Differences editing: Techniques for working with children

Modification of the psychological techniques, which works best with children.

To begin with — dictionary. Differences edit consists of two words: "differences", what do you mean, what modality, and composition modalities. Modality in this context = representational systems: visual, auditory and kinesthetic. For our equipment these three are quite enough, although it is possible kinesthetic divided into several, and add digital."Edit" — change settings.

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Thus, the modification of conventional, classic model of technology, which was proposed by Kovalev S. V.

Step 1. Think about the situation that gives You peace of mind is a very strong feelings of fear, panic, terror, anxiety, shame...

Step 2. Looking back on that situation, see the picture that POPs up when I think of her.

Step 3. Imagine this picture pasted on the windshield of the car in a graveyard of machinery.

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Step 4. Take the cobblestone and with a flourish throw it in the windshield with glued on it a picture. See how the glass and the picture on it is scattered fine spray with a deafening clatter. Spatter glass is so small, more like dust...

Step 5. His breath. Your feelings will be to you a token that all turned out. Relief, even laughing, giggling children would say that the problem is gone.

Step 6. Check. Imagine again the situation. What happened to her? If not for those feelings that was initially quite, then this can end. If something remains, you can do a similar exercise, only with the projection of images on the water, and as well, throwing stones at her. Again after that check whether the left strong and heavy feelings in view of the situation.

If Yes, then congratulations with the release. For some, this exercise should be done several times to achieve the desired effect.published 


Author: Lyudmila Kolobovskaya

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind - together we change the world! ©

Source: //www.b17.ru/article/submodalnoe_redaktirovanie/


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