In Hollywood the horizon lit up the new Chinese star.

It seems, on Hollywood horizon lit up the new Chinese star. It is not neither, who played with Christina Bailey in the movie "The Flowers of War" Zhang Yimou. The film was the opening of the Berlin Film Festival this year, despite the fact that a serious political statement. He tells of the massacre, which staged the Japanese captured them in Nanjing in 1937.

Zhang Yimou - the living classic of Chinese cinema, when it is very successful in the Western world of Hollywood. His first film was dedicated to the same terrible time - years of the Sino-Japanese War. The story is simple: Japan wanted to create an empire. With order to seize territory from their neighbors - apart from China throughout Southeast Asia. As the process of building the Japanese adhere to tactics of "scorched earth" and not at all shy in the media began a genocide that Japan has denied so far. This is a movie.

The plot of the film is simple. Nanjing won the Japanese army and begins to torture and kill civilians. There were killed 200 thousand to half a million people. Men are nearly all killed, so women fall under the distribution. They raped and brutally killed, sparing neither old women, nor children. The film is dedicated to the way in Nanjing captured by this fate trying to save a few girls.

This is footage from the film. It is very colorful, sometimes even funny and cheerful. It is love, pure feelings, romance ... And all this against the backdrop of historical tragedy. In short, in a monastery in Nanjing is 12 girls, 12 prostitutes and one undertaker, who, in order to protect the whole of the Japanese brothel impersonating a priest. And this "priest" falls in love with one of his players ...

And there is a Chinese sniper who distracts the Japanese squad with the same purpose - to save the children who are in no way to blame. Novella of his battle - another success of the film.

But war is war, and eventually all the heroes parted. Lyrical, sad end, few reflect reality. Iris Chang, the first to publish a book about the genocide in Nanjing - shot could not bear the horror of endless interviews about what happened there.

However, the film was made on another book - "13 Flowers of Nanjing" Dzhelin Young.

Even after the film was released a calendar with the beauty of Nanjing - those most moths, one of which plays a not neither. That is what they could be, until they were killed.

The film created a stir in the West. Of course, all admire Christian Bale. But all admire the aesthetics of the film. In the West, the fashion for Chinese women, beautiful women, especially on those. The crew of fun exhibits themselves, and gives interviews.

And a major role in this action as well as in the film is not neither, who played the love interest of the protagonist. Slowly it becomes a real star. Another would be: she is young (born in 1988), she is smart (graduated from university), beautiful, charming. It has a simple, elegant style, a European, and at the same time so mysterious East. Is not she beautiful?

By the way, this is her film debut. Previously, she had just shot for the cover of Chinese fashion magazines. Now she came to the place Gong Li and Zhang Ziyi. Is it good or bad? One thing is clear: in a new era of Chinese cinema. It seems that it is called "political statements, expressed in terms of glamor." It seems like Zhang Yimou turned it combine.


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