Scientists have found a way to store solar energy for later use

A research group from Sweden is developing a new concept that will allow people to obtain, store and use solar energy as needed. Storing solar energy turned out to be incredibly complex, but the team from the Technological University of Chalmers in Gothenburg is trying to use artificial molecules to overcome this limitation.

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A group of scientists showed that it is possible to convert solar energy directly into energy that is stored in the connections of the chemical liquid, the so-called molecular solar thermal system.

Liquid chemical allows you to store and transport the collected solar energy and release it when needed with full recovery of the storage environment.

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— What we are trying to do is to create molecules or materials that can catch solar energy and then store energy when it is needed, and then to draw energy on demand, said Professor Kasper moth-Poulsen, head of the research group.

But one of the problems is that you need to improve the absorption of solar energy by the molecule to use as much sunlight.

When designing new molecules scientists are studying the properties of an existing molecule to see how it works, and to redesign it for the formation of compounds with improved properties.

When they find a promising lineup, they take it to the lab to try to synthesize it before testing and see if it works in real conditions of solar radiation.

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— Molecule that we create, absorb sunlight, then the sunlight turns the molecule into another molecule, the so-called isomer. And this isomer is stable all the time, so we can leave it in the storage tank, and then when we need energy, we can take it back, run our molecule (reduced molecules) to release energy in the form of heat, and then we will restore our original molecule, — said the moth-Poulsen.

The main feature is that it would be possible to re-use the same molecules again and again.

The moth-Poulsen noted that three years ago, his team was able to convert 0.01% of solar energy into stored energy in chemical bonds. Over time, they managed to increase the conversion rate to 1.1% and want to increase it. The researchers hope to reach 10% efficiency in the coming years that will make the technology more viable in financial terms. published  


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