The channel of the spleen: the first signs of imbalance

French designation: RP

The time of maximum activity: 9-11час.

The channel type is"Yang"


Spleen — part of the immune system, which also includes the lymphatic system, lymph nodes, thymus (thymus).

The spleen together with the thymus and lymphatic system produce huge amounts of antibodies. When the body fall bacteria, viruses and a variety of alien body, antibodies are concentrated on the affected area and protect the body from foreign intrusion.

Spleen — supplier of magnetic iron and hemoglobin, it also serves as a regulator of red blood cell count.

The pancreas performs many different functions, in particular, develops the diastase and pancreatic juice for the stomach and intestines where food is digested, providing your secret the liver to regulate assimilation of sugars. In violation of the functions of the pancreas liver is overloaded, and excess sugar enters the blood.

When malnutrition spleen with the pancreas is experiencing regular congestion, which can be clearly diagnosed by the first sensitive points of the Meridian, increase big toes, to increase the bags on their outer sides and disfigured nails.


The outer pathway includes 21 point, starting at the nail bed of the big toe (point RP1), runs along the inner side of the leg to the middle of the inguinal folds (RP12), passes on the anterior abdominal wall to the point RP13, which goes to two points of the anterior-middle channel (VC3 and VC4).

Then must at the lateral part of the anterior abdominal wall (point RP14 and RP15) and goes back to anterior-middle channel in the VC10 point from which to begin an internal course of the channel of the spleen-pancreas.

Outer course from the point VC10 continues to point VC12, is on the side of the anterior chest wall, including the point VB24 channel and the gallbladder channel point F14 of the liver and ends in the mid-axillary line at the point RP21.

The internal course of the channel from the point VC10 passes into the abdominal cavity to the spleen and pancreas, then to the stomach, where it divides into two branches. One branch goes up through the diaphragm and the lungs to the trachea, throat, larynx until the tip of the tongue. The second branch goes to the heart, where it connects with the heart channel.

The channel of the spleen-pancreas transfers energy from the channel of the stomach to the heart channel.


The first signs of an imbalance of energy in the channel:


— drowsiness during the day,

— bad memory,

— loss of alertness and perception,

— weak foot (fatigue),

— anemia,

brain exhaustion,

— mental fatigue,

unstable appetite, tiredness after eating,

— the desire for sweets.


If the point RP9 feel warmth, then the channel is saturated with energy


Diagnostic syndromes


Redundancy ("Jan"):

— bloating,

— a feeling of fullness in the stomach,

— constipation,

— pain and sensation of heaviness in the upper quadrant, chest,

— burp air

— nausea,

— pain in the foot,

— limited movement of the thumb,

— food intoxication,

— feeling of heaviness and numbness in the body,

unstable appetite,

— the desire to lie down and rest more often.


Failure ("Yin"):

— poor digestion,

— feeling tired after eating

— pain in the epigastric and pancreas areas

— weakness and paresis of the lower limbs,

— vomiting,

— venous stasis in the legs,

— skin disorders,

— a passion for sweets,

— drowsiness during the day,

— gases in the stomach and intestines,

— numbness of the feet.


Standard point:


  • exciting — RP2
  • soothing — RP5,
  • source — RP3,
  • lo-item — RP4,
  • diagnostic — F13 (at the end of the liver) and VC8 (navel center) (front midline channel),
  • sympathetic — V20.

If during the examination of the painful sensitivity of the channel is observed more on the left, the spleen is affected; if to the right is the pancreas.


First aid

1. Infection of the kidneys or of the urethra: cystitis in men — RP9, cystitis in women — RP2 — 6.

2. Fatigue (the weakening of the General condition), inflammation of the uterus — RP2.

3. The inflammatory process in the genitals in men and women -RP6, 9, 12.

4. Impotence in men — RP9.

5. Frigidity and infertility in women — RP16.

6. Early menstruation (abortive dot) — RP6, 8, 10.

7. Irregular menstruation and related pain — RP6, RP8, RP10.

8. Parasites in the gut, liver disease, gallbladder and pancreas — RP14.

9. Congestion in the bronchi, lungs, jaundice, pneumonia and all diseases of the lower part of the esophagus — RP17.


Symptomatic points — points that do not lie directly on the canal, but allow us to identify energy imbalances in it. Influencing these points can affect organs that are associated with them:

1. On the inner edge of the right side of the chest, under the rib 10, is the energy center of the pancreas.

2. On the left side rib cage — the energy center of the spleen.


Bioenergetic massage of the canal is recommended from 9 to 11 a.m. or other channels determined according to the scheme of conversion.

The duration of the massage every day for 15-20 min. (both sides of the body) over a period of 2-3 weeks to several months until the symptoms of imbalance energy in the channel.

Diseases of the spleen is useful to take nettle or buckwheat.


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Severe pain in the chest (where are the energy centers of the spleen, left pancreas right) it is recommended that a compress of ginger, which is prepared as follows:

  • 1 tablespoon of ginger powder sewn into a small bag of cloth and immersed in 2 liters of hot water,
  • wet in this hot liquid cloth and put on the sore spot
  • cover with another cloth to cool.

Change the compresses for 15 minutes 4 times.published


Based on the book by G. L. beam "Dowsing for all. The self-diagnostic system and self-healing of man (an introduction to multidimensional medicine)"


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