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Exactly a week in Russia to enter into force the federal law "On Police". Personally, I do not believe that from this reform will be a special sense. Having visited the Krasnaya Polyana and mingle with the local traffic police officers, it is not possible that in a week these people will change, they will learn the laws and respect the will of ordinary citizens and take care of their security. I do not want to offend honest policemen, but I rarely come across such.

Last year, I spent two days in the company of Georgian police officers. Prior to Saakashvili, the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs was considered synonymous with corruption, lawlessness and thieves in law (well, just like us!), But now the citizens related to this department completely opposites - Georgian Interior Ministry enjoys the trust of 87% of the population, as before reforming this percentage was lower 10. Specifically, our reformers can learn from their Georgian colleagues.

In the words of Zhirinovsky: Russia can be saved only two options - the real and the fantastic.
Real - is if aliens arrive and do everything for us.
Fantastic - if we do everything ourselves.

Rashid Nurgaliev: "Renaming the police to the police is not a" change of signs "and" deep reform »» ...
According to head of financial management of the Interior Ministry Svetlana Perova it follows that "about 500 million will go to the production of new signs for buildings and stickers for company cars. Another billion rubles will be spent on the production of badges for the police (the cost of one sign will be 800-1000 rubles). " Billion rubles for the badges!

In 2004, immediately after the victory of Saakashvili in the elections, they were fired the heads of all power structures of Georgia - and, as usual, the main target of the reformers was the traffic police. Misha (not familiarity - so-called president, even on the official websites) delivered an ultimatum: if during the week on the roads do not stop extortions, then after the interior minister would be fired all police. We have the same Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev to dismiss anyone not going to ...

After the reform in the first months of patrols air was filled with leading broadcasters personnel bribery new "traffic cop" that were filmed with a hidden camera intelligence agents. Caught on a bribe of $ 50 went to prison for 10 years. It was not until as long as their colleagues did not understand that you can not take. During the first day of the law "On Police patrol" operation lost about 15 thousand policemen. Then the same amount. Three months Georgia has lived without traffic police. At this time, we recruit and train new employees, and are usually young and without experience in the "old" Police: Staff has been updated to 85%! (in Russia as in 2012 will be dismissed only 20% of police officers).

For the employees of the new "patrols" have been purchased by thousands of the new Volkswagen Passat, Opel and Skoda which they have become quite successful chase criminals on the streets.
It is clear that not only the servicemen planted, but the crooks of all kinds, from thieves to small pickpockets. Result? Near grocery store stopped Honda - and the driver went shopping, leaving open doors and windows. The ignition key was ... It is said that all thieves, or sit, or fled to Russia.

At the same time the authorities have launched a campaign to popularize the police. On the streets posted billboards with pictures of smiling "patrols" of both sexes. Police were invited - the American way - to school, to those conducted lessons. Georgian criminals instead of children began to play cops who catch these criminals. For several years, the Georgian policemen did not take bribes - and, according to polls, the police rely on 87% of the population: a great authority uses only the Orthodox Church. Georgian police - second only to God! Ordinary citizens say that getting rid of the traffic police was a great relief for the people.

Across Georgian police moved: part - luxury villa thieves who fled the country after the adoption of legislation to combat organized crime and other states to build new buildings. Moreover, Saakashvili ordered, their main feature - complete transparency.

Indeed, all new police station built of concrete and glass so that any passer-by could see what was happening inside. The new building of the Interior Ministry in Tbilisi - the same "glass", but it is an imitation of transparency. In addition, the approaches are sentries - and without close escort are not allowed.

You can compare our Georgian police post and police station. "There is little private rooms, no secret small rooms where people are tortured, - says Ekaterina Zguladze (Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia). - There is a common space where the whole department sitting together and working, and you can not just take our word for it, but it is easily seen from the street ».

Bribery is gone immediately. Head of Department of the Georgian Interior Ministry Shota Utiashvili of the reform:
"The main consequence of the reforms was the real fight against corruption in the country. In the field of combating bribery we warned police that the bribes we put them. As a result, in 2005 alone, more than 200 police officers have been planted for bribery. In 2006, there were even more, and only then the number of police officers arrested for bribery, began to decline.

The second important aspect of the fight against corruption is the sharp increase of salaries to all employees of the Interior Ministry. For example, in 2004, my salary was only 100 GEL (70 USD), and now in 2300 GEL (about 1610 US dollars). That is, my salary during this period grew by 23 times.

Thirdly, the heads have stopped demanding tribute from his subordinates, some of which they had allowed themselves and the top of the broadcast.
In addition, many had to lay off. In particular, if Shevardnadze, the Interior Ministry, there were about 70 thousand employees, now in police departments and security, members of the Interior Ministry, there are 16 thousand employees. In place of the dismissed take new people - younger and more motivated.

One of the consequences of reforming the Ministry of Interior was a new system of recruitment of staff. So, if Shevardnadze young employee for employment in the Ministry of Internal Affairs had to pay a bribe, but now it is gone. Currently, there are 4-stage system of selection of members of the MUP, which consists of numerous tests. »

After returning from Batumi to Tbilisi Podorozhansky and I joined two patrol officers. Behind the wheel of a police Octavia - Major Robert, right - Senior Lieutenant Alexander. Both the police for six years, both ride unfastened, and Robert prodernut belt behind the back seats (on country roads belts already mandatory, but in settlements until the end of the year you can ride without a seat). Robert goes confidently, but road markings is almost all the time between the wheels of his Skoda. When Michael jokingly asked, why not save the budget - and opt out of markup, Robert began to adhere to all tiering.

Robert said that in Tbilisi, particularly stringent belong to arrival for a stop-line at banning traffic light. And the police patrol this is not followed: at the crossroads of installed cameras and the monitoring center fix violations - and send drivers "chain letters" with a prescription for a month to pay the fine. The intruder can enter the site www.police.ge, enter the password specified in the letter - and view the incriminating video segment. You can immediately write a letter of justification, and if deemed weighty arguments, the penalty can be avoided.
My personal opinion - the system works obviously not 100%. Tbilisi still drive pretty badly, and in theory, every third day must come penalties ...

Fearing that in Georgia - American style - is not accepted or forbidden to ask about income, Michael Marshall question correctly:
- Is it possible to ask about the level of salaries?
Can! At the senior officer Robert - about 750 dollars, and Alexander - about 500. Georgian standards, with an average salary of about $ 200, not bad. Although very successful Moscow cops these figures, of course, rassmeshat: "In a day or a month?" In a month! And only the "white", and the salary does not depend on the number of protocols or penalties. In addition to the salary the police other than social benefits, insurance, holiday and so on.

I say - choosing his words, Robert. - If before Gad was the one who lay, will hand over his, now a traitor who take a bribe, who fills his children.
Almost six years of post-reform legal consciousness in the police reached the "point of no return", but everything is going to. For a bribe will be sent on the bench, not only those who took and gave, and concealers. Although in recent patrol officers are increasingly satisfied with the "bases" is not so much to identify the bribe (the problem no longer relevant) how to control the execution of all duties.

On the roadway runs guy and waving. Stops. Young father walking a child and found the purse.

Senior Lieutenant Alexander found in the wallet the insurance certificate, found in the data center owner's cell phone number and called him (in all police mobile communication free).

Fifteen minutes later, the purse was grateful for the family in full.
Maybe it just was "set up»?
- We do not know, but what's the difference? We did everything as it should.
Except shouts in a loudspeaker on a car parked almost in the middle of the road or had gone to the right turn from the leftmost row, something no more incidents during our watch was not.

In addition to monitoring the traffic police patrol is obliged to react to any signal - whether it's missing cell phone, a fight or rape. At the same time in Tbilisi on duty about a hundred patrol crews, each of which is assigned a sector of the city, and in such a way to "flight time" no more than two or three minutes. If you receive an alarm "local" crew is busy or turned in a remote area, will jump from a nearby patrol car "square": for an excuse like "it's not my field," you can lose your job.

Car traffic on the universal recognition of motorists and truckers, are incomparably more comfortable than in other countries in the region: the cargo, the more cars, the patrol car stops only as a last resort and only for traffic violation. At the same time they check the goods strictly prohibited.

Unlike Azerbaijan and Russia in Georgia, we have not met a single policeman standing on the sidelines.
- What for? - Robert is responsible. - And what a police officer without a car can help people if something happens? And if the plug, we have a division on scooters - will pass through any traffic jam.

This driver was driving too fast and stopped behind the stop line at traffic lights. As Alexander said, he will have a fine by mail, but it still stopped and checked the documents. Already processing photos in Moscow, I noticed that we went to the patrol car without license plates in the front. I wonder why?

At the disposal of the patrol is the "official" breathalyzers "If the bulb lights up first - sober, if the second - can be a good person to warn and to let go, but if the third - should be punished." Judging by the characteristics of the standing armed Georgian police Korean breathalyser Sentech Alcoscan AL 1100 (they had already taken out of production), a gradation in the range from zero to 0, 2 ppm, 0, 2 ppm to 0, 5, and finally 0, 5 ppm and above. That is the critical threshold - 0, 5 ppm. A sentence such: fell for the first time - a fine of 200 GEL, while the second - deprivation of rights for a year.

Georgian police are not hiding in the bush - in the dark crews are obliged to always keep flashing light activated, so that they could be seen. For six days in Georgia, we have not stopped even once! And when we went back to Russia and is reached to Mineralnye Vody, we slowed down seven times!
Although there was a case, when the crew of Batumi police deliberately taxied it to us:
With the front passenger seat comes lieutenant, he puts on his cap and straightens his tie:
- Good evening. Tell me, can we give you something to help?
We thank you, explain what we are waiting for the guys, went in search of accommodation.
- Let us help you find us a hotel!
- No, thank you, guys will arrive soon.
- And with the machines all right, do not need help?
- Thank you, thank you ...
- If you need anything, call "zero twenty-two" - and we'll come in a minute. Welcome to Batumi!

But my recent conversation with the traffic police in Sochi, compare:
We were looking for a car wash and stopped to ask where to wash from standing on the side of employees. I have a camera hanging around his neck.
- Hello, prompt, please, where we can wash the car?
- We shoot-smoking, now there is a special action. Medvedev and Putin will arrive.
- I did not shoot, you tell me where the nearest car wash? (I'm really not going to photograph them, they surrendered to me)
- No, that's why the camera? Now a special operation, visitors generally prohibited to shoot! Bring me ka car documents.
- Alla, I ask you, where we can wash the car!
- And ... Three kilometers ahead and look to the left there is a car wash.
I left the documents was not going to show.

The next day we went to Mikhail service agency Interior Ministry, where they take exams issued driver's licenses, and put off the register cars, weapons register. Friday, about four o'clock in the evening - and no queues. Hard to believe that every day is to serve up to two thousand people ...

Rarely withdrawal and registration, including customs clearance, take more than fifteen minutes, - says Levan Sanadze, director of inter-district service agency under the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Tbilisi. - Usually nine or ten minutes. Do not believe? Did you talk to the drivers.
I did not believe, and personally asked several people with new numbers in hand, how much time they spent on their production. All answers about 10-15 minutes!


The system made sure that people did not waste time and nerves. Near the Interior Ministry is the largest automobile market of the Caucasus, on the forty acres. It operates a police officer checks the VIN, and the seller or the buyer need not even be there: ENTERED information into the computer - and it was immediately see here. A host can already choose their own number.
We come to the likeness of a payment terminal with a touch screen. You vvodide letters and numbers, which would like to see on a new license plate. If this sign has already been issued, the computer offers another option to think about. If the combination is free, then you will see the price. The most expensive sign (for example, with your name or only sevens or units) will cost ten thousand lari (about $ 6,000), where the mark consists of three letters and three numbers, but without the hyphen between them - about 700 lari (about $ 400).

If you are satisfied with the usual "next" sign, then immediately come to the bar and have without any overpayments.

The ten steps are cash, will not need to run.

Orders for the production of individual numbers are performed in an adjacent building. Levan leads us into the studio, where with the help of simple plates and presses churning out number one policeman and the other rolls the paint on them.

- And, in Georgia there rooms- "ATVs»?
Sanadze smiles proudly:
- We do not have room thieves! There is not even room for the police! We can not be so. For example, I'm a cop. If I break and another police stop me and I'll show him a certificate or a police officer say, "Let go, brother, I'm from the police," - I get fired.

Indeed, we have seen the number on the car turned out to be the most common director.

At the request of a room can be both oblong "European" and "square", with no additional cost. In the production of "custom" numbers out for about three minutes.

Old number was cut in half and collected in huge piles. Every six months, the agency auctioned tons of aluminum scrap - and earn a few thousand dollars.

Then we were told about the order of the exams to obtain driver's licenses.
After a moment's paperwork applicant is lined with monitors in the next room - and rents theory. Half an hour to thirty questions, a maximum of three errors. Medical certificates is not only a test for color blindness before taking the theory.


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