Effective and quality services in the domain industry from company Regery

Without a domain name, that is, the unique binding of the IP address of the server on which the website is by obtaining them alphanumeric designations for its functioning on the Internet is becoming untargeted, rather, impossible. Using the services of Regery, which is a reputation well-known structure, small organisations, communities, businesses without the need of possessing the appropriate resources and technical knowledge will be able to provide a stable and effective online presence on the Network.

Effective solutions that extend biznesses leading service provider in the domain industry, the company Regere Ukraine registers domains in the most rapid and comfortable mode and performs all functions associated with their management and protection. Company registered domain names, which can be:
  • national, that is, Ukrainian, belonging to the area .UA moreover, the company also implemented the Ukraine domains, second level domains and the regional-oriented regional centers;
  • popular utility, which one of the first. In the names contain information on the direction of operation of the company/organization or indicate the country of its location;
  • themed names, consisting typically of 3 or more letters designate the subject site;
  • new (New gTLD), which gives the opportunity to open (starting in 2012) to any interested person a new personal domain.

In addition, there are national domain zones, reserved to certain countries, States and independent territories. They are referred to by the popular acronym ccTLDs. Typically, these national domain zones are the 2 character.

Why you should choose RegeryОдним of the main advantages of Regere Ukraine is a wide range of its services, which includes not only the registration of domain names, but also the tools management solutions for monitoring sites, services, WHOIS, NS, DNS, and many others. Moreover, there is a free service which can include:
  • comprehensive control over the domain.
  • protect it (them) from unauthorized transfers;
  • DNS for domain clients, the tool management;
  • the protection of inputs with one-time passwords;
  • the hiding of Whois data.

Regery you'll be Contracting directly, the presence of cumulative discounts, which, along with adequate prices for the services are beneficial for customers of any level, availability of user-friendly control panel, free Parking and a number of other advantages, making the partnership with it is very beneficial and useful. Registered company names can be used on any hosting.


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