Fashion and Fantasy Association

The book Edvarts Imogen Jones «Fashion Babylon», tells of the life segment semi novice designer, the heroine in search of inspiration is drawn to the style of Miuccia Prada, is eyeing the Alai and Marc Jacobs, the looks and styles from Chalayan McWhinney.

Some would say that this is plagiarism. But where else to look for inspiration as profitable as neither the world renowned designers. The question is: what are guided by famous fashion designers, inspiring others? Learn the secrets of the masters, we unfortunately do not know. But you can use imagination, intuition, and a variety of associations.

First of all, look at the images of Prada. This is truly boundless field for associations! Not hard to guess what inspired the designer to create the unusual bright points. This is just a variation on ski masks. What? The bright, stylish, and most importantly, comfortable!

Prada / Massimmiliano Braldone / Ski Mask TURBO HM

However, if you look at the other images provided with the original caps, a sneaking suspicion. Can be a source of inspiration - the sky, the plane, the pilot?

Prada \ Soviet pilot with the tablet (photos Eugene Chaldean)

Prada \ Pilot torpedo bomber IL-4T Force Black Sea Fleet

In tandem with scaly dresses by Prada, glasses and all seem to attribute diver!

Prada \ diver

But, looking at the sun scaly dress, comes to mind is something else. What lies on the surface, and asks in a similar ... aquarium goldfish!

Prada \ aquarium goldfish

Analogies with the animal world are not limited to collection of Prada. D & G, for example, suggested that the familiar tiger print. It looks like the guys thought for long. But as it looks spectacular!

D & G \ Bengal tiger

It continues the theme of the trend of the season - bright python. Podiums were full of pink, emerald, purple snakes. Chloe offered a more natural option.

Chloe \ Tiger pythons

Chloe \ tiger python \ reticulated python

But the designers were inspired by Chanel certainly more pleasant creatures. It is a brown and polar bears. Just look how similar mannequins legs in fur boots Chanel bears paws.

Chanel \ Polar Bear

Chanel \ Brown bear

The brand Emanuel Ungaro went further. No imitations appearance - only real pictures! Top with the image of the wolf - it is stylish. But it is very popular with the wolf on the Internet.

Emanuel Ungaro \ Common wolf

Jill Stuart has decided to limit themselves to a peace-loving animals: owls and foxes. The latter, of course, too, is infuriating. But Stuart for sure thought.

Jill Stuart \ Snowy owl

Jill Stuart \ Red Fox

A Mulberry and all preferred the birds not the parrot, not the canaries. Or maybe it's all the chickens and acid titmouse ...

Mulberry \ Brazilian blue parrot Arara \ Kakadu Alba \ Yellow wavy parrot \ Noble Parrot

Incidentally, accessories Mulberry made me one more block associations. Pay attention to the handbag that resembles a purse from the '90s. Of course, we can not say that the designer was inspired by Russian history. Just today in compact fashion solid bag shut. This is supported by almost all fashion houses. Including Louis Vuitton.

Mulberry \ Handy "Dokofa»

Bags Louis Vuitton

But seriously, the designers Louis Vuitton (and this was noted by all - from Evelyn Khromtchenko to my neighbor Aunt Luda) is likely to turn their attention not on the history of "cool 90s', and once popular films. Cap and transparent silhouette in tune with the image from the movie "The Night Porter".

Louis Vuitton \ The poster for the film by Liliana Cavani, "Night Porter" (1974)

A round white collar certainly borrowed from the heroine of the movie (or the book) "Jane Eyre».

Louis Vuitton \ Books Charlotte Bronte \ The poster for the film by Robert Stevenson Jane Eyre (1944) \ Stills from Carey Fukunga Jane Eyre (2011)

By the way, the designers Dior, too, turned to history. For example, an image with a long cloak reminded many of the romantic era of the Musketeers. And I see the analogy with Zorro. Even the famous Avenger loses length coat from Dior.

Dior \ The poster for the film by Martin Campbell's The Legend of Zorro (2005)

A light transparent dress by Dior reminded me plucky heroine of an old Hitchcock film.

Dior \ Stills from Alfred Hitchcock Deal M for Murder (1954)

But, I must say, the heroine appeared before our eyes in a nightgown, but not in an evening dress. Certainly sexuality implicit in frank night dresses, a lot of contemporary designers led to the creation of such a gentle, candid, flying models.

Dior \ Long negligee

Emanuel Ungaro \ black negligee

Marc Jacobs \ Burgundy lace negligee

Of course, each outfit can be called a continuation of something, each form can be considered a future intertext. It only proves that fashion designers are the same people. With their associations and variations.

P.S. Finally, another amusing analogy. Hardly Gucci inspired cartoon about pig Funtik. But the absurdity of this fact does not negate the individual associations! This, of course, of hats: a charming village on the model of Gucci, the other - on Ms. Belladonna.

Gucci \ Shot from the cartoon "Funtik and old with a mustache" (1986-1988 biennium).


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