Treatment gallbladder folk remedies

The gallbladder is a small organ situated below the liver. Its main function is production of bile, which prepares food eaten after gastric digestion intestinal.

The most common diseases affecting the gallbladder are cholecystitis, the bile and cholesterol stones, biliary dyskinesia.
Before treatment of these diseases folk remedies definitely need to talk with the doctor to establish an accurate diagnosis.

Prevention of disease is better than treatment. But sometimes the disease starts to bother you, so come to the aid of a few popular methods for keeping the gallbladder healthy:

1) cleaning the bowel. This is the first stage of prevention. Proven to enema (or any other method).

2) Vegetable and fruit diet. A couple of weeks tolerate without spicy, alcohol, milk, fatty foods, white bread.

3) the Hips. 2 tbsp of the plant boiled in 250 ml water for about half an hour (on low heat). Drink 3 times a day. Before taking drink 1 chicken yolk. Course reception – 2 weeks.

4) Olive oil. It has a powerful solvent effect on the accumulated bile. Reception recommended a 3-fold one hour before eating, squeezed 1 tbsp lemon or grapefruit juice – 3-day course.

5) the Black radish. Squeeze the juice from 1 kg of raw materials. Recommended use is 1 tbsp. l. after 20 min. after eating. The dose is gradually increased to 50 ml. Not recommended gastric ulcer, 12 duodenal ulcer, acute kidney disease.

6) the Yolks of chicken eggs. Recommended in the morning and 1 hour before lunch 2 egg yolks, fresh squeezed lemon juice. Do not use in elevated cholesterol indicators.

When biliary dyskinesia

1. The infusion of oat flakes. 2 tbsp of cereal mixed with boiling water (1 tbsp.). After the expiration of 1 hour to drain. Must be taken in the morning and before bedtime.

2. Apple juice. 1 Cup Apple juice to 1 tbsp of honey. The required 4-fold reception of the day ½ Cup.

3. Cabbage brine. Take equal parts cabbage brine and tomato juice. Recommended usage in the amount of 1 Cup a day.

4. Sage leaves, peppermint leaves, roots of Angelica, caraway fruit, bark buckthorn brittle. Equal parts of the plant are crushed and evenly mixed. Raw materials (1 tablespoon) pour boiling water (0.2 l). Stand in a sealed container for about 1 hour. Before taking strain. It is recommended to drink ½ Cup 3 times a day, and optimally for 0.5 hours before eating.

5. Leaves of bean trefoil, grass celandine, the color of chamomile. All crushed in equal proportions and becomes a smooth mixture. 1 tbsp of raw material is poured 200 ml of boiling water in a tightly sealed container. Waits 1 hour. Before use, filtered. Drink 1 Cup 2 times a day (morning and evening after meals).

For cholecystitis

1. Medical collection A. Sheet walnut (1 tbsp), cikorievej root (1 tsp.), grass celandine (1 tsp) pour 1 Cup of water and boiled for 0.5 h Before use, the drug is cooled and filtered. Recommended 3-fold reception on day 1 glass.

2. Medical collection B. 2 teaspoon peppermint leaves, 1 tsp of hop stems, 3 tsp. of herb Hypericum, 3 tsp. of herb wormwood, 2 tsp airow root grind and mix. 3 tsp resulting mixture pour 1 Cup boiling water and stand 0.5 hours. Drink 1 Cup 2 times a day.

3. Medical collection V. 20 g of marigold flowers, 20 g of yarrow, 15 g of buckthorn bark, 10 g knotweed, 15 g wild chicory, Helichrysum 20 g, 5 g of chamomile mixed and ground. 20 g of the mixture is plunged into 500 ml of cool water (in the dark). In the morning the infusion is brought to the boil and kept on low heat 7 min. to 0.5 hours is aged in a closed container protected from light. It is necessary to take 0.5 cups 4 times a day.

When gallstones

1. Heather broth. Ingredient (1 tbsp) filled with 500 ml of boiling water placed on the fire (about 20 min). Infused 120 minutes after the Drug is taken as a tea.

2. Herbal. Mint, sunflower petals, grass violet tricolor, wild strawberry leaves, corn silk mixed in the proportions 1 to 2 to 1 to 1 to 3. 2 tbsp. l. mixture pour 1 Cup boiling water, insist 20 min. is Recommended 3 times the reception day (for 0.5 hours before meals).

3. Dill broth. 2 tablespoons fennel seeds pour 3 cups boiling water. The broth boiled for about 20 min. Before use, filtered. 100-150 ml. is taken 4x a day. The course period is 3 weeks.

4. Honey-onion mixture. Mix ingredients in equal parts. Recommended 3-fold reception on day 1 tablespoon (a quarter of an hour before meals).



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