, not her health.

7. Myth: If you touch a toad, pokroesh borodavkami

Fact: This myth probably invented moms who want their children to stop these creatures bring to the table. In fact, this statement is devoid of any real foundation.

8. Myth: Pit Bull opasny

Fact: First, the word "pit bull" - an umbrella term that is very often only means that the mixed breed dog. So the phrase "the dog - a pit bull" is very close to the words "I have no idea what kind of breed, but it seems not a poodle." Secondly, if we can not determine with certainty who the pit bull, how can we assess whether they are dangerous?

9. MYTH: Mother throws baby birds out of the nest, if the person taking them ruki

Fact: Birds poor sense of smell, so they probably will never know that you took at the hands of their chicks.

10. Myth: Owls - smart zhivotnye

Fact: In truth, owls do not differ wit and cleverness. It was found that the crows much smarter.

11. Myth: You can not teach an old dog new komandam

Fact: Yes, you can. Just contact your local dog trainer.

12. Myth: Camels store up water in their gorbah

Fact: camel's hump hoard fat. So much fat that camels can go without food for 3 weeks.

13. Myth: The bee dies after ukusa

Fact: Scientists know of about 20,000 species of bees. Bees of one of these types of really die after being bitten, all other types of bees - no.

14. Myth: On land crocodiles move medlenno

Fact: It is possible, this information someday save your life: in the land crocodiles move quickly. Probably faster than you.

15. Myth: Cats always land on lapki

Fact: Although cats and have the ability to bend the spine in the air so as to adjust the position of his body in flight, they do not always land on their feet. It's a cat, not superheroes.

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