22 evidence that students are the most resourceful people

Ninety two million three hundred twenty nine thousand eight hundred twenty six

Student years — the real time testing. But, no matter what surprises may put the life of students, they are not going to give up.

The website offers get to know the lives of those who are not afraid of the granite of science in all its manifestations.

1. When learned a lot of that space for his specialty in head left 6577c2ebde.jpg

2. This guy brings the life in the Dorm to a new level 1a4294a3a5.jpg

3. To catch all the real superpower of students cc0e194664.jpg

4. And as we previously had not thought of? 0145d06d3a.jpg

5. "My sister finally understand what it's like to be a poor student" baeeddf047.jpg

6. As actually looks like the life of a student c9d63769ad.jpg

7. Student meals — a separate culinary arts 87b95843b8.jpg

8. Cheat sheet for atomic physics e6d8aa732a.jpg

9. In any situation, act as if it is conceived b982e64795.jpg

10. When serfdom was abolished everywhere except in your University b43c3e7601.jpg

11. Who said that without a stove to cook food? 8565f931e4.jpg

12. It students we be getting the hang of saving 7d59f5c0ab.jpg

13. The perfect crime b23a7f03c9.jpg

14. Why buy the milk if in the morning it is free? 67c07554d5.jpg

15. And you're "free" from these problems, because studying takes all my time e5cf9aaac4.jpg

16. Why spend money on going to the movies when there's a bed in the Dorm 41a45d5da7.jpg

17. The villain from the horror even more terrible competitor — the lack of scholarships d125347c11.jpg

18. The struggle with sleep is to the last f4f0684609.jpg

19. The University is a place where you will always support 66f69342bd.jpg

20. The easiest and fastest way to cook noodles for all company students eb14d67656.jpg

21. Senior courses will always prompt the correct answer 6480c71fd0.jpg

22. "Today, the teacher wrote on the Board advice to all students" 9a4b32bd2d.jpg

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