How many brand owners spend on new domains?

As we have mentioned earlier, concerns that the new top-level domains will cause a wave of violations of intellectual property rights, did not materialize. Proof of this - relatively small number complaints on violations, as well as the low level of cybersquatting.

Today there are new figures that give some idea of ​​the cost of rights holders to register domains with a view to reserve the name of its brand.

Of course, this is only an approximation, since it is impossible to say exactly what purpose is registered or that domain, but one thing is for sure: brand owners do not tend to hold large quantities of new names in order to protect areas from kiberskvoittinga.

At the moment, the priority registration period for trademark owners (Sunrise) was completed in 128 zones, sales information known to 101 zones.

Most of the names in this period was registered in the area .clothing - 675. This is about 6% of the total number of registrations in this area (11, 301). Since the start of registration has been more than three months. Least of all domains registered during the Sunrise in the Arab zone شبكة. ("Network") -5 names - but it allowed registration only Arab brands.

In all areas about which we have information (101 top-level domain) during Sunrise registered 14, 567 domains, with an average of 144, 2 per zone. According to official sources in the priority registration period occupied 1.87% of domains, but it is highly inflated figures because used in the calculation of data on areas that have not yet opened a free registration.

These figures can not be compared, for example, with the launch of .co domains or .xxx, where during the priority registration was registered 11, 000 and 80, 000 names respectively.

It is easy to observe that the phenomenon of mass registration in order to protect the brand does not exist. Moreover, as we noted, there are many fictitious brands , which were recorded only in order to take a domain with a keyword in the period priority registration.

In the database of trademarks (Trademark Clearinghouse) currently registered 30, 251 name. The average cost of registration - about 150 dollars, so just for this service spent $ 4, 537, 650. Just completed phase priority registration occupied 18, 461 domain. Average cost - about $ 165, for a total of $ 3, 046, 089 is spent directly on domain registration.

Add to that $ 100 000 spent on 50 complaints recorded as part of the URS (suspension domain cybersquatters on-demand rights holder).
Total - 128 in all new areas of brand owners have spent on the protection of trademarks is only 7, 683, 739 dollars. B>

A lot or a little? Everyone has their own criteria for evaluation, but it is several orders of magnitude less than the amounts that are predicted by various experts on the protection of intellectual property. For example, in September last year, the Coalition against violations in the domain field (CADNA) wrote that the company can spend $ 10 billion on brand protection in the new gTLD.



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