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Exactly a week in Russia to enter into force the federal law "On Police". Personally, I do not believe that from this reform will be a special sense. Having visited the Krasnaya Polyana and mingle with the local traffic police officers, it is not possible that in a week these people will change, they will learn the laws and respect the will of ordinary citizens and take care of their security. I do not want to offend honest policemen, but I rarely come across such.

Last year, I spent two days in the company of Georgian police officers. Prior to Saakashvili, the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs was considered synonymous with corruption, lawlessness and thieves in law (well, just like us!), But now the citizens related to this department completely opposites - Georgian Interior Ministry enjoys the trust of 87% of the population, as before reforming this percentage was lower 10. Specifically, our reformers can learn from their Georgian colleagues.

In the words of Zhirinovsky: Russia can be saved only two options - the real and the fantastic.
Real - is if aliens arrive and do everything for us.
Fantastic - if we do everything ourselves.

Rashid Nurgaliev: "Renaming the police to the police is not a" change of signs "and" deep reform »» ...
According to head of financial management of the Interior Ministry Svetlana Perova it follows that "about 500 million will go to the production of new signs for buildings and stickers for company cars. Another billion rubles will be spent on the production of badges for the police (the cost of one sign will be 800-1000 rubles). " Billion rubles for the badges!

In 2004, immediately after the victory of Saakashvili in the elections, they were fired the heads of all power structures of Georgia - and, as usual, the main target of the reformers was the traffic police. Misha (not familiarity - so-called president, even on the official websites) delivered an ultimatum: if during the week on the roads do not stop extortions, then after the interior minister would be fired all police. We have the same Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev to dismiss anyone not going to ...

After the reform in the first months of patrols air was filled with leading broadcasters personnel bribery new "traffic cop" that were filmed with a hidden camera intelligence agents. Caught on a bribe of $ 50 went to prison for 10 years. It was not until as long as their colleagues did not understand that you can not take. During the first day of the law "On Police patrol" operation lost about 15 thousand policemen. Then the same amount. Three months Georgia has lived without traffic police. At this time, we recruit and train new employees, and are usually young and without experience in the "old" Police: Staff has been updated to 85%! (in Russia as in 2012 will be dismissed only 20% of police officers).

For the employees of the new "patrols" have been purchased by thousands of the new Volkswagen Passat, Opel and Skoda which they have become quite successful chase criminals on the streets.
It is clear that not only the servicemen planted, but the crooks of all kinds, from thieves to small pickpockets. Result? Near grocery store stopped Honda - and the driver went shopping, leaving open doors and windows. The ignition key was ... It is said that all thieves, or sit, or fled to Russia.

At the same time the authorities have launched a campaign to popularize the police. On the streets posted billboards with pictures of smiling "patrols" of both sexes. Police were invited - the American way - to school, to those conducted lessons. Georgian criminals instead of children began to play cops who catch these criminals. For several years, the Georgian policemen did not take bribes - and, according to polls, the police rely on 87% of the population: a great authority uses only the Orthodox Church. Georgian police - second only to God! Ordinary citizens say that getting rid of the traffic police was a great relief for the people.


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