16 ridiculous cliché in Hollywood cinema, in which there is no logic

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Even in the most realistic movie where the Director tries to tell a story as believable, there are scenes that have nothing to do with normal life.

The website looked closer to the films and built the list of scenes that make demanding audience skeptical scowl.

1. Taxi on the first call a189c6e361.jpg

Once the hero need a taxi, the car is already here. And no annoying waiting or dispute with other passengers on who first noticed the car. This is especially useful for the on-screen characters when you need to effectively escape from the guilty to the second half.

2. Eloquence 033af50731.jpg

Movie heroes never get lost in conversation, they have always harvested a cool monologue. Their speech and flows and is never interrupted by interjections of "uh...","...", "uh". They know what to say right now, unlike us who find the most ingenious answer three hours later.

3. Dancing is so easy 926eed656c.jpg

Those who ever learned to dance, I know that's not easy and requires a lot of time and diligence. But the heroes of the movie can start dancing anytime without preparation: each of them knows all the movements in dance and performs them simultaneously with all. We would like that!

4. Nightly meetings with friends 554eb9979e.jpg

In adults, in everyday life many activities that do not always have time to do after work. What can we say about the meetings with friends: they need to plan for a few days, and not the fact that someone of you happens to force majeure. Whether it is in the movies: last night at a favorite bar — and there are already all your friends. Beauty!

5. Always need a bill to hand d6f6abb115.jpg

Heroes in the movies never delve in pockets or wallet in search of smaller bills — they always give as much as you need to pay. And certainly they are never waiting for the delivery of, for example, in a taxi.

6. All understand English afaab66686.jpg

In Hollywood movies the hero does not face any difficulty when coming to another country. And let in many countries, people do speak passable English, but sometimes English-speaking characters have to be difficult. For example, when communicating with extraterrestrial beings.

7. Wind and rain — phenomena incompatible fbb2413cf4.jpg

Of course, as in life, the screen is often raining. Or the wind is blowing, which makes the hero to raise the collar. But do you remember the movie where these two elements side by side in the frame? In life, because we have to deal with unruly umbrella in windy and rainy weather.

8. Always hearty breakfasts c4aeea4f16.jpg

Morning meal at the cine heroes — not like ours. Here every morning is served a few dishes for the festive dinner table to every household perfectly refreshed and recharged in a good mood for the whole day. Choose what you want and mom made a menu for the whole restaurant. How she did it? She probably stood 4 hours in the morning.

9. The apartment is always open 0cd6ba2db1.jpg

While in the apartment, the characters don't bother to lock the doors with the key. Apparently, this is done to ensure that their friends could look in on him any minute.

10. Always know why you came db2574d531.jpg

Have you ever met cine hero, who walks in and stands a few seconds, remembering why he came here? Here we are not. But in life, because it happens all the time.

11. The machine can not close 78af001bf2.jpg

Even in the movie crime genre, where the town in the story is filled with criminals of all stripes, characters do not need to close your car. A waste of time.

12. Loyal security service at airports a6e0771b10.jpg

Seeing someone on a plane, we can walk with him up to a certain point in the airport and then we will not be allowed without a ticket. But the characters in the films quietly penetrate almost to the ramp, especially if it gets the love of their life.

13. Radio always playing music 481d633ee7.jpg

And no you Intrusive advertising and conversations leading. Lucky!

14. Immediate release 7cfe633f39.jpg

In ordinary life, if we want to resign from work, we need to work for a particular period after notification of his superiors about his desire. But not in the movie. Here you just say: "You're fired" — and you immediately take my small box of stuff (that box! This is very important) and go into the sunset.

15. Beauty in all circumstances 91ca861894.jpg

How much time we spend on makeup? Usually a lot. Sometimes even in a hurry you have to give it up. All the other heroines of the films. They always have time to put on makeup, even if we are talking about the battle of beauty, which is in a hurry to punish the evildoers. And yet these wonderful women never acne or rash on the face. I wish we did!

16. Shooting — a trifling matter 828bafaa33.jpg

Shooting a movie is an easy walk for the main character. The weapon does not weigh absolutely nothing (by the way, you can skillfully run), has no recoil, moving target to get a very simple, but if you suddenly received a wound in the limb — just bandage it and punish the villains on! In the meantime, you can still a couple of jokes to insert.

Photo on preview of Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Pictures

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