Jewelry Collection Louis Vuitton

The French brand has introduced a new jewelry collection, which is called "Time TravelĀ»

It is safe to say that Louis Vuitton has conquered all possible peaks. This brand produces expensive fashions, the most recognizable in the world of bags with logo, leather bags, speaking on the status of the owner and, of course, jewelry. Each year the ladies, whose best friends are diamonds, looking forward to the update "precious" range of the company. Make indecent lady waiting, so Louis Vuitton hurried to fill his famed collection Voyage dans le temps (Time Travel) sparkling new models. This time the focus was on color. For example, in the collection you will find rubies, rare stones spinel produced in Vietnam and Tanzania, tourmalines, sapphires from Ceylon and imperial topaz, which can now be found in the world's last Ouro Preto mine in Brazil, and, of course, a lot of diamonds. As you can see, the master brand had to travel in order to create these unique in its beauty and purity of decoration.


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