The main treatment of pancreatitis — a strict diet!


The function of the pancreas – insulin production and participation in digestion. It is involved in all types of metabolism – carbohydrate, lipid, protein.

At any pathology of the pancreas impaired digestion and absorption of food that enters the intestines undigested.

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Pancreatitis is inflammation of pancreatic tissue.

Types of pancreatitis:

  • acute,
  • subacute,
  • chronic.


  • improper diet with a predominance of spicy, fatty or poor quality food,
  • alcohol, beer,
  • overreliance on fancy pastries, cakes with cream (margarine irritates the pancreas),
  • sodas in aluminum cans,
  • wrong medication, dose, time of administration.

Symptoms of ACUTE pancreatitis:

  • begins with nausea and vomiting, where vomiting does not bring relief, as in the LCD pathologies,
  • pain in the upper abdomen, often skirted;
  • if struck by the tail of the pancreas, localized pain in the back,
  • can be diarrhea – liquid, such as water, up to 15 times a day,
  • the temperature is usually normal; if the temperature rises to 40°, it indicates the beginning of necrosis.

Acute pancreatitis lasts for 15 days, treated ONLY STATIONARY, ie in the hospital.


Symptoms of CHRONIC pancreatitis (not expressed so vividly as in the acute form):

  • heaviness in the left upper quadrant,
  • aching, girdle pains,
  • constipation or diarrhea,
  • the nausea,
  • during exacerbation possible vomiting.

Chronic pancreatitis can appear in elderly people on the background of atherosclerosis of the pancreas – due to circulatory function decreases and develops a chronic enzyme deficiency.

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For diagnosis it is necessary to conduct laboratory tests of amylase of blood and urine enzyme diastase. Both indicators characterize the function of the pancreas. Check blood sugar, it can exceed the norm. Increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate. The enlarged prostate ultrasound reveals.


The danger of undertreated or running pancreatitis (pathology of the pancreas is considered to be quite aggressive):

  • frequent watery stool leached minerals from the intestine, the body demineralizes as a result — weakness, sweating, brittle hair, brittle nails,
  • frequent constipation injured intestinal mucosa, possible diseases of the digestive tract,
  • the result could be diabetes,
  • perhaps the development of pancreatic necrosis with fatal outcome.

The main TREATMENT of pancreatitis – a strict diet. In the period of acute manifestations of the disease – fasting for 5-7 days. Nothing but the cold still mineral water! In the area of the pancreas – ice.

During exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis fasting is not required.

Daily drink to 2-2,5 liters of fluid for flushing out toxins. POSSIBLE drink:

  • kissels,
  • low-fat yogurt,
  • bio kefir (contains fewer preservatives than yogurt),
  • weak tea with toast or crackers,
  • cool mineral water.


  • fatty fish and meat,
  • smoked,
  • butter,
  • coffee,
  • chocolate,
  • hot spices,
  • onion,
  • garlic (fresh).

It is USEFUL to arrange fasting days:

  • 1 day a week only drink biokefir, up to 1.5 l,

  • "meat" fasting day – 600g of boiled lean beef (or chicken without skin) in 3 divided doses during the day + 5-6 cups of green tea or herbal decoctions with crackers, you can eat 0,5-1H.l. honey with tea.

Also shows the reception enzyme preparations:

  • Kreon,
  • panzinorm,
  • Festalum,
  • ancestor.

They must take with every meal for 5 minutes before eating or during a meal. The enzyme should be ingested before or simultaneously with food!If you have forgotten to take it after a meal is pointless.For nausea – take 1 capsule of motylium 20 minutes before a meal.

EXACERBATION of chronic pancreatitis. Usually in spring and autumn. Often associated with the holidays, lush feasts. To insure a week before the holidays reception enzyme preparations + on the day of and 1-2 days after.

TO STRENGTHEN THE PANCREAS. You can take stomach pharmacy fees.

Without exacerbation of disease you can take Tykveol – 20 drops of aqueous solution 3 times a day 20 minutes before meals. You can eat 50g pumpkin seeds in the day, but the grains should be in a green jacket.

To REMOVE inflammation of the pancreas:

  • Pour 1st.l. flax seed 1 Cup boiling water. To drink instead of tea 3 times a day. Especially effective in the morning on an empty stomach. Take for 21 days.
  • Pour 1st.l. fennel seeds 1 Cup boiling water. To drink dill water as you like. For flavor you can add to the teas sugar or honey. Take for 21 days.
  • Pour 1st.l. cumin 1 Cup boiling water. For flavor you can add to the teas sugar or honey. Take for 21 days.published 

Author: Z. G. Huseynov, therapist

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