One of the units Rospotrebnazora plans to buy furniture for 17 million rubles

One of the divisions of Rospotrebnadzor planned acquisition of furniture sets, totaling more than 16, 8 million rubles. Under the terms of the announced competition, the required furniture must be received by the customer in two phases: April and June this year.

Russian Research Institute for Plague Control "Microbe", is a structural unit Rospotrebnadzora requires suppliers of furniture in large quantities. The total amount is more than 16, 8 million rubles. According to the information on the site of the state order, is scheduled to hold two auctions, their results will be determined by the company, and realize that "microbes" necessary furniture. The last day of the reception of documents for participation in the auction is January 31 of this year. Winners will be announced on February 6th. Laboratory of the Institute "Microbe", located in the first and fifth corps institutions, under the terms of the competition are required to equip the laboratory tables and chairs, tables, wardrobes, three-, metal cabinets, filing cabinets, racks and other furniture. Transfer to the customer purchased the furniture should take place in two stages: April (housing number 1) and June (for the body number 5). Given the specifics of the employees of the Russian Research Anti-Plague Institute "Microbe" special attention to enterprises supplying the winner of the auction, should be given flexibility, quality and reliability of metal filing cabinets. Filing cabinets must be made of environmentally friendly materials in accordance with the highest European standards of quality, certified production. At the same time, minor repairs do not require highly skilled professionals call.


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