Cheapest cities in Europe

Warsaw, Polupolushka capital is one of the cheapest in Europe. Prices of groceries and eating out are quite low, cheap cigarettes and alcohol, with a bottle of local beer for about a dollar a pack of cigarettes just$ 4.50. Apartment in the city center will cost You 488$. Warsaw is a University city with more than 270,000 students. This ensures an interesting circle of friends and a vibrant nightlife. There are also many cultural institutions, bars and great night clubs, festivals constantly. Of the negatives — unemployment rate in Poland is quite high at 13.3%. Consumer prices in Warsaw is 58.61.

Prague, Chepraga, the historic capital of Bohemia, retains much of its artsy charm to this day. With more than ten major museums, numerous theatres, galleries, cinemas and historical sites any cultural enthusiast would be happy to be in this city. The rent for a Studio apartment in the Central part is about$ 617 a month. But living in areas close to the edge will cost about$ 440 per month. Daily life in the city is relatively cheap: prices for public transportation bearable, the cost of groceries is low, and the food in the restaurant costs on average$ 5. With the average cost of a bottle of wine and pack of cigarettes at$ 5 and local Beers for 75c, Prague is also a great place to have a good time. The CPI Prague — 58.48.

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovinia the cost of rental apartments in Sarajevo — a rather strong incentive, a one-bedroom apartment closer to the center a total of 320$ per month. Outside the city centre the cost is reduced to$ 185 per month. Sarajevo is located in the greater Sarajevo valley of Bosnia, surrounded by the Dinaric Alps. It is an economic, political, social and cultural center of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The city is quite fast growing tourist business and the service sector, which makes Sarajevo a popular destination for travel in Eastern Europe. Grocery and restaurants are few tangible for Your budget, and transport costs and do low ($35 per month), while alcohol is traditionally cheap. However, the 15% unemployment rate — one of the problems of the city. This city can be a great base for exploring the attractions of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Index of CIP Sarajevo equal to 52.28.

Bucharest, Romaniabucharest currently experiencing an economic and cultural boom, but the cost of living in the capital of Romania remains low. Bucharest was the capital of Romania since 1862 and is the centre of culture, art and economy. It is the 6th largest city in Europe by population, after Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid and Rome. Bucharest is much cheaper than any of the above cities, although rent for an apartment in the city center is$ 440 per month. Goods and groceries here are reasonably cheap, and eating out ($6 for lunch in the restaurant) and travel on public transport for one month costs$ 15. The unemployment rate in Romania is quite low (7.3%) and the average monthly salary is about 500$ (after taxes). CIP Bucharest — 52.12.

Tirana, Albanias rent for an apartment for about$ 380 a month, no need to be very rich to live in the center of Tirana. Monthly transport costs account for only$ 14, cheap groceries and food in the restaurant will cost about$ 7. Even meals in the restaurant will cost just$ 30. With a population of 421 286 inhabitants, Tirana is a relatively small European capital. The city retains a pleasant intimacy with nature and surrounded by hills, with mount Daichi in the East and a small valley in the North-West overlooking the Adriatic sea. This closeness to nature is very important for residents of Tirana. Within the city there are 4 artificial lakes where you can relax with family and enjoy a picnic.

Minsk, Belaruspoland on the Svislach river among the hills of the Minsk, the Belarusian capital, Minsk, is home to more than 2 million people. Received its independence after the fall of communism, Belarus has come a long way since the 1990s. Accommodation is quite cheap: for 380$ you can rent a one bedroom apartment near the center. Food and transportation costs are also not high, and a pack of cigarettes costs an average of 2.71$. Rich in theatres, museums and libraries, Minsk can offer a lot. Among the disadvantages are not quite friendly weather: the average temperature is 18°C in summer and minus 4.5°C in winter.

Sofia, Bulgariaand apartment in the center of Sofia costs an average of$ 380 per month. The Bulgarian capital, Sofia is located in a valley surrounded by picturesque mountains. The city's population is 1,241,369. Cheap groceries, and transportation costs will not exceed$ 35 per month. The average bottle of wine costs $5, even a lot compared to the price of a bottle of local beer, which will cost You less than a dollar. The average salary here is$ 603 a month, but unemployment is now a tall 13%. Winters can sometimes be cold and snowy, but summer is always Sunny and warm.

Kiev, Ukrainekiev the current unrest in Ukraine, Kiev — the least desirable place to visit at the moment. But all the excitement sooner or later come to an end, and now the situation is almost normal. This is the third cheapest European city on the list. Rent apartments in Kiev is 570$, 330$ for more remote areas. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the struggle for Ukraine's independence in 1991, the country underwent a series of transformations to a market economy, with the heart in Kyiv. This is a key educational, industrial, scientific and cultural center of Eastern Europe, home to a wide range of high-tech industries, universities and world-famous historical landmarks. Grocery, household goods and eating out here is pretty cheap. Besides, Kiev is a convenient place to live and work. Salaries may seem low, averaging 478$ a month (after tax), but the purchasing power of the inhabitants remains high.

Skopje, Macedonia Skopje Macedonia can easily dine in the restaurant for$ 4, and rent a Studio apartment in downtown for$ 325 a month. Apartments outside the center and at all cost$ 225 per month. Skopje — the political, cultural, economic, and academic center of Macedonia. The ancient city surrounded by picturesque mountains and hills, ideal for walks in the day. This place was inhabited for millennia. Remains of Neolithic constructions 4000 BC was found during excavations in these areas. Many will appreciate the lively nightlife in Skopje, with many bars and clubs scattered throughout the city. And for fans of gaming night operate numerous casinos.

Chisinau, Moldovanyi affordable European city — the capital of Moldova, Chisinau. At that time, as other cities in this list are also cheap compared to the average cost in new York city, Chisinau is on an entirely different level of accessibility. Apartment for rent in the city center will cost only$ 265 a month, and outside of center$ 165. Transport costs ridiculous$ 6 per month, and meals at a nice restaurant for$ 22 a day. In chișinău is home to 800,600 residents and operates 33 University. Three national Museum and national Opera and Ballet theatre guarantee many cultural events, shows and exhibitions throughout the year. Life in Chisinau in the course of a year will cost You 81% less than a year in Paris.



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