Chi nei Tsang: massage technique to detoxify the pancreas

1. Location

Pancreas located behind the stomach, with its "head" is closer to the center line, and the "tail" on the left side of hypochondrium near the splenic flexure of the colon. Its length is about fifteen inches.

2. Function

The purpose of the pancreas is the secretion of pancreatic juice, which helps digestion in the small intestine. This juice has a strongly alkaline reaction and, together with secreted the gallbladder bile, helps neutralize the acidity of gastric juices. This is the digestive function of the pancreas.

At the pancreas, there is also the endocrine function, which involves the separation of blood insulin, helping cells to absorb blood contained in the blood sugar. When insulin is secreted in insufficient quantities, it causes diabetes and sugar ceases to be absorbed.

Because each of us consume too much sugar, the pancreas has to overwork for a short time to produce very much insulin. The excess insulin is released into the bloodstream, resulting in hypoglycemia, and then only medication can help to get rid of sugar.

Working the fingers in the left upper quadrant, you will be just above the pancreas. In contrast to the spleen, it is easily detectable, especially if one eats a lot of sugar. Massage pancreas significantly improves performance, but it should be performed very gently — the denser the pancreas is, the softer it needs to be massaged.

3. Massage technique of the pancreas

a. Place the edge of the palm in the middle of the abdomen, so that it appeared above the head of the pancreas, and push it in deeper. Apply this force, what is the student able to withstand. If applicable, add the weight of the second hand, putting it on top. If you work with the person who used to eat a lot of sugar, or alcoholic, this area will be very painful (Fig. 7-6). Don't forget the basic rule: to perform the massage slowly and gently. The denser the pancreas is, the softer should be the massage.

b. Apply pressure on the pancreas, rolling the edge of the palm and fingers. (Warning: make movement towards the midline of the body so that stones or crystals could not enter the spleen.) When you reach the narrow end of the pancreas near the left hypochondrium (where the weight of the gland decreases), you should decrease attached to your finger pressure, gradually reducing it to no (Fig. 7-7).


c. With the class you have during the massage to pronounce the Sound of the Spleen (HUUUUU).

d. If you do the massage yourself, use the basic technique of circular motions with both hands. In this case, you can increase the pressure, if you will sit down and rely on your fingers (Fig. 7-8).published

"Qi nassan II. Massage the internal organs", Mantek Chia, Chia, Minivan


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