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Emerged suddenly and looking to put it mildly, exotically even by today's "Fundamentals of state cultural policy" nobody signed. What can be perceived either as a claim to the creation of a sacred text like "Short Course (b)" or "Moral Code of the Builder of Communism", or as a grim reminder of the fact that in the difficult years of building socialism in one country single invention is carried out anonymously in institutions called sharashka.

Anyway, said "Basics" - is whether deliberate, whether unconscious attempt at general restorative wave, in the spirit of the same, but adapted to the new realities of "scoop" to build something like socialist realism - the universal "creative method "A must for anyone who wants to sing and laugh like children.

On the prospects of this daring attempt, I will not even say they are too obvious. But that intention is clear, and even in some sense logically. In a homogeneous society, what are they trying to Bat Out of heterogeneous, do not stick together and not screwed parts, should in theory (in their theory) be a homogeneous culture, the functioning of which shall be governed by public institutions.

The most eye-catching point of a spreading of the document - this, of course, a glib slogan "Russia is not Europe." Interesting question. Catherine the Great, for example, once said that Russia - a European power, that is, Europe, and the object was to monarchs as it is not accepted. But the anonymous authors of "Fundamentals" from under the wing of the cultural minister Medina tells us that there is no Europe. Whom to believe? And who you want. Anyway, while give, you can argue.

But Russian culture, at least in its most vital manifestations - is a European culture and no other. Here though argue, though no.

It was she, Russian culture, the one which our ancestors and we have studied in schools, schools and universities creates the optics through which many generations of educated Russian people are accustomed to look at their country, their history, their lives from the perspective of European man. That is the part.

The authors of "Fundamentals" all the time talking about some of these special and nothing on similar traditions that ... and so on. So, the tradition of Russian culture - as, indeed, and even European - is primarily a tradition of critical reflection. Understanding the history - and the domestic and global. Self-reflection, that is, most of this tradition. It is a tradition of constant updates, catching and learning the language of modernity, however disturbing and uncomfortable may seem to the present. It is a tradition of the active resistance of the individual circumstances of a hostile and touch, not lazy dabbling in standing water treasury narcissism called somehow patriotism.

It is this tradition loosely fit into the European and global cultural context, that it has spawned a number of names, created the idea of ​​Russia as something real and worthy of being, not as an annoying historical misunderstanding.

But then I came across a recent argument Mr. Minister, that is not something that has denied, and how to clarify this controversial thesis - about the fact that "not Europe". He said something like the fact that Russia is just what Europe is. And even more than Europe. At least in terms of territory. But Europe has long been no not Europe, as well - devil knows what.

This kind of revelation - by the way, is not unique in these days - I think I will not undertake to analyze not what, but even comment. It requires an expert in a completely different area.

In general, "op-pa, opa, op-pa! Russia is not Europe! And if Europe ... "Then let the reader dosochinil himself, as far as possible to avoid the most obvious rhymes.
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