Students and zodiac signs

How to train the representatives of different zodiac signs ...

Aries. Aries are energetic that at any one session have always a lot of Aries. Their positive borders with extremism. Even adult Aries is able to "razdrakonit" consistently repeating the British Times Group for a matter of two minutes. If you have a student in the group Aries, Get a couple of extra eyes. Better - at the back. Even better - let it be the eyes with faceted structure! Periodically, you will want to offer student-Aries instead of drawing up a dialogue on the burning topic "In the Restaurant" fall to the floor several times overcome. Just so that the diminished energy. Because Aries are very inquisitive and capable people, you do not have several times to explain the essence of Possessive Case. However, one-teacher, remember! Aries grow out of those children who have a school in the subjects were "five", and on "behavior" - "two." And even if the tears and snot "last call" left far behind Aries, beware! Offer him vivid pictures, funny songs and poems, and then you still may be, and right.

Taurus. Taurus is active and set to optimistic. They rarely confusing own failures in the learning process. Because Taurus is very outgoing and sociable, they are perfectly trained in groups using techniques intense. Even the most hard-working student Taurus soul - inspired sloth and sybaritic. If you remember this and not taken too strictly to rare bouts of laziness, from the Taurus-student can get along perfectly. Gifted Taurus interferes only occasionally arises a desire "to lie on the couch." And another thing: Taurus kinesthetic often perceive the world through the senses, therefore, a place of learning, teaching aids, even the color and shape of the chair on which they are sitting in the classroom, they are extremely important. Twins. Twins general - is "Russian Roulette". You never know which of the two twins took the upper hand today. It remains to rely on luck. Gemini, as well as other air signs are very capable languages. They are easy to capture such an ephemeral substance as "a sense of language." A typical case of "air signs": a student almost elementary level education uses some complex form of Subjunctive. Explain how he thought of this before, can not. "Prointuichil," as they say. Often, students are guided by the Twins in the process of writing an essay or test language is not rigid rules and its own perception of "sound, not sound." Important: Do not try to necessarily appeal to the "absolute knowledge" - Twins great cost "delicate matters". And another important point: that students Twins asked delightful in its relevance and consistency of the type of questions - "Why this tutorial green?" ... So ... Remember the first rule of pedagogy: "Keep yourself in their hands!" Remembered ?! So keep! Especially as a student-Twin forget their own interests to the color of the textbook in five minutes.

Crayfish. Crayfish - is "to fight". The joke, of course. In dealing with crayfish, even in everyday life, it is important to pay attention to their mood. And if in the morning someone had already managed to "walk over his grave," the result of a student in a sense, promotes learning, it will be difficult. For cancer personality of the teacher is very important. Those who are impressed by it, it is open and shows great ability. Those who do not like him, prefers not to talk. So if your student Cancer does not appear in the classroom for a month, we can draw conclusions. And talk to him "heart to heart." That's really what they can do - because it is "heart to heart talk"! Be assured that after such a conversation, even the most disinterested in the subject of your cancer you will try not to disappoint their failure. Despite the tendency to mood swings, Cancers extremely legkoobuchaemy.

Lions. Remember the adage about carrots and sticks? Or, alternatively, a carrot and stick? So, ready to engage with the Lion, Get a generous supply of carrots, carrots and so on. "Kind words and nice cat" - it's about them, the big cats. Do not spare the oil mess, even if at first you feel that you overdo. Praise! Even if it seems that there is nothing. For showing interest in him handsomely Leo answer - I have checked many times! Most lagging student Leo inspired by your kind words, can do wonders. By nature they have little doubt yourself and your abilities, so you only slightly push them in the right direction. If a group of students you need a helper and inspirer massovik-inventor, select the Lion and can not go wrong.

Virgin. Virgin students are of two types. The first type is the dream of all teachers. They are not late for classes. They have several types of workbooks, separately for home exercises separately - for the theory of grammar. They are collected, polite and always in a good mood. You have not had time to say, and they have already recorded. You have not yet think, but they've done! Such students write everything new words that occur in class in an oral discussion of anything. Therefore, if your student Virgo, engaged in a group for beginners, suddenly it gives you, for example, cohabitation or implausible, do not be surprised. The second type of the Virgin - careless creatures flitting like a dragonfly notorious, in life, in the turbulent flow that they simply do not have time for English. Examinations of the Virgin of the second type pass at full unceremoniously, almost deadly mobilization of all spiritual forces.

Scales. Scales adorable. From the first lesson you are trying to charm and not abandoned their attempts, even if you are more than clearly told them to their rejection of the idea of ​​your wonderful ideas about flirting with the students. Scales capable of learning the language, it is given to them easily, but this ease is deceptive - just at that mark the most ease with all sorts of fundamental theoretical knowledge and with spellingom. Although it is not to lose balance in a foreign country and perfectly cope, having left only neobshirnye knowledge in areas such as "Sightseeing", "Going out" and, of course, "My Family" (where the same without it). On the disorderly students Libra can not be angry for long: believe, do more, pain-filled eyes they have learned long before the second part of the movie "Shrek" to the big screen. And Cat-in-boots do not fit to hold a candle to them! What here irregular verbs when such universal grief!

Scorpios. Immediately try to determine (at least approximately!), Where they have a tail! Do not touch it! Scorpions as any other sign, have a tendency to carry the perception of childhood through life. And so if he was unlucky and in the distant oktyabryatskom aged English teacher he had a rare "fury and harpy", consider that you are not lucky, too. It'll be hard. But the game is worth the candle - Scorpion is able to "show the world" unexpected talents. Student Scorpio can not always cope with his desire to slightly "poyazvit." We need to treat this with understanding. But they are grateful to those teachers who helped them to open up.

Sagittarians. Sagittarius seems that they are thoughtful, diligent, extremely diligent and that you, the teachers, they are both from the students, crazy! So. It is not necessary to disclose them immediately sad "truth of life". Let stay in the same blissful ignorance, it would be better for them and you. Because each Sagittarius - a typhoon, "Marie-Louise" or "Veronica Mendoza Sauce Daile". This way you like. Sagittarians enjoy life so that sometimes even be near them - and that is tedious! Not to mention that they also teach. Sagittarians grasp all the "on the fly", but they need to develop memory! The situation is "taught, but I forgot!" - For Sagittarius are not uncommon. And: Sagittarians are very clumsy lie. Therefore, if your student Sagittarius tells you that his homework ate faithful dog Zizi, as you thus know exactly what is the only pet Sagittarius - is hanging over the entrance to the apartment head tusker, which his grandfather was shot in the hunt in the Ural forests ... So if you so shamelessly lying, remember the first rule of pedagogy: "Keep yourself in their hands!" He himself sincerely believes that to pass an essay on "Sightseeing in London" prevented him carnivorous love Zizi to English. < br />
Capricorns. Capricorns are very smart! That's a plus. They know and they know themselves well. This is a minus. Capricorns are able to ask in class so tricky questions that you necessarily obeying secret desires, begin to talk about the execution of Guy Fawkes. If you think that Aries - this is a very stubborn students, then you simply do not get a lot of students Capricorn. Capricorns can slowly eat the brains of the teacher with questions like: "Why do this?", "Why even write?" "And if you can not make orally, and to do writing, then ... can I still make a verbal?" If you held out, then with Capricorn can get along fine. During training, they did not immediately disclosed. But it's certainly not from lack of ability! It is, rather, from self-doubt and cautious attitude to the teacher. Capricorns like no one can assess your teaching work. ("What are you patient! - He told me once my student Capricorn. - I have myself in your place already killed!", Referring to our many attempts to master Complex Object).

Aquarians. There is nothing in the knowledge that there were no power over the people of this zodiac sign. They are able to grasp the most complex logic to conduct the most sophisticated analysis. However, it is difficult to detach from Aquarius student thinking about the primacy of spirit or matter banal rules plurals. If you manage it, you can consider yourself a stiff upper lip. Because Aquarians those already consider themselves: the students of this sign is rarely underestimate their own self-esteem and are very confident in their abilities. If they set a goal - to achieve success in your subject matter - that can make it without your participation. For those teachers who are looking for spiritual rapprochement with students, Aquarians are not the easiest case. "The triumph of cold reason" - it's about them.

Fish. Fish are sensitive to new knowledge, especially in the field of language. They are generally curious, but direct interest in Pisces in your direction will be easy. They are able to get excited about any one topic, leaving the others neglected. Sometimes it is easy to determine by the fact that they are really interested in. Because Pisces tend associative thinking, they make very good interpreters. Under them it is easy because of the desire to withdraw into himself, but their knowledge and skills you can hit. And again, it may be because Pisces alarmed that forget the most basic rules. They are more likely to make the sign of the zodiac absurd, inexplicable errors in various test. To judge the knowledge and Pisces on testam quizam - then make knowingly false idea of ​​their real knowledge. They need a teacher first and foremost to organize its own knowledge. Their imagination and imagination can inspire anyone.



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