Pools for cottages and country houses

Very often the owners of country houses and cottages to order the construction of the pool. A choice of the following designs:
  • metal;
  • concrete;
  • inflatable;
  • frame.

The first two types — expensive, but long lasting solutions. If you set an artificial body of water slides for pools, then fun turns into a mini water Park. The company offers Krkonosich slides made of fiberglass, able to decorate any pool or water Park, make it bol interesting. Slides made of fiberglass can be installed on playgrounds. Krkonosich ensures successful operation of GRP mouldings for decades. The company can order other products from the material of the future, who fears neither cold nor heat.

Concrete and metal structures bassanite the most durable and can operate for decades. Each of these reservoirs has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, the design of concrete durable, but heavy in design and construction: for the construction of a pool house or yard takes more than a month, and finishing work is still much the same.

Metal pool is much easier, faster installs, may have the most irregular shape. But because of the disadvantages of such design include too high in cost especially in comparison with other varieties. However, the metal pools are becoming very popular because they can be installed even on the roof.

Inflatable and frame konstrukcyjne all know, but there's inflatable pools not only for children but also for adults. This body of water easy to care for: just need to periodically pump up its walls. In winter, these devices are stored in collapsed form in a warm room, and the next year they are again ready for operation.

Frame the pond is much more reliable. He is not afraid of punctures, and in the pool you can even arrange a party on the water. Frame pool is made of thick multi-layer films and metal. Iron elements is protected by a layer of paint that protects from rust.

The pool is not just swimming pond. In addition to slides for descending into the water, there are various decorative accessories. For example, you can highlight the bottom, grab bars for easy exit of the reservoir, bridges, and ramps. There are even devices that produce artificial waves. In General, use pools, you can enjoy all the delights of a beach holiday without leaving your own backyard.


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