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Swim in the Novgorod pools or expensive, either early in the morning

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Swimming pool in winter - enjoy specific and suitable only for those who is pleasant all this discomfort: in cold water, after a frosty streets, through the inevitable drafts. Br-r-ra!
Beaudry freestyle breaststroke or crawl rapid and perhaps sweeping butterfly, also likely fail. Simply not enough space. The problem of Novgorod pools - low occupancy in the first half of the day and the total lack of space in the second.
- SNIP our pool can take 64 people, that is, eight persons in each of the eight tracks. That's a lot - rightly says Andrei Petrov, Manager of Public Relations Youth "Sport Industry", based on the central arena. - Therefore, we have limited the number of simultaneous visitors 40 swimmers that too much. But to swim still possible, especially if the different styles.
Almost the same situation is observed in the other two pools (Palace of Sports Centers and "Akron") with the only difference that their standards on the same track can accommodate six people.
As a result of those tracks that are closer to the sides, silently bubbling "floats". In the center of strong confident movements muscle cut expanse of water swimmers. From a distance, watching them - a pleasure, to share a single track - that's really thank you.
In overcoming the problem - it is empty, then thickly - much success has not reached any one institution. In the "Sport Industry" focus on the students: with a few urban schools signed a contract for physical training, with preferential terms. The Fox "Akron" invented flexible payment tickets: a ticket to the classes at six in the morning to cost more than twice less than eight in the evening. And still willing to dip early in the morning at times less than the evening bathers.

Or ... or ... or ...
However, whether it is necessary to talk about the economy, when it comes to the swimming pool? The question is not idle. Prices in the three basins of the Novgorod - at the Central Sports Arena in Foca "Akron" and the Palais des Sports - roughly equal. For a subscription to eight sessions in the evening will have to pay 2100-2300 rubles. Meanwhile, in our neighborhood, but a little larger Tver same number of lessons can be purchased for 1100-1400 rubles. In Pskov, the plug is wider - from 1200-3000 rubles, depending on additional services such as baths and saunas.
In general, the cost of what constitutes a coveted ticket to the swimming pool - god knows. As admitted Larisa Korolev, Director of FOK "Akron", to talk about this for a long time, it is difficult, but the fact is that even with these prices rather big sports facilities still are not worth. Therefore, the follow on. His choice has to do on the basis of very different parameters.
Last week, the Internet suddenly became popular a simple photo. A foreign journalist made him one of the Olympic facilities in Sochi. Nothing special - two brand new, brand-new toilet, standing, albeit in a bathroom at a distance, so to speak, arm. Zest foreign Ostrets, wondering why they need it, cool quickly: "In any situation, Russian prefer to stick together." And rightly so!
This is what we all? Of course, changing rooms and showers to the municipal swimming pool. Visitors to the Palace of Sports in the Tithe no, no yes and complain showers there is no door, no privacy. Proponents of the pool in the central arena only laugh at it: we not only booths without doors, they also face each other. For more fun and it was a heap.
So - on the problems of choice. At the critical moment of decision Novgorod talk like this.
In the arena of the Central water does not smell of chlorine - is a plus. But you can not dive because he suspiciously shallow pool - and a minus. In the locker room all clean, white, brilliant - that's a plus. But this is new is already beginning to break, in the women's shower problem with cranes: often does not work, the other flows, hairdryers too are failing - it's a minus. There are individual lockers for storing clothes - plus, but they are too narrow - minus. No problem with parking, although it happens that it is necessary to park at a nearby housing, but there are problems with queues. More here give just two keys - for the wardrobe and lockers for dressing rooms, which in the pool except, sorry, in the melt can be hidden for safekeeping of personal belongings. Or leave the package with a towel in the shower - it's a minus.
In turn, in the pool at the Tithe has a division on track for active and passive sailing - that's a plus. But there is chlorinated water that is certainly - minus. The pool is located in the center of the city - that's a plus, but in water you can spend half an hour instead of the same 45 minutes to Central Arena - minus. Some days in the price includes a visit to a sauna - plus.
In the locker room, "Akron" clean and neat - that's a plus, but again crowded - minus. Water is not a strong smell of chlorine - a plus, but it is always different temperatures: it is normal, the cold - minus. It has its own sauna - that's a plus, but the queue to purchase a new subscription is enormous - it is a minus. However, the difference between a loan and a single visit is not so great - it's ... This is the final loss of any landmarks.

they exist
According to experts, even in Novgorod suddenly there will be four and five swimming pools, a stream of citizens who want to freshen up is exhausted, and during peak hours on the track will close.
- For a long time Novgorod use the services of our pool, I would even say that we have established a friendly staff - says Nina Kaiser, head of the pool AkvaMix at the school number 34 in Veliky Novgorod. - We therefore easy to trace the trend - the growing popularity akvafitnessa. Five years ago we only takes two groups a week, but now every day for several hours set aside for group aerobics. Men are unlikely to be interested, but women love it. Help universally abolished, but just in case we decided to leave them, and all are very happy with this fact.
The same principle works in the school and the pool number 16 in Derevyanitsy.
The townspeople are pleased to invite "a visit" small pools in the kindergartens of Veliky Novgorod. Of particular interest to the population density and attendance of the administration appeared after transition to autonomy institutions. Expanse and unknown depths in such pools can not be expected, but still - water.
Special mention deserves the handsome pool in the SPA-center "Birch". Comfortable, cool, solid and very expensive, but, meanwhile, is also in demand. But that's another story.
Help is not required
By the way, some of Novgorod (and not so little) from visiting the pool keeps too lazy to go to the doctors in order to get help, which allows to swim in the "public water". So, it helps to visit the pool abolished in 2003 when the Federal Service approved the new SanPiN (, on which in the "quiet" epidemiological adults can do without health care mandates. This provision has become superfluous, he said then the head of the sanitary department Gennady Onishchenko. Practice has shown that the likelihood of ill after visiting the pool is very low.
Today definitely need help only the children of preschool and early school age. They must undergo parasitological examinations on enterobiasis before taking to the swimming group not less than once every three months, and at a single visit - every time, if the gap between the "swims" more than two months.
Adult help is required only in the event of an unfavorable sanitary and epidemiological situation of diseases that can be transmitted through the water of swimming pools. These include adenoviral pharyngoconjunctival fever, athlete ("swimmers itch"), viral hepatitis A, dysentery, tuberculosis of the skin, fungal skin diseases, enterobiasis, giardiasis, amoebic meningoencephalitis, poliomyelitis and others. Then the administration of pools given provision does not let visitors without a medical examination and related analysis. Has anyone heard that Russia declared "state of emergency" at least one of the above diseases?



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