Museum of endangered sounds

Ask a teenager - the sound of a modem? What noise floppy boot? Most likely, the young man and some words are not heard of such.

For humanity to preserve the memory of the technical achievements of former times, not only from the stories of mothers and fathers, Brendan Chilcutt known tehnomanyak opened a virtual museum of sound retro gadgets. The museum, which will turn your background knowledge in a very real memories. That is his focus.

Website offers to plunge into the world of Tetris and Tamagotchi.

The modem at a speed of 128 kb / s

Nokia 3310

The diskette in diskovode


Run Windows 95

Magazine in magnitofone

Disc telefon

Cinema in kinoteatre

Computer «ZX Spectrum»

Game «Mind Maze»


The film fotoapparate


The sound of the new proizvedeniya

Favorite plastinka

The game «Space Invaders»

Site of sound sources Museum of Endangered Sounds

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