Unforgettable trip to Yakutsk American (14 photos)

American Steve Lyunker visited one of the coldest cities in Russia - Yakutsk. He was so impressed by what he saw,
that never in my life forget this trip. Next, we read and watch Steve's experience of Yakutsk.

Yakutsk - a city in Eastern Siberia standing on the Lena River. As I think Yakutsk - the coldest city in the world. It is located 1840 kilometers from Irkutsk in 5000 from Moscow. The city was founded in 1632 by Cossacks that imposed on residents of a clear imprint. And yet, in spite of the particularly difficult conditions of life in Yakutsk is home to around 270,000 people, or a quarter of the population of Siberia. In winter, temperatures here regularly falls to minus 40 ° (the record is equal to -64 ° C), and summer temperatures often passes for 30 ...

Upon arrival at the airport of Yakutsk, I felt close attention to my appearance. They looked at me as a "tourist" because I was obviously not dressed like everyone else. Yes, I clearly different from those of people who live here. My daughter met a man who invited me to visit. She came to pick me up, but the first thing she asked to see me if I have a hat and gloves. I was surprised at her concern, but ...

... But once on the street, I immediately understood her concern. Even the fact that I thought might save me from the cold, it was clearly not enough ... The city met me depressing the freezing fog, visibility because of which falls to 10 meters. Yakutsk is an important center for diamond mining, providing a fifth of world production of precious minerals. The city is also an important center for food, leather and sawmill industry.

The soil under the Yakutsk permanently frozen, which makes the construction of large buildings is very difficult and dangerous enterprise. I quickly discovered that taking pictures is very dangerous. Clothing, fingers and the technique freezes for fifteen seconds. A minute later photographing, I can not feel my fingers. My dear optics cracked after 10 minutes. The ubiquitous fog hides all guidelines, and you can easily get lost.

Absolutely everything here seems to consist of endless ice and snow. Want to know what emotions I was experiencing? These were the two emotions - despair and amazement. I felt that I was standing at the entrance to an icy hell, but on the other hand there were people alive, warm and true ... I was struck by these people ... in my mind is a picture ... Thermometer at the airport, which showed -48 ° C. I will not forget this ...

Source: libero.vn


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