8 recipes of traditional medicine for the treatment of pancreatic

It is no secret that any irregularities in the internal organs affect our health. To the whole system of the human body work together to function, each organ is responsible for a particular biological process that occurs inside us.

In particular, if a person has trouble digesting food, or increased blood sugar levels, these problems indicate a problem with the pancreas.

This small organ located on the left side under the stomach that performs two vital functions – digestive and endocrine.

First, the pancreas produces pancreatic enzymes necessary for the breakdown of proteins, fats and carbohydrates from food.

Secondly, in it beta cells of the so-called Langerhans islets produce the hormone insulin that regulates glucose metabolism in the body. Violation of these functions leads to the development of serious diseases.

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Pancreatitis and diabetesThe most frequent diseases associated with disorder of the functions of this representative of the endocrine glands are the pancreatitis and diabetes. In the first case, the pancreas begins an inflammatory process, tissue swelling, and they occur in hemorrhage, decreases the amount produced by the body digestive enzymes.

The main reasons for the development of pancreatitis include infectious lesions of the prostate, cholelithiasis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, benign and malignant tumors, alcohol abuse, traumatic factors. In turn, the reduction of insulin production and cause diabetes mellitus contribute to a fascination with high-calorie food and sweet foods that contain complex carbohydrates, a sedentary lifestyle, excess weight, frequent fatigue, stress, arteriosclerosis, problems with the functioning of the thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism), long-term use of hormonal drugs. By the way, the pancreatitis can also trigger the development of diabetes.

SymptomsViolation of the functions of the pancreas is characterized by diverse symptomatology. Acute pancreatitis is manifested sharp pain in the hypochondrium, stomach, which is accompanied by frequent attacks of nausea and vomiting, decrease in blood pressure, increased heart rate. Pain can wear surrounding the character.

In chronic pancreatitis exacerbation alternating with periods of remission, typical signs of which are loss of appetite, weakness, fatigue, constant rumbling in the abdomen due to increased gas formation, irregular bowel movement (constipation or diarrhea). Diabetes typical symptoms occurs in the development of hyperglycemic syndrome. At such moments, the patient feels thirst, dryness of the skin, coldness of the extremities, headache, blurred vision.

With long flowing chronic pancreatitis and pancreatic diabetes of the 2nd type (insulin-dependent) recovery can be significantly accelerated with the help of recipes of traditional medicine.

Oatmeal infusionThis herb is of special importance in the case of diseases of the pancreas. Ordinary oatmeal in water without salt and oil is included in the list of the compulsory courses dietary in violation of the functions of this organ. Of course, the constant use of oatmeal get bored pretty quickly, so diversity is possible without difficulty to prepare oats the concentrated medicinal extract. You only add 0.5 kg of oats liter of boiling water and allow to steep for one hour. Then infusion of strain and take half a Cup three times a day.

Oat milkA very effective therapeutic effect, especially in pancreatitis, can be achieved with regular use of the decoction, which is called oat milk. For its preparation it is best to use whole oats in the husk, of course, if lucky enough to get.

Half a Cup of such grains are thoroughly washed in a colander, pour a half liters of hot water, bring to a boil, then reduce the fire. During cooking (after about 45 minutes) you need directly in the pan, chop the softened oats with a wooden tolkushkoy and leave it simmer for half an hour. Then oats should be cool and drain.

It is recommended to use do not stretch the cheesecloth, old nylon stockings or pantyhose. In the end it should be a white liquid similar to milk product. Cooked oat milk taken daily half a Cup before each use of food. Usually, with the regular intake of this decoction it ends after 2 – 3 days, therefore to continue therapy at home every time you need to cook a new medicinal drug.

Lemon-garlic mixture with parsley + the infusion of berry leavesProlonged treatment of pancreatic diseases folk healers recommend to prepare very effective combo home remedy, combining two recipes. The first of these involves the preparation of a mixture consisting of scrolled in a meat grinder and well-mixed 300 grams of garlic, 300 grams of cabbage, one kilo of lemons in the skin, but cleaned from the bones. The resulting mixture is placed in a glass container and stored in the refrigerator.

Then prepare infusion, which is necessary to mix equal parts of cranberry, blueberry and strawberry leaves, and pods of beans and corn ryltsev, place 2 tablespoons of the mixture in liter thermos, pour boiling water and leave for 5 – 6 hours for steaming. The treatment regimen should be as follows: a sick man for 3 months three times a day take one teaspoon of lemon-garlic-parsley mixture, drinking her third Cup of the curative infusion.

HerbalWitch doctor has long been reduce inflammation and promote the work of the pancreas with the help of a special plant collection. They mix equal parts of chopped mint leaves, elecampane root, fennel seeds, sushenitsu, St. John's wort and coriander. After that prepare a therapeutic agent at the rate of 2 tablespoons of the mixture into two cups of boiling water, you want to leave for hours. The prepared infusion the patient takes four times a day for half a Cup. It is recommended daily in the morning each time to prepare fresh homemade medicine.

Infusion of aspen barkVillagers to cleanse the pancreas and restore its functions, and to normalize the functioning of liver and stomach, has long been early in the spring they collected the bark off young aspens. They put it in a pan (about 300 grams), filled with water so that the liquid covers the top layer of aspen bark was boiled for half an hour and then gave healing to stand for 12 hours. After the specified time the bark was removed, the broth was filtered and taken 50 ml twice a day, morning and evening.

Potato juiceUrban residents suffering from pancreatitis, can alleviate their condition, freshly prepared potato juice. To prepare one serving medicinal drug you need to take two medium-sized potatoes, well washed and without removing the peel to RUB them on a fine grater. From the resulting mass should squeeze through cheesecloth juice take twice a day half a Cup. Given that the potato contains large amounts of starch, the juice drink for 14 days and then do a week break. After this home treatment potato juice can be repeated, but such treatment more than 3 times is not recommended.

Buckwheat with yogurtTo cleanse the body of accumulated toxins and stimulate the production of pancreatic juice the inhabitants of the cities can also use buckwheat. In the evening you will need to grind buckwheat (e.g. in the mill), one tablespoon of cereal, pour a glass of low-fat yogurt and leave overnight. After waking up in the morning, on an empty stomach, before Breakfast, you should drink the prepared mixture. This home treatment is carried out daily throughout the month.

ClabberSurprisingly, dairy products are suitable for the treatment of diseases of the pancreas, not only as an internal use. Many people helps applying before bed on the left upper quadrant in the stomach of linen cloth dipped in ordinary milk. This compress should be covered with cellophane and secure it by tying the body of a woolen scarf. Perhaps there is a placebo effect, but this recipe, however, included in the list of people numerous methods to ease the symptoms of pancreatitis.

Cautions and contraindicationsIt should be remembered that the popular treatment of this vital organ, like the pancreas, at first glance it seems a harmless occupation. The reaction can be unpredictable. For example, aspen bark can be collected only in ecologically clean areas, potato fields often treated with pesticides, and dairy products are often sold with an expired shelf life.

Also we should not forget about sensitivity or total incompatibility of the body with a particular component. This is especially true of herbal medicine, because many medicinal plants cause allergies, and some herbs are direct contraindications to the use.

In particular, the mint cannot be used with low blood pressure, corn silk – with increased blood clotting, St. John's wort – with fevers accompanied by high temperature. Finally, in sensitive people garlic can cause irritation of the gastric mucosa.

Prerequisite – dietAny home therapy of pancreatic diseases is useless if you do not follow a special therapeutic diet. Diet implies a complete exclusion from the menu fatty, spicy, fried foods, canned food, smoked meat, mushrooms, sweets, chocolate, cakes and, of course, alcohol. Treatment of pancreas with folk remedies should be agreed with the attending physician and to be integrated with the main therapeutic measures. published 

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