Travel to Ingushetia, an appointment to the President

Travel to Ingushetia, there is everything: communication with ordinary people, walking on Nazran and even a meeting with the president. Let's look at the beauty of this country and read what the author tells of his journey.

About the meeting right on the platform we met the motorcade of President of Ingushetia Yunus-Bek Yevkurov. I went to the residence of reservations President Mercedes. "You are my guests, I ordered you to send for his motorcade." Already at the meeting, he asked one of the assistants to: - meet, all right? - Yes, all is well! - A plane what? New? - Yes! - Similarly, a new one? - Well ... standard ...

In the capital of Ingushetia, the airline flew the airplane "Cosmos". Our flight was delayed 4 hours, as it turned out, the airline decided to earn a charter flight and the plane was delayed slightly. It is worth noting that like most Russian airlines in the "Cosmos" manage to slip passengers shovels service with collapsing plane at prices several times higher than the European air carriers.

The cortege proceeded to the residence of the President.

31 October 2008 candidacy Yevkurov President of the Republic was introduced and cured by the National Assembly of the Republic of Ingushetia. The new president of Ingushetia, rejected the inauguration in order to save the republican budget and took the oath immediately after its approval. First meeting with the citizens of the new leader decided to hold in the central mosque of Nazran.

Leaders of the opposition within the country, which links the name of the former president, Murat Zyazikov with the aggravation of the crime situation in the country, and accused him of planning the murder of one of the leaders of the opposition, Magomed Yevloyev, supported the appointment of Yevkurov and expressed readiness to assist the new authorities and "direct all forces in to help restore political control over the situation ».

Yunus-Bek Yevkurov, born July 29, 1963 in the village in a large Tarskoe Ingush family: he has six brothers and five sisters. He ended that same school in Beslan, which later underwent terrorist seizure of September 1, 2004. Passed military service in the Far East from 1982 to 1984 in the country's air defense forces. After the service has been recommended for the exams in the Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School. He served in command positions in the Airborne. He took part in counter-terrorist operations in the North Caucasus. In particular, the detachment of Lieutenant Colonel Yevkurov, performing one of the tasks of the exploration area, and found rescued from Chechen captivity 12 Russian servicemen. In June 1999, Yevkurov was in Serbo-Bosnian town of Ugljevik (Serb. Ugљevik) as part of the Russian contingent in Bosnia and Herzegovina under the auspices of SFOR. June 12, he commanded a division of Russian paratroopers that entered Kosovo and occupied the airport Slatina, passing 500 km 7, 5 hours ahead of the troops of other countries and thereby ensuring the Russian presence in Kosovo after the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. April 13, 2000, Yunus-bek Yevkurov was awarded the title Hero of the Russian Federation, with the award of "Gold Star". According to Yevkurov - a throw of Russian paratroopers to Pristina. Since 2004 - Guard colonel, deputy chief of the Intelligence Department, then Deputy Chief of Staff of the Volga-Urals Military District (Ekaterinburg).

In the chat Yevkurov was very simple and nice person. He does not leave unpleasant issues, said simply and to the point, without pathos political slogans. Some time ago, the president started a blog on LiveJournal [info] evkurov and wrote the first record, "Hello, Russia - our common home!". After this blog for a long time is not updated. It is caused by the fact that Yevkurov going to blog personally, rather than outsource it to aides and press service. Therefore, there will not be a great post. Recently he gave iPads, with his help, he's going to communicate on the Internet as soon as the residence will be wireless internet.

The meeting lasted for several hours, during which we discussed a lot of issues. Below I will give a few quotes. Unfortunately, I did not have a voice recorder, and all I had to write down word for word, but the words of the president passed as close as possible.

About your phone The president has the phone number of which was published in local newspapers. Any resident can complain directly Evkorovu. Unfortunately, people do not really understand the meaning of such "hot numbers". President expected to hear complaints of corruption, the drug problem of gangsters, but instead reads the message about the lack of water and lost cows. Since the number became much popular in the early days, he was soon replaced. Calls on the president did not respond, only reads sms. "Are you calling me? And they themselves have tried to solve the problem? By the head of the district drawn? The administration has been accessed? I can not decide everything. "About religion Despite the fact that Yevkurov himself a religious man, he believes that the overreliance on youth only harms Islam. "They do not understand what is right and what is not. The boys go to study in other regions, and there, instead of going to college devote themselves only to the study of Islam, going every night. The leaders of the extremists only waiting. I recently visited one of the hostels, the guys in the room except for Arabic literature is nothing. They came to learn that? Arabic or mathematics? Where do they come from? And we had honors! I had to ask parents to explain. "About the behavior of a party not ignored the issue is not always correct the behavior of Caucasian young people in other regions. "I agree, are defiant, are rude! We say: "Whose going Arba, that song and sing." In general, the Koran does not say that you need to respect their elders, or only women, all must be respected, but not everyone understands this. But do not forget that when a young person comes, for example, in Moscow, it seems to him that all he is treated as insurgents and bandits. Part of this behavior is the protection of the attitude to it, and here it is necessary to change the state system. "Pro Machine" Before, I had a small motorcade, only 3 cars. We moved slowly, 90 kilometers per hour. The result was what got. 2 people died ... Now 8, part armored. Before that was nine, ninety-ninth, then bought supported by Mitsubishi and immediately realized the difference, BMW. The Volga Federal District went to the Audi A6. "June 22, 2009 at 9 o'clock in the morning there was an attempt on the president of Ingushetia. When passing presidential motorcade in the district "Center-Kamaz" the city of Nazran escort car tried to push the car «Toyota», slowly moving on the side of the road; the driver made a maneuver and drove into the middle of the convoy; Soon an explosion. As a result, one of the guards of President of Ingushetia, died on the spot; President Yevkurov and two more people were hospitalized with injuries of varying severity. Yevkurov condition was described as "heavy." About gifts "gifts give a lot, but expensive gifts I do not like such gifts peredarivat. Hours gave me President Medvedev. In the lobby of the residence of the museum I want to make gifts to the next presidency too, could stand. "About the happiest moment" the happiest time of my bedt when I can go without protection. "About the camera" It's hard to get used to the camera. Throughout his life, he was a military man, he worked in intelligence. So why run, and caught up with me ... Now all was for life. "Of Dissent" Dissatisfied more. In normal power all can not be satisfied. »

In the photo the entire fleet of the president. In the background can be seen the new house. The cost of four-room apartment in the new capital of Magas - 3-4 million rubles. A plot of land in the capital worth half a million, while in rural areas 10 times cheaper.

After the meeting, we went to dinner.

I think you should not say that we have taken very good.

The first dinner was in the house of Ramzan Ugurchieva sister, chairman of the Youth Parliament of Ingushetia.

In Magas has one hotel, but it is not popular. It is impossible to imagine that a person came to Ingushetia and he had nowhere to spend the night. Anyone would be happy to feed and shelter at his guest.

Late in the evening we went to the mountains. The border with Georgia is a few kilometers away. We pass the border guard post.

Alcohol is not sold in Ingushetia. Although there is no official ban, shops prefer not to sell hard liquor because of the attack of hooligans. Tents and shops with alcohol burn and rob at night. For alcohol go to the neighboring regions.

They began at 6 am, the streets were dark. I really wanted to meet in gorazo dawn, but instead met by rain clouds.

In the village Erzi are fighting towers. The village has a few dozen residential and battle towers built of boulders and delivered directly to the mainland. Martial towers reach a height of 25-30 meters and a width of the wall at the foot to 6 meters. Of them will be a separate post.

Upstairs working old man, every day he climbs the hill and built the barn.

Several years ago, the floods, the village was washed away by water, it has recently been rebuilt higher up the slope.

In Ingeshetii is the law - a man can not see my mother in law and father in law. He makes every effort to avoid meeting with them, even if he sees, try to hide to avoid being noticed.

"I feel ashamed for the Caucasus. Young people do not always know how to behave. But freaks have any people. Garbage floats on the surface and attracts attention. »

About the fact that most irritates Moscow "When she smokes." "When the girls kiss." When men kissing, it's so great horror and a terrible shame that did not even discuss. "Prejudice against police check documents with partiality, dig about, and without trying to show strength." "Disrespect for elders. When I see a young man rude old people I'm ready to break it. I can not explain why ... "" homeless or drunk, we have no such. One can not be without a home, it can not be a family, we will always help you. »

"Man will not swim with the woman." In general, as I understand it, the problem with a dip. A woman may swim in a bathrobe. In the bath, as I said, men can not undress at each other.

Since the 80s there were Olympic poles.

About cops and road road in Ingushetia excellent. Yam No signs, rumble strips - all right. But people drive aggressively. For a speed nobody watches, belts, too, almost no one is fastened, and not penalized for it. There are problems with the offender - police afraid to use weapons for fear of vendetta. Despite this, Yevkurov commanded to restore order on the roads. In case of problems at the traffic police, he personally promised to solve all the issues.

Because of the territorial dispute is not known the exact territory of the republic, so in different sources indicated from 2600 sq km to 3,800 sq km, with most states 3400-3600 sq km.

Magamet - ranger museum guard Gapur Ahrieva. For his work, he receives 5,000 rubles. His wife works here ekskursvodom and gets 6,000 rubles.

They have two children, are very poor.

Children. In this room there is no light. The roof is about to collapse.

This Khamzat. It collects nuts, he calls himself a wanderer.

During the Ossetian-Ingush conflict dor it was destroyed, and he himself and his family was expelled from South Ossetia. UN allocated 350,000 rubles for the construction of a new home, but the authorities have not given Ossetia to build it. "Go in Nazran and it builds his house!" - Said the prosecutor's office the old man. Officially, the reason is: "The impossibility of coexistence between the two peoples." But Khamzat not give up. "The Ingush people are very stubborn, he will die, but do not lose hope of returning to their homeland.»

In the fall of 1992 because of the territorial dispute broke out armed conflict. As a result, the former border was saved, and almost all Ingush population of North Ossetia was forced to move to Ingushetia. The situation around the area still has not been solved.

About the procedure for Vendetta - the main limiting factor in the Caucasus. In Ingushetia, one of the strictest laws in this regard. If in neighboring Chechnya can be solved by money issue and negotiations, but in Ingushetia is virtually impossible. It seemed to me, the worst for the Ingush is a shame. This word is used very often when you need to give a very negative connotation to anything. Touch the woman - shame! Breaking the law - a shame! Smoking and drinking - a shame! And so on. In the mountains lying on the sleeves of different weapons, people are resting. Kalashnikov assault rifle can be bought for 30 000 rubles, the weapons are in almost every home, even though no one opened it and does not say.

Coating Plant. Radio "Echo of Moscow" in Ingushetia is very loved and respected. Half a year nazat broadcasting stopped, but people listen to the radio via the internet on the phones.

The border between Ingushetia and Ossetia. "We do not show off, here in Ossetia show. They are slaves of Russia, buck, so the stronghold of Russia in the North Caucasus. All quickly became Orthodox when it became profitable, in fact as they were pagans, and have remained. But we know what they really think about Russia. Here they beat their breasts "We are with Russia!" - And to the west with the case, complain that their Russian offends and oppresses. "Travel on the territory of North Ossetia, Ingush machine numbers is not safe.

Security ...

President discusses upcoming "Caucasian Games».

The authority of Putin when Aushev (the first president of Ingushetia) was greater than for Zyazikov, although Aushev was Putin opposition politician, but it is honored. In the elections here nobody goes, and why?

One of the most important and basic foodstuffs Ingush and Chechens is meat. Most of the dishes prepared with lamb or poultry in kind. Beef is little used. Not very popular dish of minced meat. A favorite drink - very strong and hot tea.

"When I start something to complain, my mother always says," And the people who were exiled to Kazakhstan, it was not hard? "

January 29, 1944 the head of the NKVD Beria approved the "Instruction on the procedure for eviction of the Chechens and Ingush." Implementation of deportation began on Feb. 23, 1944. In the first day of the settlements were evacuated 333,739 people from this number shipped in trains 176 950. In spite of the heavy snow, the end of February were evicted and loaded into wagons 478,479 people, including 91,250 Ingush. Residents of the republic were allowed to take a load of 500 kilograms per family; immigrants had to pass the cattle and grain - in exchange they received cattle and grain from the local authorities in the new place of residence; Each car was 45 people.

When the president's motorcade has left, the way he blocked the elderly. Unthinkable event for the FSO, but Yevkurov ordered to stop, came to find out what happened.

Security nervous)

It turned out they had lost a son ...

By the way, walk about unaccompanied. Throughout our trip was with us, Ramzan Ugurchiev, chairman of the Youth Parliament of Ingushetia, for which he thanks a lot. He told mnono interesting and always tried to go to meet our wishes. In Nazran, we asked yourself go for a cigarette. But let one of us did not want to, though assured that there is nothing to fear. In the end, we were still able to break away and walk a little. After 2 minutes, we stopped near Silver Lexus GS, there were 2 guys, a maximum age of 18: - Hey, what do you do here? - We? Walking ...
 - Where are you from?
 - Do you?
 - We? From the committee!
 - What committee?
 - Like what? !!! - It seems that is not customary to ask someone from a committee, the question obviously surprised casual acquaintances. - From the investigative committee!
 - And we're out of Moscow!
 - Need any help?
 - No, thank you!
 - Telefonchik not leave?
 - No, we're not alone ...
 - Well, obviously, be careful!
Lexus to slip disappeared around the bend. By the way, for some reason, are considered to be under way from slipping very cool, the more noise and smoke - the better!

Before leaving for Chechnya, have called for the wedding ...

Almost every Sunday, most of the Ingush go to the wedding. Normally invite all relatives friends and neighbors. Weddings are held only at home, in restaurants to celebrate is not accepted. Give the money to the wedding, an average of 1,000 rubles. Close relatives to 5,000 rubles. If cheslvoek very poor, it can not give money, he will gather vice versa summok several products, so that he can take home and feed his family. The average holding weddings in Ingushetia cost of $ 5,000.

The bride is the whole day in the corner and was silent.

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