We understand the 10 myths of childhood, who believed in so many years

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As a child we had a lot of superstitions and strange beliefs, some of which we were led to believe the parents. Some stayed as a child — something that can not be crossed by man, and that it will not grow. But in other sometimes we do not even doubt it.

We in the Website have asked friends and acquaintances about what they continue to believe from an early age, and tried to figure out where is truth and where not, and where these myths came from.

The biologist Martin Harrison (Martin Harrison).

Where is the myth? Where did the myth: There is the worm planaria, which is really will survive if you cut it into pieces. Perhaps the legs of a myth growing here. Unlucky to all those rain worms, which was cut with a shovel to populate the garden.

Where is the myth? Where did the myth: When parents don't want children to drink water from the tap, and then in the public mind is turned into a sacred prohibition. Some people still don't mix the boiled water even purified bottled. What explanations will not hear: and in this mixture happen the particular growth of bacteria, and that bad energy will mingle with good, and that is obtained by boiling the "heavy" water...

The opinion of the MD, the chief of Department of pakhiralay and intraocular lens correction of GU NII of eye diseases RAMN Youssef Naim Yousef.

Where is the myth? Where did the myth: a manipulation of parents who want children to behave "normally".

Fact: a Study the BBC.

Fact: Wikipedia.

Where is the myth? Where did the myth: In the late 60's-early 70-ies in Russia there was an outbreak of meningitis, the cause of which was able to establish only in 1997. It turned out that the cause of the disease was the meningococcus appeared in China and accidentally entered in the USSR. This pathogen almost no one had immunity. Perhaps this outbreak of a dangerous disease and ignorance about the causes of its spread led to this misconception.

"Hedgehog ordinary", article in the classifier of animals, Russian Academy of Sciences.

Where is the myth? We don't really know. Maybe you have a guess?

Fact: Wikipedia.

Where is the myth? Where did the myth: This misconception appeared due to the ancient Roman scientist Pliny the Elder. He wrote: "Ostriches think when they put their head and neck in the ground, their body seems hidden". Actually female ostrich sitting on a nest, with danger down, to become less visible and blend in with the ground. And the ostriches pick up and swallow pebbles of sand. Hence, perhaps, the myth.

Sources: About the vision, Electronically, Malaya medical encyclopedia / Wikipedia.

Acknowledgement: Wikipedia, The AiF, Animal Reader.

Where is the myth? Where did the myth: Amphibians in General have caused many a sense of disgust. And then there's the skin is covered with warts. Ignorance of the viral nature of warts was forced to suspect toads and frogs in their dissemination.

Article from the National Institute of diabetes, diseases of the digestive system and kidneys (National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases).

Where is the myth? Where did the myth:Our parents heard something about the fact that the Appendix may be clogged indigestible residues. But it probably would have got the seeds right in the peel and handfuls, and in General are very bad to eat. Because the main causes of appendicitis doctors call low immunity and malnutrition:little food fiber, a lot of simple carbohydrates and sugar.

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