Will 100 photos, please do not break.

Omit charges occur at home because nothing to describe - I was not going, I took a backpack and started to think, thought up to 3 nights and just went to bed. The next day: a quick promptly inserted something what things had breakfast a couple of sandwiches and went to the Kazan railway station. The train had already served and I sat down in the 16th car to 16th place. With this 16th place came a small incident, but all in order. My neighbors in the compartment was a young couple Maksim and Karina and son Timur fidget 3-4 years. Already in the compartment for 10 minutes before I realize that I have with them from the benefits - only money and no food or drink (never going on the road as I). Bullet IBSU up stalls on the apron and buy a few liters of water and a full package of "Breakfast of Champions" - so I call the "instant noodles" and any other "Rolton».

My journey starts here

Kazansky Station

The car in which I'm going

The first day's journey

In the first few hours the picture has changed dramatically through the window, became less and less bright flickering signs calling for "buy, buy, buy", and indeed it is bright, with the exception of railway workers in their bright orange vests. Then began flickering village with houses, log house. I take some photos. Along the way, it turned out that I forgot to recharge the batteries for laptop and camera I have one set. That is, if you're going as I.

The first long stop - 25 minutes, the station 'Vekovka "people on the platform waiting for a train to offer its passengers all kinds of glass, from the chandeliers to the set of" Dream of the alcoholic "who stubbornly tried to sell me a little man in the same pants and slippers. Probably somewhere near glassworks. I bought an aunt to eat, but the two semi-finished burgers with two potatoes and a slice of bread - 150 p. Probably not far from Moscow, we drove off.

Was going to go to the dining car so buy a beer. It turns out the phrase said the guide, "And do not tell where the dining car" is the password, and has a tip: "Do you still want to buy that? We have everything, only cheaper. " The problem of long trips for a beer in the restaurant car, and it turned out to six cars from ours, has been solved.

As I spoke with my 16th place came an incident, namely that it was not my place. I'm looking for the ticket number of the car, why it decided that the place has the same number. Well, that little bit wrong, my place № 18. But it turned out all this in the morning when our train arrived in the city of Kazan. At night I woke conductor Katya and I moved to the next compartment.

UAZ UAZ just

Station "Vekovka" everywhere vases, glasses and other glass

The same little man who tried to sell a set of stacks


If there are railway workers, tell why these dots to Luminos?

These are the villages, then they were many, but all look like

The second day of the journey.

I woke up late. Washed, breakfast - nothing to do.

My new neighbors in the compartment were two middle-aged women, and later Dzyadok very bright 50-year-old who was riding in Toksimo, named Alexander. As it turned out he was wrestling coach, which in appearance it mean to say it was impossible.

The temperature is gradually falling behind, so much so that the day asleep on the top shelf, I woke up from that cold.

An interesting observation in a train almost all of the North and Siberia, and almost all can be very easy to talk, talked a lot about life, show pictures of children, hunting trophies - and indeed as different or what these people say and think and .

In the evening, at the invitation I looked into the next compartment, in which I was originally populated by mistake on beer. Two men who moved into it in my place in Kazan, went to Tyumen. They got a couple of big tasty bream, which we condemned beer. Later, smoking in the vestibule, I told one of them, about UAZ, to which he said: "a good car, that would be even dizelek to three liters - prices would not be." They know these machines.

It was already dark when our train arrived in Tyumen. Men carried out, they went to Tyumen that would overtake the car. Wish us a happy journey, well, we give them the same.

Nothing particularly remarkable, more than a full day's happening. The temperature of 13 degrees behind.

A lot of that's dilapidated industrial structures

The biggest pile of gravel that I've ever seen


Revda, station

Just a beautiful lake, it still has a tiny island, but the shot failed

Yekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk) on platvorme soldiers in camouflage on the new Yudashkin - D & G - expensive and stupid


The third day of the journey

I woke up at 9:00 am Moscow time, the clock does not translate. Is beginning to affect the change of time zones - have long dark night, and sleep do not want to have. In the morning you wake up and have local lunch. This afternoon, the difference is 3 hours.

The first long stop (Omsk I slept) Barabino - strolling along the platform and women vying to offer the most different fish. Bought smoked bream and three liters of beer.

Another long-term parking, 50 minutes - Novosibirsk. Weather: cloudy, cool and gentle breeze. Then I suffered an ambush: beer, bought in Barabino, really wanted to go outside, and since I woke up only after the train stop, you need to do not have time. WC not found, and the essence of the case until the train went quickly. After another hour of departure ecological zone - the toilets are closed. I thought, I will die, but a good conductor Elena saw my sour face opened the toilet 15 minutes after the station for what it thank you very much.

It turned out that my laptop quite correctly recharged by an onboard network of the car, the neighbor do not. In our train network was 54B, in the neighboring - 110V there they went to charge your beech.

At the Mariinsky us to replace electric locomotive was red became blue. To go out, even in the already cool jacket. The difference in time zones four hours.

Went to bed at 21:30, Moscow (local time half a second night) eventually tossed two hours sleep. Krasnoyarsk passed at 3 am, when I was asleep.

Barabinsk, here we sold fish and beer

On the pedestal is such a "locomotive»

Local traders

Novosibirsk, cool, gray, windy

On the platform littered with such things here, the idea was to take as a souvenir, but the weight plunged into depression

Climbing up the transition can be seen a fountain, even a whole station clean

It turns on a nearby train path with "Vlad»

This is not Novosib just like turrets and overall appearance. However, I zhoporuky photographer, so the only way.

The station with a simple name

Mariinsk, then changed to electric

The fourth day of the journey

I woke up at 5:22 Moscow time. Outside, the gray, occasionally the rain. He pointed out that the birch began to have a familiar look (to me) - branched, with rough tree trunks. There were hills.

Taken on the road has been very unhelpful radio device - only in Novosibirsk I heard the exchange for 70-ke. Broadcast FM stations only work near large cities, and the once-Union synchronous network and is the main station "Mayak" NE (medium wave, not to be confused with CB) 549 kHz - 4 days no way proved once. 156 MHz (The train connection) is also silent, and I have not really worked it scans.

Managed to bury both his lighter, I put it on the window ledge in the bathroom and she slid to the place in which uholit Sliding window when it goes down. I learned how to get it. Basil, the man who came to repair the door, explained that there is need to dismantle almost half of the car and for lighters do, he will not. Pity lighter. Will that be coming up, another day of time there.

Today, especially vigorously to lean on beer, it was promoted the abundance of fish and the absence of other classes. And drank half a bottle of vodka. Jet lag, the difference is 5 hours.


Just picture, outside the rain and slowly pulls a bundle of logs "Ural". The air is very clean

The analogue Windows'komu "serenity" in the Russian manner

Vihorevka, then managed to run to the store, buy a meal

There is generally a satellite dish to me for the trip met all

Vihorevka Also, the further we will call in to the north - the smaller the Russian machines. The photo Maxim.


Maxim, his son Timur and the girl who was riding in a nearby car (name unfortunately I do not know). Timur quickly dubbed a ladies' man

Karina, the wife of Max

The fifth day of the journey

Half-day lain in bed because of a hangover. Passed Baikal, went straight for the beach. Station "Severobaikalsk." Then there was a tunnel in the mountain, where we drove 20 minutes after, the amazing beauty of the mountains, their tops were often not visible because of low clouds. At the station, "Toksimo" once again changed the time zone difference with Moscow is now six o'clock. There we have replaced the locomotive, we are now going to the diesel-powered - no further contact wire. In total, the car we left eight passengers and two conductors. Even while parked in Toksimo caught bark beetle, as a child, we called these "volosgryzkami" and staged fights among them. These insects I have not seen anywhere except the north. Yet there was a midge.

Toksimo - this small village, there are several five-story building, the remaining two-story house. There are private houses scattered in no particular order. A lot of large satellite dishes. While the two were caught FM-station - in the rest of the air is pretty empty, even on rooftops watch radio transmitting antenna clearly, and judging by the size to 430 MHz.

Today at midnight (Moscow time) are located at the station "Hani" Maxim, Karina and their son Timur. Alexander, a neighbor in the compartment I spent in Toksimo. Alexander, I mentioned it before, as it turned out, went off the cuff, ie, I bought a ticket, boarded the train and took off for 3 thousand kilometers. As I explained at the invitation of a friend to work.

Still got a lighter. I came the most Basil and still trim removed. All my thanks embarrassed replied "yes there is nothing" in my question that I must answer for it, that does not need anything. I gave him my LED flashlight. A day before that he had heard at the time of crawling ended when checking the wheel sets and something else at the station, complained crappy lights. They look really crappy + shine according to his mind.

The mountains will be a lot of photos on a mountain

The fog was sometimes on the tops

Sometimes it was not

Everywhere here are rivers, streams. Despite the month of July, and the heat in the water they have

They say that in places there are rock falls, and then the train can be a very long time. Here it goes very slowly

It seems that they are not high, but on the slopes of the usual full-size trees, so, for comparison

Why the black bars on the slopes, I do not know

New Uoyan


Here the hills begin to acquire more familiar to me, kind of, but is still far to go

Again Mountain

The right side of the photo as someone signed the slope

More Mountain

Releyka not envy the one who will go in the winter to troubleshoot her

And it happened that the fog from the mountains down almost to the very train

Another abandoned industrial sites

The village Toksimo, although some sources Taksimo - who is right?

Pulled away from him, it arose in the swamps

And this is the village of Hani

It is home to Maxim, Karin and their son Timur

The village is completely lives railways, there is nothing greater

A local landmark, seen on the mountain silhouette of a horse with a rabbit on the back. A little to the right of the center of the photo

The station

All the dogs I had seen on the way from Severobaikalsk looked so

Actually the whole village, the shot did not get a couple of 5-storey houses

The sixth day of the journey

Today at ten in the morning Moscow arrived at the final destination of the train №76 - Tynda. Out of the train, I smoked with conductors. He gave the conductor Elena remaining cigarettes and wished me luck. I go further in Tommot. My train two hours later, I decide to look at the station, in addition, I was told that there is a shower. In the common room on the second floor for $ 100 you can go in the shower. There is also a decent cafe.

Filed train, we go to Neryungri, parking there already 6 hours on Tommot, bus, ferry and I Yakutsk - as two fingers on the asphalt.

The car is not an example of that which was traveling from Moscow, and a new air-conditioned. Beer is not sold, no dining car. In the heat of the Tynda 31 degrees, so you and the north.

The road is still making itself felt, to talk do not want to spell, too, through the power, but sleep does not pull.

By the way, MTS with activated "Hometown" ate the whole trip is less than 200 rubles, although called once or twice a day in Moscow and once in Kazan.


Station near

The seventh day of the journey

I woke up early in the morning. Nothing that would have made sense to describe for the remainder of the way had happened. Is that on arrival at Tommot conductor asked to leave your comments in the guest book.

Released at the station, took a couple of photos and went to the railway station, the men stood at the entrance and offered to go to Yakutsk - what you need. Find out the cost - 2400 p and go nearly five hundred miles of which only 40 asphalt. We sit in the van. All buses Japanese. We are going really soon ended and the asphalt began varying degrees razdolbany grader. Sometimes they are walking up to 90 km, and sometimes dragged about 30. Under the villages "Uluu" at the gas station was found that the sample wheel, stand 40 minutes until its repair. At 15:40 we started at 23:30 and stood on the shore and waited until pluck machine to send a ferry ... yet we stand and wait. Ferry, by the way, the river Lena.

It seems begin loaded onto the ferry. On the river there was some sort of a range of activities. After five minutes we were on the ferry. Interestingly, we were not asked to leave the bus at the time of loading, just stopped by the shore.

Then the following occurs: mat on the deck - "zavarachivay to shore them all fucked mother, drove forget!". The ferry turns, five minutes later again op "uh-uh-st, turn around, found it." Well ... we sit down on a bank. As it turned out, the ferry drove passenger car, which drove her distilled, and apparently decided to charter the way to sleep in the back seat having covered with a dark blanket. The crawler collects money and decided that the cage forgotten on the bank.

On the rocks we tyrkat forty minutes until the lift came up in the air he was called "Torch" - something he almost tore us ramp (thing on which I stop the car from the bank). But we removed the rocks. Our further course of the River Lena, was uneventful.

Upload to the other side marched to Yakutsk, where the part was taken to the airport and the other in the pre-rented apartment.

Channel 2x2 Yakutsk has

Aldan, a city

Just whistle-stop, smiled name

Tommot all "prrru" train goes no further. Now Reindeer bus

In Tommot there is such a train, the train station is

It seemed that there 450 miles to give up ... but it is 450 kilometers on the "highway M56 Lena»

Goryuchku standing there like that

Amga River, much due to the heat omelela

Roadside cafe, yes, there they look

Hint understood, the old bridge

And this is new, but not yet ezdabelny, and indeed it is for trains

Tribute Road. The settlements also rubbish will continue to just tires.

The village Uluu, our pepelatsa broke down gravitsapu - wheel struck

Actually the pepelats, go exclusively to Japanese / Koreans say Bush lacks a season

The village itself Uluu - a pair of stone home store so a bunch of houses, many abandoned

Visible effects of fires in '11, a red wood

General view of the village, whereby live - xs, there are two pieces of tire and three or four cafes

Rubber Kardiant against M56

Remember I talked about a satellite dish?

Another releyka

Pit stop, our pepelats side view

Closer to Yakutsk cafes are beautiful

Phew ... Lena, "black" Ferry why black? Illegal in the sense that they immediately go day and night.

Ferries, they are small, for 6 cars

Stand, wait until you need the number will be typed, the ferryman two are not lucky. The crossing was 500 rubles from the machine and 100 per passenger in it - the competition

This is our

In Yakutsk 2x2 works, I have a rented apartment

Eighth day

Well, I will describe the everyday moments, I woke up, drank tea, went phoned.

There will be a little poetry. What was in the plans of the trip - I would like to see three people. Viktor, my neighbor, he's at the time got me into the world of electronics, then I sat on the radio.





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