Pens by Louis Vuitton. The brand opened a boutique stationery

In the last month of this year, Louis Vuitton in Paris opens its first boutique, which will be sold exclusively stationery.

In the prestigious area of ​​Paris Saint-Germain (at 6 Place Saint-Germain-des-Prés) opens corporate stationery store Louis Vuitton. Before opening the boutique label launched the exhibition «L'Ecriture est un Voyage» (translation: "Letter - a journey"). On their debut series, which will be presented in the shop, creative team worked for about two years. The collection includes a massive fountain pens, covered with polished alligator skin; manila envelope decorated with prints in the form of luggage buckles (tribute to iconic bags and suitcases brand). Designers House reproduce color ink used by the French novelists of the XVII century, repeated shade of the paper, which Ernest Hemingway ran typewriter. However, except for "nostalgia", the brand has supplied the latest technology products.

For example, pens equipped with a special mechanism that prevents the sudden appearance of spots of ink, even during air travel. Curiously, the store will open next door to the Café de Flore and Les Deux Magots, which enjoyed spending time many writers from Albert Camus to the author of the novel "A Farewell to Arms." We already know the price of stationery LV. Over a bottle of ink will have to pay 35 euros, and for fountain pen - 1 750 euros.


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