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Brand consultancy Interbrand has published a list of the 100 most valuable brands in the world. It turned out that the Coca-Cola for the first time in 13 years gave way to the lead in the ranking, dropping to third place. Below you will find 20 of the most successful brands today:

20. Honda

Brand value: $ 18, 5 billion

Rank last year: 21

Changes in value: an increase of 7%

Honda strategy is to keep the old customers. Customer retention ratio of the company is higher than that of all workers in the industry competitors. However, according to experts Interbrand, Honda will not be able to keep their positions, unless there is also work to attract new customers. 19. Amazon

Brand value: $ 23, 6 billion

Rank last year: 20

Change the value: increasing by 27%

Cost of Amazon rose after in March this year it acquired the Internet portal of the so-called "social cataloging» Goodreads, which gives users access to an extensive online library, provides the ability to add their favorite books in their personal bookshelves.

18. Oracle

Brand value: $ 24, 1 billion

Rank last year: 18

Change the value: increasing by 9%

Thanks to several strategic acquisitions in 2013, Oracle once again climbed to the 18th place.

17. Louis Vuitton

Brand value: $ 24, 9 Billion

Rank last year: 17

Changes in value: an increase of 6%

The French company Louis Vuitton specializes in the manufacture of luggage and handbags, clothing and accessories. It holds a leading position thanks to a significant expansion of its product range class "luxury" in the past year and its exclusivity.

16. Gillette

Brand value: $ 25, 1 billion

Rank last year: 16

Changes in the value: increase of 1%

The increase is explained by Gillette rising demand for their products in emerging markets, especially in India. In addition, the success of the company contributed to and participation in several joint marketing campaigns.

15. HP

Brand value: $ 25, 8 billion

Rank last year: 15

Changes in value: a reduction of 1%

Experts attribute the slight deterioration in the value of HP's changes in the image. In particular, the slogan of the company in recent years has changed twice: first it sounded like "invent", then "Create amazing", and finally "give meaning».

14. Disney

Brand value: $ 28, 1 billion

Rank last year: 13

Changes in rate: 3% increase

Interbrand connects Disney's success with a constant search for new ideas that are then embodied in the form of movies and TV shows, and then profit increases at the expense of investing in toys and other products, theme parks, and video games.

13. Cisco

Brand value: $ 29, 1 billion

Ranking last year: 14

Changes in rate: 7% increase

Transnational, Cisco develops and sells network equipment, committed to providing customers a full range of equipment he needed professionals to operate the Internet.

12. BMW

Brand value: $ 31, 8 billion

Rank last year: 12

Changes in the value: increased by 10%

2012 was one of the most successful years in the history of BMW. This is due primarily to increased sales in China by 40%. The company relies on the stability and mobility of their city cars.

11. Mercedes-Benz

Brand value: $ 31, 9 billion

Ranking last year: 11

Changes in value: an increase of 6%

Mercedes-Benz has succeeded in betting on the young and affluent.

10. Toyota

Brand value: $ 35, 3 billion

Ranking last year: 10

Changes in the value: increased by 17%

Toyota has managed to overcome the ease of 2010 and 2011, concentrating its efforts on developing new design and built a campaign on the joy of exciting adventure.

9. Intel

Brand value: $ 37, 2 billion

Place in the rankings last year 8

The change in the value of: a decrease of 5%

With the popularity of tablets and smartphones it has become more difficult to demonstrate the advantages of its customers «Intel inside».

8. Samsung

Brand value: $ 39.6 Billion

Rank last year: 9

Changes in the value: increasing by 20%

Samsung makes great strides in order to oust the leadership of Apple in the development of the most successful smartphones. The company focuses on the relationship of their products and how this relationship can make life easier for its customers.

7. McDonald's

Brand value: $ 42 billion

Rank last year: 7

Changes in value: an increase of 5%

McDonald went to meet the wishes of their customers and added to his menu a few new dishes.

6. GE

Brand value: $ 46, 9 billion

Rank last year: 6

Changes in value: an increase of 7%

GE invested $ 1, 5 billion to ensure that their machines to provide software and connect to the Internet. The campaign "Diamond Machine" was a success, providing GE slow but steady growth.

5. Microsoft

Brand value: $ 59, 5 billion

Rank last year: 5

Changes in rate: 3% increase

Height kompaniiKto whatever replaced the resigned, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, the company offers a big change and a reorientation of the software on the Hardware.

4. IBM

Brand value: $ 78, 8 billion

Rank last year: 3

Change the value: increasing by 4%

The company continues to follow the path of innovation, over 20 years, getting more patents than any other company. In addition, IBM is actively developing new markets opening in 2012 of its 144 offices in developing countries.

3. Coca-Cola

Brand value: $ 79, 2 billion

Rank last year: 1

Change the value: increasing by 2%

The most recognizable brand in the world gave way to lead that held for 13 years in a row. This is no fault of the company. In 2013, Coca-Cola was named the most creative player in the market in the year - this is the most prestigious award in the advertising industry.

2. Google

Brand value: $ 93, 3 billion

Rank last year: 4

Change the value: increasing by 34%

Google bypassed IBM and Coca-Cola due to the work on such projects of the space age, like Google Glass and fully automated car.

1. Apple

Brand value: $ 98, 3 billion

Rank last year: 2

Change the value: increasing by 28%

Stylish design, constant innovation and ease of use of products from Apple, have allowed the company to buy a huge army of fans, which is constantly updated.


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