Louis Vuitton: the story of the brand

The history of this famous brand, which still bears the name of its founder, Louis Vuitton began in the mid-nineteenth century.

Paris. Hotel George V and luggage by Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton company began with the production of luggage for luxury travel. That is, focus on the most affluent segments of the population was included in the original philosophy of LV. Over the years in this field, nothing has changed. Quality, luxury and prestige brands - these are the main ingredients of success Louis Vuitton.

London. Showcase Louis Vuitton boutique Everything else has changed quite rapidly. If the first luxury luggage from the LV traveling with their owners in the coach, then after a little time, he "sat" on the train, and then moved into the trunk of expensive cars, but closer to the middle of the twentieth century took off into the sky on board an aircraft. Of course, all this seriously affect the appearance and shape of the products. Massive, flaked skin trunks gave way to light bags and suitcases. That Louis Vuitton is considered the inventor of the flat, opening side suitcases. Business card of the brand - it's brown and beige fabric with print logo LV and stylized floral motifs, which is called the Monogram. The second signature prints called Damier - is beige-brown or black-and-gray cell. The third most popular was invented in 1985, the line of embossed leather, texture reminiscent of scratches, Epi Leather.

Nicky Hilton and her Louis Vuitton Many forms of luggage, suitcases and handbags have not changed since the beginning of the last century. The most popular classical forms handbags Keepall, Speedy, Papillon, Alma is very recognizable, they are out of fashion, so it is always relevant, desirable and, of course, expensive. Also, the price exclusive line of bags designed by Marc Jacobs, Steven Spouzom, Sofia Coppola. Quality handbags Louis Vuitton is not in doubt. Today, as more than 150 years ago and the company's products are made by hand Louis Vuitton. For the production of bags used the skin of cows no more than 5-6 years, with her should not be traces of insect bites. This is very important because at toning the skin are different vegetable dyes that exhibit bites. Cases are collected on a frame of 30-year-old poplar wood is dried for at least 4 years. Each suitcase has a lock handmade. Production of one suitcase takes at least 30 hours, and for the production of bags requires at least 15 hours.

Hilary Duff and Louis Vuitton bag In 1987, Louis Vuitton teams up with Moet-Hennessey and forms LVMH group. From this year begins a new chapter in the history of the brand. Already in 1998 the company Louis Vuitton Marc Jacobs comes that runs under the brand LV line of clothing, shoes, accessories and jewelry. Louis Vuitton also produces many different products for individual orders - it can be furniture, car interiors, private jet or yacht. You can also order from Louis Vuitton luggage with your initials engraved in gold on the skin.

Boutique brand in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) The design of each boutique Louis Vuitton, and they're about 400 individually designed with the long tradition of the brand and the latest trends in architecture and design. Great attention is paid not only to the design boutiques, and advertising companies. At various times, the brand Louis Vuitton advertised world stars such as Zinedine Zidane and J. Lo, now will be the face of the brand Angelina Jolie.

Angelina Jolie with your favorite bag separate line in the history of the brand long-term costs irreconcilable struggle against counterfeiting. Ironically, the famous fabric Monogram, invented as protection against counterfeiting, was the most counterfeited cloth in fashion history. There are many different guides to recognize fake handbags Louis Vuitton. But, in our opinion, the only guarantee of authenticity is to buy in boutiques Louis Vuitton.

Shanghai, China's police carries out the action for the destruction of counterfeit Louis Vuitton - is an expensive brand, so any thing of this brand will cost you dearly - is the philosophy of the brand, because buying a handbag Louis Vuitton, you buy a long history of the brand, quality assurance, and very recognizable visual confirmation of their life achievements.


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