As the motorcade of US President Obama travels to New York (27 photos)

We have already seen many times, both for the motorcade Putin overlap streets of the capital and St. Petersburg.
And this time, I suggest you look at how the US president travels through the streets of New York.

The first difference is that Obama is flying in a helicopter, and it does not need to cover the entire city,
and it is enough to close the road from the landing of the helicopter to the destination. And it greatly changes the situation.
The second difference is that, for a time span of the road.

Today, the presidential plane landed at John F. Kennedy airport, and from there to a few helicopters Obama
and accompanying headed to Manhattan. After landing, move on cars, drove to the memorial of 9/11,
and then went to the event to raise funds for the election campaign. Just in the range from landing the helicopter,
prior to departure from the memorial and I caught the motorcade of US President in his lens.

In the morning I read the news about the arrival of Obama. Read and forgotten. And in the afternoon,
stumbled upon a small crowd of onlookers standing near the helipad in lower Manhattan.
On the site itself has stood the presidential motorcade cars.

Well, the car of the president of course. They are actually two.

Then I remembered the morning news and decided to look at the matter more closely.
I went to the terminal for ferries to Staten Island. Up to this point of the President's visit to the city does not remind you,
but as soon as I get closer, as the police began to appear in large numbers, and blocked the streets for pedestrians.

Police was not much, but a lot. I did not even imagine that it could be so much in the city.
Himself Heliport is on the water, next to a busy highway called FDR drive.
(FDR is Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States). Accordingly, in order to leave out the president's motorcade,
it is necessary to block this route. Heliport on the photo to the right of the green signs that in the middle.

Was not to come closer, as all blocked for pedestrians. But not for cars. Vehicles without problems went.
The police as soon as customized drivers.

Finally came the first helicopters. Black Helicopter US Marine Corps.

Followed by the second. The movement is not blocked, the machine free ride.

Gray helicopter also belongs to the Marine Corps.

Along the way, watching the cork out of the machines. Without traffic jams still not done.
Although by Moscow standards it is not plug and so congestion at the traffic lights.

Five minutes later I reach to the exit of the tunnel. Here watch dumbfounded guy,
who left the underground parking and suddenly saw a bunch of street and covered with police.

The movement of the tunnel has already blocked in both directions. On the road, there are two police cars with flashing lights included.

People on the street stands and waits for passage of Obama.

At 17.50 the tunnel appears motorcade. At 17.43 I was shooting coming to the landing the helicopter. 7 minutes ago here even drove the car.
After the motorcade streets were deserted for a few minutes.

At 17.53 on him again allowed transport. Total traffic was closed exactly ten (10) minutes for the passage of the US president.
All the time I took photos. After the Russian reality it was like something unusual.

But I was dissatisfied with the angles, and decided to remove the motorcade once again, what went in the direction of Memorial 9/11.
took the bus on the way to the police livery.

After going for a memorial under construction and tower of the WTC I stumbled on motorcycles from the presidential motorcade that stood on the sidelines.
Decided to wait here. While waiting, my son sat on one of the motorcade of motorcycles and photographed.

I'm not a fan of motorcycles, but these are good. This Harley Davidson Road King.

The police are on their ride. This unit employees Highway patrol.
Their original form: cap with soft top, riding breeches with blue and white stripes and high leather boots.
In cold weather they are brutal leather jacket.

Nearby were plainclothes police detectives. These girl came with her son and asked to be photographed.
Mol son loves special agent. Policemen happy to pose for a long time and then it pereshuchivalis. Their black cars.

Yet there were several police cars escort. In the back seat sat Secret Service,
they can be distinguished by the small icons on his lapel.

At 18.39 police cars blocking traffic again.

Motorcyclists are got.

And lined up waiting for the motorcade.

At 18.45 there is a presidential motorcade. Obama was riding in the second car, and no one waved. Probably was busy.

Immediately after passing all odds.

The police began to remove obstacles. While the barrier is a strong word.
I stood at the hole between the iron barriers, and all worried that my son does not come out under the wheels.

When sailing on the ferry home, I took the presidential helicopter.


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