Company "ABA": quality accounting services at an affordable cost

Don't you like paper work? You have difficulties with keeping financial records? Trust the professional accountants of the company, "ABA"! We quickly and affordably solve all of your questions! Our company provides services for natural and legal persons, including:

  • check the FOP in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine;
  • online accounting;
  • full accounting services;
  • quality advice for entrepreneurs.
  • tax planning;
  • and other accounting services.

All our services are provided on a subscription basis. Also for legal and physical persons is available one-time accounting services for the production/recovery of accounting and preparation and submission of reports, which are available by arrangement.

Our advantages:

1. Adequate service costs and no overpayments
Our accounting services start with the price from 300 UAH for individuals and 500 UAH to business. Today it is one of the lowest prices in Ukraine. So if you want-saving, refer to "ABA" — here you will make great offers that you cannot refuse

2. A wide range of services
In addition to a large number of accounting services, we also provide legal assistance, audit services, and consulting support. This is done to ensure that our customers receive everything you need in one place rather than running from company to company. Contact us for all questions and with a probability of 99.9%, we will solve them!

3. High quality
Our employees have the necessary certificates confirming their competence. This means that all your questions will be solved quickly and efficiently by a qualified technician.

4. "ABA" is a reliable and honest company
We comply with all international standards on auditing, the Code of professional ethics, as well as all regulatory and legal requirements of Ukraine.

Please contact our services right now

You need quality bookkeeping services? Then please call or email us so we can provide timely help!


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