The pool is an easy way to make your home luxurious. Construction, maintenance and renovation of pools of all types

Just 10-20 years ago, the pool was a rarity for a private home or Villa.
The pool was a big indicator of wealth, because not everyone could afford such a luxury. Now to acquire a swimming pool can be anyone, because the cost of services of construction, installation and maintenance of the pool has decreased significantly. Of course, such a complex task should be entrusted to experienced professionals, because the construction of this type requires the introduction and use of quality materials, reliable equipment and attracting professional staff. It is important not only to choose quality materials, but also to make a precise layout of the pool.

The company's services DMV PLUS
Trust this process in Kiev, the company DMV PLUS. This respected and proven company that has implemented over hundreds of projects. DMV PLUS provides ready-made solutions in construction, versatile maintenance repair of pools of different kinds and types. More detailed information on services and examples of work can be found on the website

The list of services of company included:
  1. Design and construction of swimming pools. This can be a finished project or the development of a new concept, based on your preferences and dimensions of the allocated territory.
  2. Renovation of swimming pools. This service is ideal for those who "scored" the pool and wants to upgrade it.
  3. The construction of the home and entertainment parks and markets.
  4. Conservation pools for the winter. A very popular service, which also requires a professional approach to solving the problem.
  5. Installation, repair and sale of equipment.

The types of pools
You can choose a turnkey project or to order your own, after specifying the details and features of construction with representatives of the company. You can order the design and construction of:

  • Plastic swimming pool – perfect for the garden in summer;
  • Skimmer swimming pool – the best and economical option for country houses, ground floors of private houses;
  • The overflow pool is the most original design, which will be not only a great place to stay, but also a striking element of the interior.

Turning to professionals, you receive a quality and reliable pool that will last you for years. And proper and timely maintenance will keep it clean, to ensure the coordinated work of the whole system.


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