Army of Georgia

Yesterday in the Georgian-Abkhazian conflict was another incident in which Russian peacekeepers were involved. Georgian Interior Ministry reported a shootout between members of law enforcement bodies of the republic and the Russian military, which took place in the Zugdidi district, near the Inguri River.
What is it like to Georgian army?

In 2002-2004. under the "Train and Equip" Georgia received 64 million. dollars, and in the program of "maintaining stability operations" only the fourth stage spent 60 million. dollars. The third American program "Financing of arms purchases from foreign countries" will provide the 11, 9 million. Dollars. But there is also a free aid of the United States, which carried out the program "Financing of arms purchases by foreign states (FMF)» and "Training of foreign specialists (IMET)». As FMF and IMET programs in 2005, the United States allocated 11, 9 and 1, 4 million. Dollars, respectively (in 2006 and 2007, funding maintained at the 2005 level).

Surprisingly, according to some experts, the US trainers and advisers, even taking a direct part in the Georgian aggression against South Ossetia in the summer of 2004. So, as part of the Joint Staff, which is led by Georgian troops, operated 11 CIA and US Army officers. It was also found that the composition of the Georgian helicopter unit were two American crew trained to fly at night and having a carrying equipment for night flying. In addition, the combat units directly participating in hostilities, were 25 more military trainers and advisers from across the ocean.

Not far behind Washington and Kiev. Start development of Ukrainian-Georgian military-technical cooperation was given in March 2005, the signing of a bilateral agreement between the state company "Ukrspetsexport" and the Defense Ministry of Georgia. It was declared as the fulfillment of the agreements between Presidents Viktor Yushchenko and Saakashvili. In particular, the agreement provided for the training of officers of the Georgian Armed Forces in the Ukrainian military academies, the creation of tank repair production in Georgia. Since then, Ukraine has supplied ally complex radar 36D6M, anti-aircraft missile complexes "Osa" and "Beech", small arms and ammunition, self-propelled guns, helicopters Mi-8 and Mi-24, T-72 tanks, BTR-80, combat BMP-2. On the military enterprises of Ukraine repairs and modernization of the Georgian armament.

In October last year the sale of Ukrainian weapons Tbilisi confirmed the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada. Thus, the parliamentarian Georgy Kryuchkov said he was ready to be sent in Tbilisi further SAM "Wasp" missiles "ground-to-air" and Su-27. According to him, put tanks (40 units) paid, and "other future delivery" Americans pay.

Czech Republic has supplied small arms to Georgia, T-72 tanks, SAU SPH-77 Dana, mortars, multiple rocket launchers RM-70, as well as shells, mines and rockets to them. Currently, Tbilisi is in talks with Prague to sell ten combat aircraft L-159. This is reported even Czech media, referring to the words of the first deputy defense minister of the Czech Republic Martin Bartak. There are indications that the Czech factory Ceska Zbrojovka reached a preliminary agreement with the Georgian leadership on the 4000 sale of firearms.

Lithuania gave Georgia small arms and both his frigate - "Zemaitis" and "Aukshtaytis" received once from Russia. Latvia - small arms and communications equipment of Soviet manufacture. Greece - Three boats, including one missile "Dioscuria." Israel - the latest machines TAR-21 Tavor, devices and night vision sights. And the Israeli company Elbit Systems Ltd has upgraded the Georgian Su-25.

Attacking force

Official data of military-technical potential of Georgia can not reflect the real picture. The information presented in Tbilisi international organizations and abundance of AME sun does not always correspond to reality. This is due primarily to the fact that under the existing conflicts, Georgia is trying to distort something.

Today, its armed forces consist of the Ground Forces, Air Force and Air Defense, Navy and National Guard. The total number - about 25 thousand. People (according to other sources - up to 31 ths.). Mobilization reserve - 100 thousand. In 2007 the number of trained reservists should amount to 20 battalions. The official number: 19 411 officers, corporals and privates, 6843 inductee, 618 civilian personnel. Total about 27 thousand. According to the agreement on partnership with NATO, the number should not exceed 25 000, but Georgia refers to these same recruits 6000, which, according to official Tbilisi until constitute "ballast". In addition, Saakashvili recently said: "The whole country is ready to ensure that Georgia will soon have to end equipped, trained armed forces in the composition of at least 100 thousand people».


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