Each decade of the 20th century - a certain fashion, which sooner or later undergoes a particular cycle of rebirth. However, some "stylish Decade" back in certain features or items of clothing. In this case, talking about the '80s, which are expressed in a splash of irony towards the fashion of that era.

Other decade - including the era of the '60s - on the contrary, never back down from the podium and the real world of fashion. Agree, in the arsenal of every modern girl certainly has cause mini and flat shoes. Such details are universal: they are able to balance any wardrobe. I must say that this is true now: there is no better time for bold experimentation in the style of the 60s than the fashion season 2011 \ 2012.


Burberry Prorsum, autumn-winter 2011 \ 2012

Autumn 2011, if we talk about going back to the last decades, has been imbued with the glamor of the 1970s. Good enough were presented and 1930s. Amid all this stands out designers who have turned to 60th.
Coats collected from brightly colored blocks and briefly hemmed dress from Burberry Prorsum accurately hit the London style.


Burberry Prorsum, autumn-winter 2011 \ 2012


Burberry Prorsum, autumn-winter 2011 \ 2012


Burberry Prorsum, autumn-winter 2011 \ 2012

Miuccia Prada has worked with buttons and rivets, graphic pleats tunic dress and heels of shoes Mary Jane.


Prada, autumn-winter 2011 \ 2012


Prada, autumn-winter 2011 \ 2012


Prada, autumn-winter 2011 \ 2012

Yves Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Marni also worked as part of the trend 60s.
YSL pleased connoisseurs of fashion bright abstract paintings. This is typical for autumn coat, and for short skirts.


Yves Saint Laurent, autumn-winter 2011 \ 2012


Yves Saint Laurent, autumn-winter 2011 \ 2012


Yves Saint Laurent, autumn-winter 2011 \ 2012


Yves Saint Laurent, autumn-winter 2011 \ 2012

Bottega Veneta presented to the fashionistas coat consisting of bright blocks and dresses, separated by bright belts.


Bottega Veneta, autumn-winter 2011 \ 2012


Bottega Veneta, autumn-winter 2011 \ 2012

Dresses, suits and coats by Marni also imbued trends 60s. Even the pattern of the tissue is associated with the jackets of our grandmothers. And as graphic patterns of dresses, some of which are traditionally decorated with fur, and did give direct fire - the era of the '60s became the inspiration for Consuelo Castiglioni.


Marni, autumn-winter 2011 \ 2012


Marni, autumn-winter 2011 \ 2012


Marni, autumn-winter 2011 \ 2012

Although trends 60s firmly rooted in fashion this fall, I do not think that they will disappear in the spring. Many collections have been presented on the catwalks, and we can firmly state that the 60 are still at the height of hipness. In the spring of 2012 we will see a continuation of the '60s.


Alice & Olivia, Spring-Summer 2012


Yves Saint Laurent, Resort 2012


Miu-Miu, Spring-Summer 2012


Miu-Miu, Spring-Summer 2012

Fashion image of multi-layered '60s. And you can imagine three directions.


Karlie Kloss in the style of the 60s

The first of these: Fashion look. How can we forget his long legs and short skirts Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton? Or sign design Mary Quant? To refresh the memory of those iconic images, let us remember the main features of 60s fashion:

• Large eyes with long thick lashes


Candice Swanepoel with a special project dedicated to the Vogue Italia's 60th years 2011

• Bright colored blocks


Prada, autumn-winter 2011 \ 2012

• Graphic prints and abstract patterns of bright colors


Hermes, autumn-winter 2011 \ 2012

• short boyish haircut


Images 60s

• Men's flat shoes


Chanel and their silver flat shoes, Spring-Summer 2012

• Free coats and capes for fall


Burberry Prorsum, autumn-winter 2011 \ 2012

London fashion notes and bow - it is certainly good. But what would we do without the people's mode associated with the soft lines of Paris! To understand what I mean, think of the world's favorite Jane Birkin and Francois Hardy.

• Anything that is made of lace. Particular attention structured heavy lace dress parts


Chanel spring-summer 2012


Valentino, Resort 2012

• Peter Pan collars


Louis Vuitton, the autumn-winter 2011 \ 2012

• Ultra-short line hem, low waist belt


Blumarine, autumn-winter 2011 \ 2012

• monocolors: lots of white, beige and black


Yves Saint Laurent, Resort 2012

• Passive sexy with a touch of slight negligence. Well-coiffed hair, combined with eyeliner, applied hastily


Jane Birkin, 1960.

In the 60 it was distributed to the style of "sexual cats." The first "sexy cat" was Brigitte Bardot. This nickname attached to it after the movie "And God Created Woman." Today, the so-called women who prefer a sexy provocative approach to clothing. So this is the image - the image of "sexy cat" from the '60s - but slowly migrated right now. Remember the world-famous stars Catherine Deneuve, Brigitte Bardot, Ann Margaret, Raquel Welch, Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor. And try to use their tricks.

• A variety of cuts and incisions that draw attention to the waist and at the same time emphasize the chest and hips.


Jayson Brunsdon, spring dress 60s


Versace, Autumn-Winter 2011-2012

• Volume round skirt, pencil skirt or cropped trousers with a high waistline.


Suit by Moschino, autumn-winter 2011 \ 2012

• coiffed hair. Try a soft modern styling or hairstyles with strong fleece, like Brigitte Bardot.


Brigitte Bardot, 1960s.

• Focus on sultry plump lips, long lashes and clearly painted eyes


Brigitte Bardot, 1960s.

Today, you can choose any one favorite images. Some people prefer to combine parts. In this case, important not to overdo it, otherwise the risk of becoming a bow carnival parody of the 60s.


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