Barbarous Europe

This ugly, poor, barbarous Europe ...
Europe was the most miserable place on Earth. She was the first to exhaust their resources.

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Why Feminism was born in Europe but not in Asia or in South America, it is not, although there is much more than women? Why are houses in Germany has already built a thousand years ago from fachwerk - that is a mixture of all kinds of waste? Why Europeans "discovered" for the whole world, starting with Columbus, who had gone for "Indies", and not the world discovered Europe? Why does Europe - the birthplace of man-hating ideology - racism, Nazism and anti-Semitism? Why the UK came up with the first concentration camp even during the Boer War at the end of the XIX century? For half a century before the Gulag. And why did it - held the first famine in the same century, halving the indigenous population of Ireland? I never thought about it, the reader, when you occur to join the EU?

Photo: Manmade Famine in Ireland. Organized by the "good old England»

And I came somehow simultaneously all these issues and systems stood guiltily head hanging question marks.

But first episode twenty-five years ago. Summer 1988. After the second year of university, I was drafted into the Soviet Army. The one, the aggression which frightened the West. At the end of the course the young fighter was something like an interview. The company commander asked one of the soldiers: "If you want to serve in the company of protection?" "I want" - said the fighter. "Why?" "I like guns, Comrade Senior Lieutenant. When taking the machine I feel terrible power. Just waiting for the order party will go to conquer this damn Europe and destroy the exploitative capitalist world! Ready to walk up to the Atlantic ».

This soldier by the name of Karas, originally, as I am from Kiev, was pitching a little inferior in size then hugely Schwarzenegger. But the company commander and deputy political commissar, hearing playful "aria Carp" to himself he was not taken. For two years he served as a soldier in the gym - suggests brush marks on the basketball and volleyball courts. This case perfectly demonstrates why neither Russia nor the Soviet Union, nor, especially, Ukraine will never go and do not go into an aggressive campaign in the West. Why the West to Russia regularly in these campaigns went. FIRST!

If our troops are in Europe, the only striking back. We - not aggressive towards her. This Europe has always been our response protective response. And then came Russian Cossacks in Paris and Soviet tanks - in Berlin.

On the military department of the army taught me a year that the main form of fight for us - offensive. But the offensive spirit in 1988 in the Soviet Army was not. I bet her ordinary stock. As a joke, I even told our officers: "You have gathered so that we ate there, Wed. ... Is and is cleaned. And all of you serve in the firm belief that the Third World will never begin. " The officers laughed: "That's right all you know, the student!».

After all we are together dissolved the Soviet Union, I assaults across Europe and realized how small it is. In the morning we leave from Kiev to the car, and for dinner the next day behind you to Poland, Germany, Austria, and you yourself - in Italy. And in the evening you can be in France. Conquer the "postage stamp", pasted on the globe, it is easier, if you are Attila, and you got. Figuratively speaking, the hooves of the horses trampled or wounded on the tracks of tanks. But it is not trampled and wound, because it spared her vile.

But Europe itself is rarely spared anyone. Just because it's small. And therefore evil! Do an experiment: if in a cage the size of a square meter accommodate two rats - a male and a female - they will thrive exponentially. And even if this swarming rodents give plenty of food and drink, they staged a war of mutual extermination. Over the territory. Each rat just derail the roof of the constant friction of their own kind.

Little Europe - just a krysyatnik. She first has exhausted its natural resources has a half thousand years ago - when the Roman Empire collapsed. We admire the Roman roads and aqueducts, preserved in Europe. But for them it was necessary to cut down the forests present in Italy and France. Construction required a huge amount of fixing forest. Stoked is also wood. Orava Roman citizens had to feed and entertain. At one point, it was all over. And the forests, and gladiators and the Romans, they can catch. After all, citizens are capable of deeds, died in many wars, but in Rome there were only panties and perverts, very reminiscent of our town alcoholics and drug addicts.

Photos: If you knew, from what it is! And outwardly, everything looks so beautiful

The barbarians from the North and the East - Germans and Huns - inherited pretty popolzovatsja continent. Here is the answer to why ordinary Germans already in the tenth century built his house out of fachwerk. No stone is not made of brick, not wood, as our ancestors Slavs, whose forests were abundant, and the first substitute technology. "Framework", in a literal translation - "house-cell." Frame-cage built of wood, which was already in short supply. And the gaps were filled, anything - clay, straw, gravel, bricks and even, sorry, dried cow dung. All this is beautifully painted, flowers under the window - and come, godfather, to admire. Welcome to our Frankfurt from fachwerk! God, how it burned, it's five hundred years of cow shit (a truly historic!) When it was bombed by Anglo-American Air Force during WWII! So flushed, even the first in the history of mankind fire storm recorded in Hamburg at the same time.

Earth Europe is pathologically lacking. Everywhere - on Baron Baron. All shared, measured, considered, and incorporated remortgaged. Hence - the desire for a distant wanderings with selfish interests. Japanese to Europe did not care. The Chinese - too. Negros in Africa lived as children in heaven - ate each other and from that were fed. The Europeans wondering where that is bad. Where the Negro runs unattended and started the Chinese surplus rice that he can withdraw in exchange for opium.

photo: each other's heads. Peter Bruegel (1525-1569) demonstrate that 500 years ago, Europe was overpopulated

Columbus to India suffered from hunger, thirst and not distant wanderings. All three ships on his expedition to rent. One funded the Spanish Jews. The other two - the greedy king and grants, in the present - the oligarchs. And the famine was in Spain as in Buchenwald. Through the skin of the abdomen proud gentleman could test the ridge. Remember this Spanish writer - Arturo Perez Riverti? And his series of novels about Captain Alatriste? Among the heroes of this cycle a poet - Francisco de Quevedo. The character - you can imagine. Such a poet existed in reality. He was born in 1580-m. He died in 1645-m. From disappointment to the Spanish reality. He also wrote a novel - "History rascal named Don Pablos." One of the first European novels. With typical European hero - fixers.

The heroes of this book never gorge. More impressive paintings hunger no one other writer. Here Don Pablos arrives to study in boarding school and discovers that there is no toilet at all. Unnecessary. When the hapless student asked, "one longtime resident of these places where the latrine," then receives the answer: "I do not know; in this house it is not. Facilitate as the only time while you are here to learn, can, anywhere, for I am here for the past two months, and doing it only on the day when here came, here, how are you today, and that is because, that the day before had dinner at home. " Time and again the author writes: "Dinner was delayed in the morning." Or: "If anyone anything snack, so just head lice by my sinful flesh." And stuff like that.

Note that at the time of writing the novel Columbus more than a century as a discovered America. In Spain there is a stream of gold from the colonies. And still nothing to eat. And across the country roam the crowds of unemployed nobles like Don Pablos, and looking for what would have lunch. And they are dressed in rags solid: "Silk stockings stockings could not be called, because they are descended from the knees down only four fingers, the rest covered boots».

photo: Beggars. Another painting by Brueghel the "beautiful European civilization»

Yes, it's a literary hyperbole. But the whole of Spain, except for the top, recognize themselves in these characters. She, too, rarely dined and permanently alter old clothes, gaping tear on pants and camisoles. Just so in Europe, it was easy to find soldiers for mercenary armies. In the army (but only during the war!) At least fed and clothed. Thank God, though the war in Europe were long. That Hundred, the Thirty Years.

Everything has meaning and reason. Why, for example, in Europe, there were so many orders of chivalry, where each knight at the same time was a monk, and Russia no? Why Orthodox priests were eligible to marry, and Catholic celibacy - a vow of celibacy? As they observe it, we guess. But no family, no children, and the knight-monk and a Catholic priest could not start. And the answer is lying on the surface. The whole point of limited resources. Some men deliberately denied the opportunity to play. Where to go to the second son of a noble family? The first would inherit his father's estate. And second? Or the third? They are one way. The monks of the Order of the Knights Templar, a priest, to hire a theoretical hope to start a family, if you survive or not will pick up venereal disease during campaigns. In Russia and Ukraine, on the contrary - every estate was divided by all the sons. Earth some bulk! And it was possible to expand to the south to the Black Sea and to the east - to the Pacific Ocean. That is why priests and our well-fed and married. With clearly marked sin of gluttony, sticking out from under his cassock.

But despite the massive epidemics, and endless war, even to emigrate to the New World discovered by Columbus, Europe's population is still growing with enormous speed. From 1800 to 1913 it almost tripled, reaching 458 million people. This jump occurred in front of only three generations. And there is no end in sight. The average annual growth in the UK is 13, 2 per thousand. Germany - 7 4. Europe was overpopulated mature young people who did not know at what altar itself put.

In 1798, just before the latter boomers, that is mass-produced "superfluous men", meticulous English clergyman Thomas Malthus published his "Essay on the Principle of Population." According to Malthus, the rampant growth of the human population could be stopped only by war, pestilence and famine.

Malthus with his dire warnings ignored, and having sex without contraception, had in those times naive view of sheep gut, not diminished. But during the life of the author of "An Essay on the Principle of Population" he withstood six editions, indicating the relevance of the topic! The correctness of Malthus was brilliantly proved in practice as a result of the two world wars of the XX century.

Their main reason - the lack of space in my life for two generations of young people in Germany, Britain, France and Italy. They found him at Sedan and Verdun, in the cold waves of the Atlantic, in the sands of North Africa and the vast Russian plains up to the Volga. Losses as a percentage of Europeans were terrible. Even yesterday, women in Europe has been in surplus. And in the day of victory - it is a deficit. Women began to occupy first place for men - and not just in manufacturing, but also in bed ....

There is a German-language novel by a veteran of the First World Joseph Roth - Jewish boys from the town of Brody to the current Western Ukraine. The plot is as follows. The protagonist - an officer of the Austro-Hungarian army - will marry in the first days of the war. But instead the wedding night is sent to the front. When he was four years later returned to Vienna from Russian captivity, then he discovers that his wife became a lesbian and lives with his girlfriend and her husband and does not want to know. Cheerful this book. But with a sad humor. It perfectly explains, from which grew the modern feminism. From the banal lack of men. In nature, too, it happens. Of the two cats left without male, one after a while begins to depict the "pig." How can, of course. That is, it is unconvincing.

The highest population growth in the XIX century, showed Britain. Therefore, her conscience and the first artificially organized famine - in Ireland. It happened in the years 1845-1849. In Russia, serfdom still existed and each landowner was required to distribute bread to peasants in lean years. In Ireland, the peasants were "personal freedom." But without land. They rented it from the British nobles who seized the country in the XVII century. The basis of the diet was simple Irish potatoes. But because of the poor harvest there was nothing. A respectable Englishmen still demanded the rent - in fact we have rule of law, where each party must comply with its obligations! A quarter of the Irish population as a tongue lick. According to various estimates - from one-half to one and a half million people at once. The results were even worse. Irish from such agricultural policy began to flee en masse to the United States. There are exact figures. If in 1841 Ireland was inhabited by a little more than 8 million people, in 1901 - a total of 4, 5 million! How do you enjoy life is under control of the state with the first parliament in the world, and even in Europe?

But that is not all. I'll tell you who came up with the first concentration camp, why Nazism - the most European of all ideologies and why Ukraine will never become an EU member.

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