The train really left

How are deaf Pskov villages are completely cut off from the world after the cancellation of trains.

The train seems to be gone: from the beginning of this year, Russia cut 150 routes commuter trains. JSC "Russian Railways" to complain about the huge debts of the regional authorities prior to their subsidiaries, regional leaders named trains unprofitable now be turned out as they can: the few inhabitants of the Novgorod village Chadkovo presented a horse, another Novgorod village Tatino instead train goes Civil tank (tracked carrier -tyagach).

Most often in these places do not even have the back roads, and along with the electric trains ceased to exist and the village in which they had recently walked. But sometimes the village begin to fight for life.

In February, the inhabitants of the village Dolzhitsy Pskov, where from 11 January canceled all trains, took to the rails and blocked the path is now going by train. To look at dolzhitsky rebellion, the correspondent of "New" lived in the village a week.

Moving around the village Lyubeneg. In January, there are no longer trains to stop, and in February the train knocked down a woman who was walking home

- I milked a cow and feed the nurse, and she has, as you no, no ... Flashlight from? Without the lamp shall not reach ...

From Dolzhits go out after dark, at seven. Lena working day at the post office in the neighboring village of onion (5 km) - eight, but is hobbled by the darkness, already late.

It is necessary to go out, darkness and silence served us as a pillow. Only as a last resort courtyard filled with barking dog, so you can go first to the voice, and then along the paths on the red light railway traffic - lights in Dolzhitsah there for ten years.

Today Lena lucky: the snow is trodden, dense, creaking under the galoshes and heavy drawl, as if tossing and turning.

In Dolzhitsah 37-year-old Lena name is Lena-mail. At work, she walks every day. In the past, when there was a train, you can go to the neighboring village Dolzhitsami Lyuboneg, from there on foot in just about two kilometers. On the morning train Lena just had time to work, in the evening waited only 50 minutes back to the evening milking. More fortunate that this train was canceled, but not the last winter: she was snow, with drifts up to his chest; one day bulk paved corridor in snowdrifts - tomorrow it will not be seen.

After the cancellation of train life prospects Lena only two: either to move with his mother in a bow (which is unlikely), or buy a horse.

Lenin's mother for 20 years, "sits on the group" (disability), why - is unknown.

- All at Nurse hurts like the weather or Th. And all the bad, bad ... - snow crunching underfoot desperately loudly, Lena said, ducking his head to the ground, and I could barely make out her voice. - And where you go to the doctor? Taxi hire - 300 rubles. Once called "ambulance" Mamani had been brought to the hospital. But it's a long time, five years ago ...

Begins to dawn, Lena looks alarmingly: through the bluish haze emerges field with darkening on the horizon the distant forest, deep brown with thawed water.

- Last year, when the frost was 30 degrees, there follows directly: hlom-hlom. Not like a dog - the dog runs back and forth - and rovnenkie ... Wolves. Looks right in front of me were.

- Scared?

- And what can you do? To work it is necessary. Without the road ...

Trains to Dolzhitsah (20 km from bottom, 16 inhabitants) was canceled on January 11. Now, going to the market or to a hospital in Dolzhitsah arranged as follows: first you need a long walk along the glands, watching the traffic lights in time to jump off the train. Then pass the crossing, pass through the neighboring village Lyuboneg, tramped two kilometers across the field to the large village of onions. From there, every day, on the bus or 300 rubles by taxi to get to the bottom of the district center. Well, just back.

In summer, the entire path can be done by bike, cold winter or in very dry conditions - the SUV. Roads from Dolzhits to bow there, and the deputy head Igor Tikhomirov Dnovsky District sure that will not be: "This is a misunderstanding, not the road. Direction. There's nothing greydirovat around marshes, nothing in our war on guerrillas hiding? »

After waiting a few days after the cancellation of trains Dolzhitsy sent a delegation to the head Dnovsky District Igor Timofeev.

- Well, come - says a resident of the most brisk Dolzhits Lyudmila Matveeva. - Timofeev said: "What have I done to you? Take a shovel, I'll dig a road? "And just call us Silchenko, head here on this all the roads (the chairman of the State Committee of the Pskov region on Transport and Communications. - ER). Like, I want to come. Well, we sat down with them in a "goat" went.

- Morozov was not dirt, God forgive me for this most! - Says Galina neighbor. - Timofeev dotryassya us to move - and starred as Plushenko.

Silchenko also Dolzhits reached on foot and later promised reporters "to provide for an administrative message" and run Dolzhitsy bus - that is to say nothing about the local roads do not understand.

No palace

Previously, the train stopped at the 232-kilometer (this is Dolzhitsy) several times a day, so if you get up at 5 am, could go into the city, go to the market and return to the evening news. Now there is not one, but four times a day - there and back - is held by Dolzhits shiny new trailer - Railways train service, free razvozyaschy repairers and scapegoats on the bottom of the branch-Oredezh (village in the Leningrad region). Theoretically, the people of Dolzhits could ride it, but take the van only IDs of Railways. Therefore railroad - children dolzhitskogo postman Lyudmila Gavrilovny - put on a train, and its school-grandchildren - no.

I must say that something good machinists residents Dolzhits into the van still take, and bad - on the contrary. Well, the truth, are bad after the first time, when they discover unauthorized and cut bonuses. In Dolzhitsah not offended, know that bonus - 10 thousand rubles.

January 29 Lyudmila Ivanovna Matveeva angioedema occurred: the face and throat swelled up, she began to choke.

- It should be in the hospital - and the train do not take! - Sitting in the kitchen, quietly recalls Matveeva. - Well, we're back on track, make a barrier. We took the train and brought to the city, I was taken to the hospital. And how did another barrier - here we have the cops and took ...

Barrier consisted of four women and one deputy director of the railway vocational retirement. Rugnuvshis, machinists put everyone in the car. The city train met the police, the hijackers copied, threatened with criminal case and released on the market.

Then the leadership of the local Russian Railways had two choices: either to put people on the return train, or waiting, they again blocked the rails. The Railways Unscrew not without grace: the train that day just canceled. And not only the residents of Dolzhits but scapegoats, controllers and lineman went home on foot.

Explains Igor Tikhomirov, in the caboose dolzhitskih not take solely because it did not pay for the administration of "transit" areas. And like the dress ready Pskov and Novgorod and Leningrad neighbors say that they do not need train. What Tikhomirov knows. Dolzhitskih resettled in the bottom is not planned.

- You know - seriously telling me Tikhomirov, - in the world there is a tendency of large cities. Of course, the company we work to live and bottom, not truthfully. But in the big cities there are restaurants, cafes, ice rinks, you know. And in the bottom of the city - this I can tell you for sure - an ice palace will not be built in the next 50 years.

- And your neighbors - say - let the train instead of the tank.

Tikhomirov was silent for a long time.

- We still live in the XXI century. So comment on the tank, I do not want to. Without the priest

Lyudmila had got somewhere phone governor of the Pskov region Andrei Turchak.

- I called, say, "We want to make an audience." And he said: "Yes, I'll come to you!" Well, I think Turchak fucking caught! And came Bryachak.

MP from the "Just Russia" and, most likely, the enemy Turchak in future elections Oleg Bryachak undertook Dolzhitsy seriously. I came recorded video sent out letters to all authorities and allocated UAZ.

Now, about once a week, on a cold, half-Dolzhits sits on Bryachak sent by "goat" and sent to the bottom: the shops, the market, the pharmacy. First, of course, we asked the head of the SUV Dnovsky District Igor Timofeev.

- I told him: "Listen, you have such a machine, all-terrain vehicle" - I'll show you in this city EVOH jeep, - says Lyudmila. - "You would have given it to us in the city were brought." And he told me: "This is not for your needs» ...

But the troublesome of all, when Dolzhitsah happens dead. The coffin was bought in the district center. Before Funeral suddenly warmer, Oise drowned before Lyubonega, and the coffin had to be taken in the same trailer Railways: the driver turned out to be good, took the coffin for just 300 rubles.

Then the dead man loaded on a tractor "Belarus". Inconsolable relatives climb after him, and the whole process sends six kilometers to the cemetery.

Funeral dead in absentia, a prayer book from the priest in the city. "I'm so mother's funeral, - says Galina Yakovlevna. - Payment for the year that is necessary. On their conscience, otpoyut - not otpoyut. Their problems. "

Without wolves

In the morning Matveyev called Marina, editor of "Dnovets" solemnly said that on Monday the governor Turchak comes to bottom in the parade (in honor of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the city from the Germans) and the hotline with the readers.

Now each caller Lyudmila warmly whispers: "On Monday we will go to the Turchak, Bryachak" goat "will - and be sure to add: - Only it's a secret».

... Show me the way to the onions first half the village gathered, but then changed their minds: one day you go, two - rest up. Only Lyudmila Ivanovna and her husband Alik gathered and Galina Yakovlevna.

First, a long walk along the railway, breaking all the rules and discussing that here somewhere Galina Y. saw from the train window the bear. About bears Dolzhitsah talk calmly ("Once gone Galya with Nicky at the station, Kohl datenky and bear it"), but are afraid of wolves. They are now left aside Dolzhits: hunters say all traces there and lead.

Galina Y. and Alex Matveev

Without solidarity

- The house collapses, and they put in a new window - disapproving inspects the house Lyudmila and says good-naturedly:

- Vacationers!

Onion - the largest village in the area (almost 200 people) and the main communications center Dolzhits with the outside world. Hence, there is a bus to the bottom (a), there is a shop (expensive), two mobile shops (not cheap), taxi (the same as 300 rubles). Administration Lukomskaya parish (the official) is located in the bow, called the Pentagon. Total refers to the parish and village of 41 960 people. Schools are not (five children carry to the city), churches, police, clubs and fire too. The only paramedic - in a bow, just three farms, but in Jurkov a library, and reception of citizens is Skuhrov parish administration. Its head Tamara dolzhitskuyu about the issue knows, but can not do anything: the budget of the parish for the year - 1.8 million, and in the administration of the Pskov region say 5 km of road from the bow to Dolzhits will cost 15 million rubles.

To believe in such an amount can not dolzhitskie.

- Yes, plus gravel grader - bending his fingers, said Lyudmila. - Yes, plus the asphalt ...

- Why do we need asphalt - interferes with Alex. - Graders enough. Leveled, rubble fill. Plus the sand plus gravel ...

- Plus kickbacks - I climbed.

- Plus kickbacks - bends the finger Alex. And for a long time silent.

- Maybe you on the UAZ chip? You will raise money for gasoline once a week to go to town ...

- Oh, I'll carry all! - Alex throws by profession - chauffeur.

- Oh, it's the state should think, not to carry the private trader, - grumbles Galina Yakovlevna. - Look, we dug a well! Half of the people do not give money, and you say - UAZ.

- Who will fix it? Who has to pay for spare parts? - Recalls Alex.

- Who needs it? Nobody needs ... - concludes Ludmila.

- Yes, and there is no way - Alex sighed.

- ... And there is no road.

Several roofs Dolzhitsah and the neighboring village are covered with old films, removed from the billboards. It is denser and stronger than shingles, cheaper than roofing "and generally beautiful»

McKenna without gold

Natasha killed by train in January, and as no one really knows. Like they went to McKenna Dolzhitsy home from the store - well, drunk, of course. In Lyubonege McCann went ahead Natasha behind.

- The driver did not even notice it, but felt the blow. I called the station, saying, Go and check, - says Lyudmila. - They did not stop. A McCann on the same day a sprained foot. Hear - like someone moaning at the tracks. This McKean, crawling along the rails and crying. Well, Alex it on the sled - and drove. Natasha is only found on the second day. A hand on her was not found: see, the wolves have eaten.

... Ever since Natasha knocked McCoy (a nickname he Volodya general) do not smoke and do not drink. Not because it is going through, just to the store not reach.

Happy McKean is sitting on a bench in front of the house in one and a felt boot waders:

- The leg was swollen, sore. If you do not win bandages - do not go out of the house.

- Maybe call a paramedic?

- Oh, come on, - shrugs Makkken. - I do not have maps, under the policy of the unemployed. Those who come to me?

In fact, McKean - mechanic on repair of locomotives. But this work is not even in the district center, so before he "darts at shabashki": "To the wood to saw who it." I wanted to get a janitor, but one day take the train, the other - no. "Who will keep me? On a regular job does not even twitch with these trains. Walking distance to go? Well, which one I will employee 30 miles profigachivshi? »

For unemployment insurance have to go to the city, so, too, did not benefit McCann gets.

In fact, the whole village is confident that knocked McKenna and Natasha together, just talking about it, he does not want, and how twisted my ankle, does not speak. Where Natasha was buried, he does not know, "buried somewhere." McCann not to worry: "We lived there for six months. On the other hand a little longer, almost seven years, then he also died. But also not been married, so cohabited ».

The past McCann tells how happy all of a bygone era: "The village was fun! In a bow to the dance ran and kinishko cool, and the club was. Goes with the house - so at least until the last go home - on every lamp post lights. As in Leningrad in Nevsky Prospect - and we had ».

- A happy life was? - I ask.

McKean was silent for a long time.

- Well, yes ... 20 years, we have outlived his first wife. And then ... What is not enough ...

He was silent again, blowing his nose, and eyes t sleeve. By Sunday Lyudmila very razduharilsya. Each phone buzzer jumped up: "Quiet! Intercity! Girls Turchak! "- A call from the relatives of Peter the question," How are you? "- Short answer proudly:" We are at war! "However, be sure to add:" Just produem ».

Over night in Dolzhitsah dramatically warmer, the snow melted, rubber boots juicy zachavkali of sticky mud. It became clear, "goat" Bryachak the village will not pass, it is necessary to attack the train.
By 16.30 when the train passes through Dolzhitsy toward the bottom, on the platform of genuine crowd gathered. Had to negotiate in advance.

- Take us in the morning! - Matveeva first broke into the hallway and started banging on the driver's cab, but they locked the door and screamed in fright because of her: "Come on!»

- The window used even opened! Now ... let us and let us! - Stormed out onto the rails Galina Ivanovna.

- Why are you my nerves trembling! - Finally could not stand the driver. - Do you have Turchak, here and go to it.

Dolzhitskie responded with enthusiastic shouts.

- Yes, I'll take you tomorrow, I'll take - the driver moaned.

... The Military Council was carried out on the bench, without departing from the "piece of iron».

- Let this Turchak arrives, will live in my week is like five kilometers on foot - boiled Lyudmila. - Feed it will. No meat, the meat go far. Fry potatoes.

- Maybe right now, Putin over his Olympics - and give us a little denezhek on the road ...

- And if I'm going to Turchak - who I have lunch in a cow eat? - Lyudmila Gavrilovna was worried the postman. - Alex? So the dog would not let him, would not let true!

After it tried to merge half the village. It seems just scared.

- What do you say Turchak? - I ask former school teacher Tatyana Viktorovna Tsvetkov.

- The administration said that we are a dying village. But you see: the population is still 20 years old must still survive - as if apologizing, she said.

Dispersed later.

- Mark my words, all end Maidan! - Grumbled, squelching through the mud, Galina Ivanovna.

- The main thing is not to Magadan ... - out of the darkness came the response.

Residents Dolzhits asked a passing train driver take them to the bottom of

Without hope

Monday, bottom.

Happy Holidays!



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